From  the Editor– Akor  Emmanuel is   a  young poet. Whose  mouth bubble with metaphor  and whoese lips froth with satire.Nigeria is one  country   richsome with writing talent. Akor  is a reincarnation of Soyinka , Achebe ,Ngozi ,Neto and  Sengho. I respect his work as he as well grow into   becoming  a budding publisher of an international scale. He is carrying  the torch and the candle.Emmanuel is a word economist. Readers and followers leave likes and follows  at this site ,  leave your comments at  the comment box underneath, contribute  to  our journal  through


This is the season of floral growth-
the season of ant holes.
Urchins, spurring in the sagacity of their vibe,
gather to hunt kurusor in the month
that preludes this time.
At iseyin, mountains take their bath
from the tears of celestial beings that torrent the earth.
Green leaves fumble to the music they clatter,
then rollicking,
then frolicking,
after which they sing sonorous songs
for as long as it lasts.
At times,when it rains,
iseyin is given birth to again,
for the sunshine and his rays
to shimmer anew.


Sunrise searing through window
glass, probe each stifling breath,
aroused from twilight nostrils.
Sound of hens roosting,
Pierce deep through each ear,
as of drumbeats thundering.
Breezy winds cosset the nude skin
of a newly wedded couple
-my neighbours-
it’s morning.
A new dawn to glow.


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor and closeup
Like yours, it flows through a vein-
let roses be roses
and earth, a home to all races.
What flows in my body is Africaness,
don’t call me black
don’t call me a man of color,
I wear no mask to be named as one.
The world is mine as it is yours,
red blood flows in my veins too.

Let the world be void of religion,
let our love rule.
Stop measuring politics with leisure
and the world by a single room.
We want no boundaries between continents alike
nor do we want a killing faith,
for all are humans alike
and wicked death is no mans fate.

Akor Emmanuel Oche – is a member of Caprecon Development Foundation , Great minds organization, African Haiku network…
his work has appeared or forthcoming in Ann Arbor Review, Provocanyon
Review, Prachya Review, Savehage Review, Expound Magazine, Praxis
Magazine, Synchronized Chaos Magazine, Tuck Magazine among others.

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