From Miombo – the youngest contributor to MP, Oche from the land of Sarowiwa, from the village of Oga ,  from the fields of fufu , from the forests of palm wine trees, from the valleys of Kolanut . The poet of Igbo land who believes in himself and his poetry despite his tenderness in age is my fervent inspiration. In this special MP Blog. The charismatic, well taught and highly confident poet tackles a very sacred and special subject matter. He laments for the need for the up liftment of women, mothers and our precious girl child. We at MP we are greatly humbled by your sincere contribution to humble journal.

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Image result for pregnant african woman
buried in the muteness of time.
glaring, yet unseen
by the marauding cannibals.

woman! you are that diamond
hidden between the crevices of lies
told by the Lloyd,
told by the Squanderers
who defile your sanctuary at will.

your eyes blink into blurred sights
seeing only the viciousness of men.
visions seem to be in haze
and though your supplications reaches crescent heights;
answers to your rhetorics never arrive.

cheer! for the sorrows of today
would not see the dawn of a new day.


Image result for withering palm wine tree image
you are,woman of my way side lingering.
what is left of your worn out skin?
for you, life has turned Spartan,
banging you hot from every direction.

lost in the spasm of flaming mourns
and tears that floods earths shores,
you receive the spank
of hate of neglect

at every turn.
life disowns piety,
but rather,beats you to a pulp.
his whip knows no gender.

woman of my road side wondering
what is left of this sorrow ladened you?
is there hope for redemption?


Image result for withering cassava tree image
on this sail
of rowing dreams
we are learning to spell
mothers like paddles;
a wave here, a wave there.

eyes like scarecrows
bereft of splendors
broken into fragments of nostalgia
of memories planer than reality.

on each morning of decaying dreams
we are learning their enunciation
on spluttering tongues that ask
‘when is the coming of
the promised better days?’


Image result for black woman image
her sole stride mighty
upon the thickness of the earth.

her voice roars across
the length and breath of the continent

she travel with valor
her feet cannot be distracted.

black woman!
upon her palms
lies the nations wealth.

upon her back is strapped
the Messiah of all men.

black woman!
the pride of Gods creativity,
her creation has no rival.

Akor Emmanuel Oche     is a Nigerian poet, critic, essayist and thinker.


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