Miombo DrumBEATImage result for jpg  of AFRICAN  DRUM-Setseno Stories Mentor ship Project is a product of an award  winning  Zimbabwean  Writer ,Publisher , Creative  and Social Entrepreneur Tsitsi Tsoposta who is currently based in the United Kingdom. The Project seeks to shape  the creativity   and grow the writing  talent  of women  in Zimbabwe and Africa . Through this project voices  of women  get  the opportune chance to be  heard  and thus  contributing  in  the positive transformation  of our communities.MiomboPublishing partners with this African global  writers project  in 2017 for the promotion  of women writers and the creative potential of the girl child. For views   and comments   feel free  to  leave in the commentary box underneath the article or email inspiringpersonalities@gmail.com . Do not forget to visit both the Setseno short story women club  and  inspiringpersonalities  facebook groups.

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This article is subdivided in  three sections that include 

  1. The inspiration behind the Project
  2. What defines the Setseno Project
  3. The Example of the Setseno brand.

1 .The Mesmerizing Inspiration.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standingThe Prize Winning Tsitsi Tsopotsa.

“It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way.”     Ernest Hemingway

Once upon a time a little girl inherited her typewriter from her dad. It was a very special gift as they had explored the world of words together through weekly trips to the library to borrow books. Not only did they read other peoples’ stories but the dad taught his daughter how to tell stories about things that she’d learnt.

The first thing the little girl did was to learn how to type. She wrote articles and poems and when she was older,  had them published in local newspapers and magazines.

Then one day she decided to write a novel.

It was the first time that she had made up a story and she desperately wanted help to review and publish the book, The Zebra Crossings https://goo.gl/ztEqV9

She had very little help from the people that she knew who had published their own books.

She did her best but she felt things could have been better if she’d got more advice on what to do and had someone who really understood the  industry to edit her story.

She realised that she probably wasn’t the only writer in her predicament. This gave her the idea to start Setseno, so that she could help new writers to self-publish their own short stories.

She started to share videos on Facebook. People enjoyed information on how to write better stories.

The next thing was to start a blog to share more and then a member site.

One day she won an award for Writer of the Year because she had empowered so many writers.


2. Setseno the Stories Mentor ship Project.

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This is a free mentor group for women short-story writers. The programme will pair experienced writers with new or first time writers to help them publish their first short-story on Setseno.

Mentors need to be able to commit sometime with to mentor in the form of email responses or telephone calls or face-to-face meetings. How often this takes place will be up to what the mentor can commit to. Mentors can be male or female, however beneficiaries of the programme must be women aged 18 years and above

Mentorees may apply to join by entering specific short-story writing competitions which will be posted in the group. Those showing promise, passion and need of support will be invited to participate in the programme. Only budding writers based in Africa will be considered at this point!

If you have the relevant experience and are happy to participate . Please let us know! Or refer great writers. Remember they are only short-stories so not as demanding as a novel!

We will be posting updates on the programme and support for both parties to make sure everybody gets the most from the club.

3. An Example of Setseno  Product.

Setseno, Croydon

Diary of A USAH- The Zimbabwe US Dollar short ebook released to fund writer programmes.

Tsopotsa Publishing


Diary of a USAH The Zimbabwe US Dollar is the first of a collection of short ebooks from new voices from developing countries to be published by Setseno.

Diary of a USAH – The Zimbabwe US Dollar is a short comedy-satire written and conceived by Tsitsi Tsopotsa. The story is about a mythical journey of a dollar note named Buddy from the United States to Zimbabwe through different hands and scenarios.

Following Zimbabwe’s currency collapse in 2009, the US dollar was introduced as legal tender. This posed problems as there were no coins to use as change so other currencies were also introduced to act as change for a dollar. This saw the introduction of currencies such as the rand and pound and also occasionally the euro. The story depicts Buddy’s journey and his conversations with these coins whilst also telling the story of life in Zimbabwe.

“I was inspired to write something after a visit to Zimbabwe where I experienced the currency situation. But I hope I can turn things around for writers and artists out there with this book.” Tsitsi will use some of the proceeds for the books to support new writers and artists to get their work published on Setseno’s soon to be released website.

The cover for Diary of a USAH – the Zimbabwe US Dollar was painted by Barry Lungu a Zimbabwean artist.  Barry is a post-independence first generation, Zimbabwean, multi award winning, fine artists who has been painting for 21 years. He calls his style Afro impressionism.

Tsitsi says “This is the whole idea of Setseno. Writers should collaborate with artists so that they can raise each others’ profiles and hopefully sell more work. We will be working with writers and artists from developing countries and helping them to sell their work to the rest of the world. We’re really interested in developing new talent through our mentor programmes. It’s time to hear new voices telling their stories.”

4 . About The Author  and the Founder of Setseno

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Tsitsi Tsopotsa is the author of The Zebra Crossings an African Romance Novel. She started her writing career at age nineteen writing with health and general articles in the Zimbabwe newspapers, and consumer magazines. Tsitsi  worked as a nurse for many years; headed up and established the first public relations office for the ministry of health Zimbabwe and launched the first ever mass marketed female condom in Africa.Tsitsi now lives in the UK where she is working on new short stories and launching Setseno and its programmes.

The Diary of a USAH – The Zimbabwean Dollar is available here:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Diary-USAH-Zimbabwe-US-Dollar-ebook/dp/B01GX6CS1S

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