RAP POET aka  Kagimu Joshua Godwin is an active ,multi talented creative arts activist. Time of the Poet is grateful to feature this great talent endowed with  creative sweetness and rich poetic and musical lemon juice. The poet is a true African poet who sings Africa ,its troubles ,its happiness and its anger. The poet  celebrates cross pollination of  talents . He knows how to share his artistic en-devours ,initiatives  and aspirations with other poets from around the globe. We can safely say he is a diplomatic poet. The poet knows no borders . He is in the Class of Black Remar- Phinda Mkonta of Swaziland, the Blackpoet from Zimbabwe , Joseph Molapong- Namibia, Grand MasterMasese- Kenya. Zolani Mkviva – South Africa, Napo Masheane- South Africa. Rap poet is a great wordsmith .  We are convoncec he should have read the Cows of Shambati by the legendary Taban LyoLong.

In this Time of the Poet Journal , Miombo shares with you his videos , podcasts , poetry and opinions. Contact the Editor at miombopublishing@gmail.com or send comments on the site or Facebook group MiomboPublishing.

Find one of his best links here-https://www.africanewshub.com/news/4107749-joshua-kagimu-interprets-poetry-with-visual-art






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Festivals kindly contact Rap poet at the following email adress-kjgodwins@gmail.com

. Also get more of his perfomances video on Youtube and Vimeo or you can contact us on miombopublishing@gmail.com.

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