MiomboPublishing -brings you a fascinating  story of  a Zimbabwean Writer, Social Entrepreneur and Branding Expert Tsitsi Tsopotsa . We kindly looking forward for your feedback to both Tsopotsa and MiomboPublishing. She is currently running a very interesting program  on which many  might want to participate or collaborate with her . The Setseno Writers Mentor-ship Project is quite refreshing and inspiring. Setseno  is calling for writers to participate and Writers organisations, festivals ,publishers and creative writing platforms for collaborations. Send your feedback ,likes  and comments  at  miombopublishing@gmail.com. Find the contact of the featured personality underneath the article.BAWR

Towards the last days of 2016   Zimbabwe Writer, Social Entrepneur and Branding Expert was awarded a Creative Writing award for her E-book  and thought provoking story   THE DIARY OF USAH. The story is  a sharp satire  that intend  to reflect  present  Zimbabwean  story since the turn  of the decade in the year 2000. The story was awarded by Black African Women Rock{BAWR}. The Writer and Socialite was   recognize d alongside on Zimbabwean international acclaimed Creative Writing Expert and Author No-Violet Bulawayo.

Tsopotsa is quite in a mesmerizing mood on winning  and on being recognized by her peers  alongside  other voices in the writing industry. Her recognition  will and always continue to inspire rising  voices  and those  other still budding  to  realize that  dreams  and visions can be fulfilled if much effort  and cultivation  is  put  in place for greater achievement.

Black African Woman Rock is an amazing organization that is based in the United Kingdom. It plays a blog role in the fulfillment of African women dreams through giving them space, voice and awards recognition for their endeavors in various angles of their talents, creativity and work.

Sesteno Project Launch March 2017

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Tsitsi is the Founder of Setseno online membership club for writers. The Project is aimed at giving women and girls writers in Africa space, voice , advise , support and feedback on their writing. The project will also cover the technical aspects of writing, Self-Publishing and E-Book Marketing. The Sesteno Writers Mentorship Project will be having its grand launch on the 1st of March 2017. We should all remember that March  is  greater month indeed in the World Calendar , the month celebrate the International Book Day , The International Poetry Day , the International Women’s Day and we have a global event – the  Women Scream International Poetry Festival World Wide.

As we celebrate these high profile events, we feature this great and high rising personality Tsitsi Tsopotsa , an award winning writer and  Founder of Setseno Writers Mentorship  Project in style . You will find her trending on various social media platforms.


Tsitsi Tsopotsa

The Zebra Crossings


Mobile: +447927191865

Twitter: @Tsi_





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