MiomboDrumbeat– Milimo Chinimbwa  is  one popular literary activist and word vampire in Zambia. He is one   of the finest rising literary arts voices. His Literary activism  is buttered  by his  teaching  and educational merits.Milimo is inspired by  the roaring , thundering , eye catching  and  gigantic  ShunguNamutitima- the smoke that  thunders. Chinimbwa resides in the tourist  and scenic city of Livingstone. Which is situated  in the Southern Province of Zambia.A city rich  in  natural  geography and political  history. The poet  has the ability  to capture both the ear and the heart of the reader by his excellent  portrayal of images of life through his vein cutting metaphor.Miombo came across the rising poetry star during the 2015 ShunguNaMutitima International Film Festival.He latest  poem is  Life Unrinates!

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Life Urinates!!

Life hits a snag with doldrums in a bag

Stinking sweat dropping down the sledge

Pulling woes of dead mongers like a slave

Slaves of pure slavery like that of a slut

Sluttery demigods slapped with a huge slap

Life drops down and goes down the debris

Stubborn on-slots dropping dead in a series

Miserable moments unleashed from a cage

Dreaded times of misfortune come off age

Spitting unwarranted scenes of bitter rage

Battered out like a battered mastered seed

Crowded ugly scenes like a blossoming seed

Sending signals of an evil dreaded moment

Locked in a deadly cage of heavy torment

Life urinates and spits dead blood that stinks


Milimo Chinimbwa –  is a Zambian literal activist and educationalist. He works as a broadcaster at radio Musi o tunya in Livingstone. He is the chairperson of the National Schools Arts Association of Zambia in the Southern Chapter. He is also the National secretary for Arterial Network Zambia as well as Southern Province coordinator for the Teacher Response Against Child Abuse (TRACA).
He has won many numerous national awards for his poetic prowess at the NASAF festival in Zambia. His poetry group performs at many international events including the recent launch of the KAZA UNIVISA between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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