Comrade   Yellow streak


You are cowardly and Comrade yellow streak you are weak.

I am nothing like you on the contrary I am yeomanry,

I am no yes man to happenings in life, I rebel.

Conformist, an assenter , a toady you are the meaning of the word flatterer.

John took your valuable possession with no ululate resistance.

Vociferate, cry a war cry so that a Calvary can hear your sissy cry.

I know my advise to you is just yammering.

Empty talk you might call it,

But rebel yellow streak.

You were born to wreak vengeance , it’s only normal if you are normal.

Do not let the multitude call you impotent,

No such thing called contemptible,

No one was born a trivial to fail.

Do you know that yellow streak,

You are used as a tool to disencumber societies so as to conquer the weak?

In other words you disunite, you are the unfetter.

You attack when need arise, I fear you when the rise arrive,

The other day, I lost a date for the prom as I coil in your toil and let go the spoil.

You tribulation is painfulness and ever so irascible a complete murderous rash towards my death of confidence.

Like tresses, you are just a confused paper corn coil.

Tongue-tied ,you seem taciturn a voiceless mute with no will to object or fight a war to reject.

Slumber, if no need to fight your wars in physical as you toreador your will.

You are tinkling cymbal, the word that lacks a meaning in my quest in warfare.

Yellow streak be gone or be thrown afar and move on.

Handizi bwende ,asi soja renyika,

So move on or shut up your gap and take a rest to nature matama aserera.



Ignite ,ignite 


Rejoice the light that guides us in the dark.

For the Lord is bright so does his son.

Who died in plight to save the right

For you and me to bare the fruit in delight

Who ever follows the road that he ignites

Will live and render a journey in guide of the darkness from the heartless

In dark we meet the bad

Who sucks our faith in delight

To captivate and use are soul for his work

Never shall I ever trail in the way of the devil for

The Lord has power to push away his temptation

In his name we fight a war day in and day out

So ignite ignite

Rejoice the light that guides us in the dark .



Hold up temper!


I cage you my rage everyday the most,

For not, your venomous prongs stabs those on my way for any need.

You are like a boisterous storm from the east, relentless like the one that destroyed New Orleans.

I cage you my rage like a lion in a circus,

For not the veld is is never, though a squat and dwarfish.

I contain you in me well knowing you are a squalor.

Others dramatise your existence by actions in stacks,

I cage you like as my chum and stable companion.

The other day when someone called me names,

You staged a demonstration,

You were so ostentatious,

Oh that was some act not for the faint hearted,

But a composition of your actions if not a spoor as spiny as your daggers.

I spin out your mood and cage you my rage.

You spread like hell fire, one can resemble you a spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar.

I call you a parsimonious judas of my thoughts,

You are a feeble, hence your actions seem sloshed.

Give me a break and hold up temper,

For my success is vested on being caged by I the owner of you my temper.

Slipshod , negligent and definitely lax is a term others call you,

But for me, I call you my foe of me so behold my angel of the absurd.

You get all excited when I am pissed off,

For yet your thoughts ignite and get effervesce as you resent the bubbling effect you so call your character,

You are like a live wire, so simoom as your heat that it melts my heart.

When ever you visit, you raise Cain and revolt in defence,

Behold my temper for I can’t be a saint while you Raine terror in me at most.

Mostly only mostly , I huff and humiliate you by putting one’s nose of joint.

I mean I conquer you, it has become a habit I call it propensity.

You are porous, I contain you at most if not, I control you completely.

Hold up , hold up temper; I own you so I am your master




I Am a bad brew


Never cross my path I am toxic,

Never love me or stick a prong in your veins as my comfort is sweet don’t be be fooled I warn you,

All that glitters is not gold,

I appear dusty and sticky brewed abroad by man and women with no shoes and suits,

Underneath I hide fangs so long they prick to your heart,

You try me once and you are hocked to my demands,

I am the devil I get you sick for not taking me I revolt,

I will make you shiver like a reed in a pond,

Thy silent waters hides a depth no other can cross beside a croc,

I laugh and smile with you while I draw my daggers underneath.

I will wait for the perfect moment to push it within your heart,

I am devilish and a soldier of the eastern front,

You can murder my creators,

But many more are inline to take my place as we swarm the world like a plaque of mosquitos,

It don’t matter, you can snort me in your nostrils or burn me dark in a foil


I still reign terror such as my anger,

ghostly, dusty and sticky poison fries  thee man getting ready to attack your brain,

I usually bring my friends who loves to dance within your system dominating your vitals,

From the earth I am born and from the dust we are all born,

Poppy is a name I am called,

A bad brew is a name I chose,

I am a soft hit man from the east thus I dominate the west,

Being baptised in my name is selling your soul to the devil,

Please I so repeat my quench, which is a quest for destruction,

You will sell your baby for a penny while you still need nine more dollars and ninety nine cents to buy me in the street,

Be warned humans be warned,

I will decimate your creation in a flash,

Like Gomorra that rained fire from above,

Respect my hunger and I will respect you will to leave.





Entente cordiale


Friendliness is the right hand diva to happiness,

I breath a fizzle and slumber in a warm drizzle, Shan me not my low side as I lighted up my mind and soul to prevail,

Time moves in no rush and no harsh in any mess,

Oh, I love it when my spirit rinse remedy my goodness,

It’s almost a poetic syndrome being friendly as its a way of life

It might just be an elegy, but God honest truth,

Obsequies, a lament element I rise my right hand,

I am thinking roses are red and violets are blue,

But who knows, maybe only roses are red,

elegant such as the pureness of the heart, hence friendliness has no colour

Enrage friendliness and be a monument of positivity,

Stand fame my glory of happiness,

For I stand pure in my enema,

Cleansing lost dirt as I aim friendliness to pure purgative shine clean,

Concord oh dear friendless, it does not hurt to inhale and invite your reception,

You definitely add more life to my sweet dimples,

As for dear you, I am grateful

You couldn’t only be segregated between good and evil,

But I know your epicure is like people of good taste,

Entente cordiale dear friendliness

I adore you so long my positive priceless emotion

I am with you all the way.


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