IntroductionImage may contain: text The GirlChildCreativity Project which is a Zimbabwe arts, Literary  arts and girl child project is combining hands  with  a High School in  Livingstone , Zambia to host  the  Women Scream  International Poetry Festival celebrated worldwide every year to celebrate women issues through Creativity and Poetry. The GirlChildCreativity Project founded by Poet Mbizo Chirasha is  curating the Zimbabwe , Zambia region  for the Festival and this year on the 9th  of March Livingstone is hosting  the Event. The event is dubbed  Girls Rights  and Poetry . It will be in workshop form  and they will be a writers session for participants and reading session to cap up the event  that is coordinated Mr Milimo Chinimbwa who is a committed Zambia Poet , Educationist and Head of Literary Arts Cluster at the Technical High School.


The Curator

Mbizo Chirasha Image may contain: one or more people, eyeglasses and closeup – The 2017 event will be curated by the Founder of the GirlChildCreativity Project Mbizo Chirasha. Mbizo Chirasha is an international acclaimed poet . Who has since worked with a lot of organisations , Writers ,Poets  and Literary arts Projects across the globe. Mbizo Chirasha is the Founder and the author of two Creativity ,Literary arts and inspirational Profiling blog journals  – www.wikipedia/mbizochirasha.

Host and Local CoordinatorMilimo Image may contain: 1 person –  is a Zambian literal activist and educationalist. He works as a broadcaster at radio Musi o tunya in Livingstone. He is the chairperson of the National Schools Arts Association of Zambia in the Southern Chapter. He is also the National secretary for Arterial Network Zambia as well as Southern Province coordinator for the Teacher Response against Child Abuse (TRACA).

He has won many numerous national awards for his poetic prowess at the NASAF festival in Zambia. His poetry group performs at many international events including the recent launch of the KAZA UNIVISA between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Event Program-

2017 Scream Event

Date – the event will take in Livingstone, the border town of   Zimbabwe and Zambia

THURSDAY the 9th of March 2017


Time Span  of the Event- 10 to 1500 Hrs

Director of Ceremonies- MC States Chinimbwa.

PROGRAM- 2 hr  Training Workshop  on Poetry and Girls Rights  and 1 hr Readings by Young Writers and VISITING WRITERS.

10am – 10.15 – Remarks by Host  and Participants Coordinator- MC States Chinimbwa

10.15- 1030-  Background detail on Women Scream by the Curator

1030- 10.40– Reading  of girl child  short story by one of  the participants

1040- 11.00 – Tea Break

1100.1300-  Training workshop on Poetry and Girls Rights by  the Event Curator assisted by MC States Chinimbwa.

1300- 1400 – Lunch Break

Closing Remarks by the  Host and Participants Coordinator- MC States Chinimbwa.


Statement – Women Scream International is the best Initiative over. Here we are going train young girls  in school poetry writing and performance  . This will help them get a platform and be equipped to have  their own voice and space against any form of abuse. Girls abuse is a very serious issue in central and southern Africa hence the importance of this event.


About the International Festival-

Woman Scream 2017: A Scream for Girls

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The Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional, MPI Inc.) in partnership with the Grito de Mujer® (Woman Scream) brand reported that over 30 countries will be part of the 7th. Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2017 under the motto: A Scream of freedom, to honor all the little girls of the world. Woman Scream will be celebrated from 1st to 31st of March 2017, with the participation of poets, artists and solidarity institutions.


Woman Scream 2017 will as every year, take its worldwide chain with over 200 different cities. It is organized with the altruistic support and solidarity of outstanding public and private organizations, artists and literary groups in several countries.


The participating countries for this March 2017 will be: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Chile, Cuba, Uruguay, Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, Portugal, Haiti, Greece, Morocco, Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, India, Macedonia, Luxembourg, among others.


Woman Scream is a free entry festival, open to the general public and includes an entertaining cultural program of scenic arts, music, dance, performance and poetry with social awareness. This year, the festival will abroad themes referring to girls such as: early pregnancy, child abuse, forced labor, Human Rights, etc.


More details about Woman Scream Festival by visiting the webpage


Or the blog in English




About Woman Scream


It started in 2011, as poetic-artistic festival. It is a chain of simultaneous events in different countries throughout the month of March in tribute to women and against violence. Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer in Spanish) is organized by the Women Poets International Movement MPI, Inc., from the Dominican Republic, and it has served to sensitize people about the serious violence situations women face through various campaigns, related events and topics of interest. Events have been celebrated in around 60 countries, with more than 700 activities coordinated by volunteers. Grito de Mujer and its creator, the Dominican poet Jael Uribe, have won international awards for the work they carry out in favor of women’s causes.



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