Shout out from Miombo  – Nigeria remains a respected country in  the area of African Literature. Africa  is always turgid with memories of  the granddad of  African Literature Chinua Achebe, the author of Things Fall Apart. Wole Soyinka the Nobel Laureate, well known of his  famous drama,The Lion of the Jewel. Chimamanda Ngozie- the princess of word . In this journal we celebrate , a princess of poetry  Ngozi Osuoha from Nigeria.She is a resilient  poetess,whose resonate with the African audience.For submissions ,please kindly contact the Editor  at and do not forget to pass your comments on our site , follow and like the site as well.


Poor, yet over-delayed salary
Unpaid allowances, forgotten arrears
No incentives, hard labor
Used, abused, misused, disposed
Haggard, hungry, gored and bored
Bugged, abandoned and overstretched;
Service, a blessing or curse?
Sane, sound, sincere and sensitive
Diligent, dedicated and delightful
Truthful, trustworthy and thoughtful
Committed, cautious and courteous
Respectful, responsible and reasonable
Lively, loyal and law abiding
Humble, humane and harmonious
Punctual, peaceful and protective
Regular, resilient and resourceful
What went wrong?
No shelter of his own
No balanced meal,
Unclean water, unsafe environment
Not even a bicycle
Deteriorating, dwindling and ageing
Timid vicinity, crude community
Is service a crime?
Unpaid pensioners, unemployed children
Retarded passions, stunted visions
Frustrated dreams, crushed talents
Dashed hopes, dimmed future
Wishing he was unmarried and childless
Like his colleagues who had it rougher.
A boundless pain
Slumping on verification queues
Bedridden, dejected and rejected
Dying, a miserable pauper
Undignified, so ungodly a culture
Bound a people, cruel a world
Wasted, unyielding, so regretful a labor;
The height of cruelty on patriots.
Partners, Invading Nature
Penetrating Ignorant Noses
Producing Imaginary Nuance
Perpetrating Incandescent Neuron,
PIN; Poets In Nigeria.
Polished In Numbers
Proudly Improving Newness
Politely Investigating Nudity
Peacefully Initiating Niceness,
PIN; Poets In Nigeria.
Policy; Inculcating-Neon
Powerfully Infusing Normalcy
Practicing Imbibable Norms
Puncturing Irresponsible Negation,
PIN; Poets In Nigeria.
Periodically Instigating Nationality
Patiently Injecting Neatness,
Patching Incomparable Negligence
Picking Impulsive Nobles,
PIN; Poets In Nigeria.
People Illuminating Notes
Police, Instilling Nemesis
Painters, Inscribing Names
Preachers Invoking Naughtiness,
PIN; Poets In Nigeria.
I hear brotherhood calling
I feel the pain of nationhood,
The burden of a country
The agony of one people,
As the scavenger looms
And ravages the nations.
Arresting laws, jailing policies
Swallowing bills, scraping services
Eroding values, molesting cultures
Murdering peace, fertilizing wars,
Killing unity, sowing discord
Abusing freedom, planting Sodom.
I see boredom everywhere
As morals get imprisoned
And loyalty impoverished,
I perceive disarray
As rules get stolen
And labor disabled,
I sense earthquake
As constitutions drown
And regulations trapped,
I envisage landslides
As terrors fortify
And racism magnifies,
I learn violation by exploitation
Because patriotism sinks
And development dies,
Dishonesty threatens a collapsing economy
As bandits cart away resources.
Hurricane man; worse than all hurricanes
Hurricane man, the rage of destruction
Hurricane man; the stormy hand of hurricanes.
Contact the poet at, 

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