Words from the PublisherImage may contain: one or more people, eyeglasses, sunglasses, smoking and closeup  – the poetess featured here is a great word economist who have mastered the art of economized diction. This attribute makes her an adorable publisher/editor.Roxana Nastase is a great poet with an unquestionable literary art merit. Her poetry is pregnant with memory and paradox  .You can feel the rhythm of love ,bitterness  and sweetness. Her poetry is fit to be featured in miombopublishing this time of the year  because it resonates with this time  where many will evoke their minds with  anecdotes  of the  preceding year.Thumbs up Roxana for accepting to be featured in our small though humble journal.Dear Reader enjoy the 2017 poetry journal by Roxana Nastase.

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We’re together and apart, and that’s marriage.

We share moments of love and moments of hate,

Happiness and sorrow.

Our laughter and tears keep it together

And that bond is marriage.

We build and nurture or squash dreams

At the whim of a moment,

But we grow old together, unsuspectingly closer,

Unknowingly shaping a unit for eternity,

Forgetting though that it’s always marriage.

©Roxana Nastase


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Not Now and Not Then


Not now and not then

Always just at the tips of the fingers

Grasping at straws

Trying to catch what’s not there

Ending breathless

Out of sorts

Defeated once again


Not now and not then

It’s not meant or preordained

No dice falling on the green

Hope beyond hope

Keep trying again

Gambling with future and past

Ending empty-handed again


Always at the tips of the fingers

And still so far away

It’s like trying to catch the rainbow

Arching in the sky close to the horizon

Just close the eyes

Let the time fly

The wheel will turn

©Roxana Nastase

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Longing for the taste of salt

Or the breeze

For the murmur of waves

Or the shriek of the gulls


Longing for years trapped in the past

Or the dreams

For the wind kissing the leaves

Or the thunder of storms


Longing for the irreplaceable youth

Or the sand

For the horizon’s quest

Or the arrow in the wake of a boat


Longing for sea and my youth

Longing for what was and cannot be

©Roxana Nastase

 Memory Lane


I look behind and – oh, so much remained behind!

The child in me, running through the meadows barefoot,

Always asking puzzling questions,

The adolescent hiding and stealing a forbidden joy,

The young adult boldly breaking the rules.


I look behind and – oh, so much remained behind!

My joy and my sorrow when I tasted that first forbidden kiss,

My laughter and my tears over the first unfulfilled love,

My happiness and my sadness at the first triumph…


I look behind – oh, so much remained behind!

©Roxana Nastase

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Regret – yes, there’s always regret…

Regret for letting time pass by you

Taking away the tick-tack of the seconds

And thoughts that vanished into nothingness.

There is regret for stepping back,

Failing to try or failing to demand

There is regret for loving less

For sharing moments that can’t be taken back.


 Roxana NastaseImage may contain: 1 person, indoor   is a Romanian-born, Canadian transplant and all-around the world traveler. A former educator, Roxana is a published author and is the founder and the current editor-in-chief of Scarlet Leaf Review. While she does not aspire to the heights of the great Eminescu, Roxana seeks to spread her love of the written word and has recently been inspired to again try her hand at poetry after abandoning writing poems when she was 12.

You can found her at: https://www.facebook.com/roxana.nastase.3@nastase_roxana;http://roxananastase.weebly.com,Visit also the literary magazine Scarlet Leaf Review at: www.scarletleafreview.com





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