Selected Verses from Mbizo Chirasha.

Is an International performance poet, writer, and creative projects specialist. He is published in journals, magazines, and anthologies around the world., email , and read his poetry on

Your heartbeat bleached in political fermentation
rhythm galvanized in furnaces of cultural myth
laughter imbibed by the rude stomach of the gun
culture crushing under the weight of globalization- {Ethiopia!}

Ouagadougou, Ouagadougou, Ouagadougou
See a procession of young mothers chattering their way
From water fountains in grenade torn sandals
And blood laced bras
Somalia, Somalia, Somalia
See the moon disappearing in a mass of gun smoke
Guns splitting the stars from the skin of night
Rwanda, Rwanda, Rwanda
This is a wound from which the pus of grief flows freely
Meandering through rock masses into the valley that lost its freedom
Timbuktu, Timbuktu, Timbuktu
I hear a rush of footsteps of sorrow
Rugged peasants carrying their compounds to far away valleys of flowers- {Decades of Bullets!}

iam apostoled by heart pounding drumbeat ritual of metaphors
pandamu! pangu ! panda ! pako !panda ! pandamu! pa!
sanctified by breath choking incense of satire
[wordsmith chiseling thesarus rocks for jargon,
poet planting saliva in wombs of readers digest to reap diction]
political suspense
nutrition to my poetic conscience
social drama
fodder to my mental digestion
rabies that poisoned the tongue of Pakistan
and diseased the saliva of afghans tan
paralyzing penury burnt fingers of matopos
and inflation butchered thighs of Zambezi
scabies eating away bare brown ,winter ravaged buttocks of darfur
shrinking hunger sucked mango like breasts of tutsiville
measles blighting arteries of Vatican
bleeding yellow gums of Meccand shrivelling hoarse breath of Jerusalem-{ matters of conscience!}

Granite faith exfoliated by superguns and sanctions whirls,
on this earth succumbing into dry spell of peace,
War-crats and confidantes skinning freedom from its people
Kofi drinking coffee with revolutionaries and revolutionaries in
Aleppo cafe on his way to Damascus
Daughters eating NGOs, GMOs, condoms and twitter
Bullet scorching the feet of super diplomats and mediators
Wiki leaks castrating the reputation of this state
Opportunists and oppositionists eating asparagus and liver in candle light dinners
Selfish pseudo prophets calculating political matrixes, salmonella laced sugar tongued
Democrats cooking autocratic beetroot and propaganda pizza for media rituals and puppets initiation-{ Road to Damascus!}


violence is a black disease
racism is a white disease
xenophobia is epidemic
blood spilling is endemic
dissidents studying theology
eunuchs graduating criminology
afghanistan ,earthquake of religions
pakistan,volcano of political legions

corruption natural lotion applied in armpits heavy weights
extortion vaseline shining on thighs on high offices
iam not revenging freedom of expression
iam bubbling with freedom of expression
iam constitution of word identity
iam poetry butter and bread
i see children blinded by propaganda peri peri
i see blinded nations-{Iam a revolution}

One thought on “Volume No.1- Sept 2015 , Verses from Mbizo Chirasha .

  1. MiomboPublishing will be publishing creative fiction from young writers/poets in colleges and communities around the world with a particular interest in Afrocentric themes to shape and grow African literature and readership.

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