Bibliography  of Mbizo Chirasha



  1. Poetry Collections
  2. Contributions to Anthologies
  3. C0- edited Poetry Collections
  4. Contributions to International journals
  5. Essays , Articles and Opinions in Local and International Press
  6. Mbizo Chirasha Online journals- Journals that founded and  


  1. Poetry Collections by Mbizo Chirasha

Letter to the President 2017 { Tiktat Publishing /Israel}

Good Morning President 2012{ Diaspora Publishing- United Kingdom}

Whispering Woes of Ganges and Zambezi 2010{ Co- authored  Mbizo Chirasha  and SRIVASTAVA, Cyber wit India}

Banana Republics and Fish/Chips Metropolis 2017, pending{ Co-Authored, United Kingdom}

Dimples of Haiti 2017, Pending { XBIRILIS PUBLICATIONS ,United States of America}


  1. Contributions to Anthologies AND  International Journals


I will not silence the sun, I will silence the gun 2017 { Poem in Zimblicious Poetry ANTHOLOGY}

Anthem of the Black Poet and other poems 2007- 2010 { poems in One Ghana One Voice-Ghana}


Poetry Contributions 2009- 2012{ Sun and Snow Anthologies, Edmoton , Canada}

Poetry Contributions  2009- { Poetry Foundations , Ghana}

Identity Apples and other poems  2010{ Sibali Journal South Africa}

My Lunch and other Poems 2010{ Consciousness Magazine , South Africa}

Poetry Contributions 2009{ Phatitude , Conversations of Literature{ United States of America}

Matters of CONSCIENCE and other poems  2012{ Ditch Journal , Canada}

Political Cinema  and other Poems 2011{ Redfez review, Canada}

Ethiopia    2013 { Full of Crow journal , Canada}

Poetry Contributions 2013 { SQUIRELIT ,Nigeria}

Dream of Rain and other poems  { Poetry Pacific , Canada}

Tribute to African Writers and other poems  { Badilisha Poetry Exchange , SA/International}

Poetry Contributions  2014   { Imaginations  , Ghana}

Contributions 2013{ Poetry Potion , USA}

Dream of Rain  and other poems{ Word Gathering , Canada}

Anthem of the Black Poet and other Poems 2011 { Black History MONTH journal  US PUBLIC AFFAIRS ,Harare}

Poetry Contributions  2011{ Medulla Review, United States of America}

A Poetry Collection 2012{ POETRY KIT /CITN – United Kingdom}


A Poetry Collection 2007{ AfricaPoetryChatroom – Zimbabwe}

Dimples of Freedom and other poems 2013{ Shout Africa, United Kingdom}

Iam a Revolution and other poems 2006-2011{ Ovi Magazine , Finland}

Poetry Contributions 2012{AJHOUSE, Nigeria}

Poetry Contributions  2011 { enhance  magazine ,United States of America}

Poetry Contributions 2012{ Writers Net , United States of America}

Poetry Contributions 2011-2012{ Redroom, United States of America}

Poetry Interventions  2011- 2014{ WorldPulse, United Statesof AMERICA}

Poetry Contributions  2011{ Middle East Monitor, Arab Emirates}

Dimples of Freedom 2012{ Africa Street Writer , Sudan and United Kingdom}

I am  a revolution and Other Poems 2010- 2013{  Forward Poetry , United Kingdom

Letter to Amerika 2013 { Offi Press , Mexico City}

Selected poems and Identity Apples 2010{ Kushinda Journal , Wales/United Kingdom}

A poetry Intervention 2009{ Velvet ILLUSION journal ,  Alabama ,United States of America}

Poetry Contribution 2014{ Speak Sudan, Sudan}

Haiti 2010{ Lime Jewel  Anthology of Haiti Poems , BRITAIN}

Poetry Contributions 2011{ CYCLAMENS AND SWORDS PUBLISHING , United States of America}

Women Poetry Submission 2012{ BFEMLIT JOURNAL , United States of America}

Children of Xenophobia and other Poems 2013{endings and Beginnings, Slipnet Journal , CAPETOWN  South Africa}

Letter to my Daughter and other Poems  2016{ Scarlet Review , Canada}

Blue Lemons 2017{Poetry.Com, United States of America}

In Memory of Motherhood and other Poems  2017{ Poetry Soup , America}

Black Oranges and OTHER poems 2017{ Poem Hunter, America}

Identity Apples 2017{ Guest Poem on Threads and Meditations by Sue Vincent, United Kingdom}


 Other Extra Journals and Anthologies Contributions


  Kalahari Review[-South Africa],Progress Publishing- [Nigeria],Kubatana-[Zimbabwe],,Amabooks journal,Nambozo Poetry journal,[Uganda],Abisona -Nigeria,Diogen Plus.Magazin za kultura-[Turkey],Aids Out of Africa- [America],Poem2day-[America], Mazwi Journal –[UK],[America],Psychic Literature Review- [USA],Posy Poesy anthology-[KJC college-India],Poets Paradise anthology-[India],BH Samat icsrilankastargate journal-[Turkey],ICACDjournal-[Ghana,],SAIH journal-[Norway],the Mail Newspaper/Africa Day Special- [Zimbabwe], Daily News/Poetry Column-[Zimbabwe] Iranian Embassy/UN Dialogue of Civilizations-[Zimbabwe], NCA journal- [Zimbabwe] , My father lost me to the beast of cards-word


And   More Links to  my work.





Break Silence Poetry Collection 2012{ Co- Edited, Ghana}


Silent Voices- Tribute to Chinua Achebe{ Co-Edited , Nigeria}


Street Voices Volume 7 , 2017  { Co- Edited , Online journal ,Germany}



Essays ,articles and Opinions by Mbizo Chirasha , 


WorldPulse  America}


Bulawayo24 News, Zimbabwe  2016-2017{]



SLIPNET , South Africa 2013{}







MiomboPublishing 2015- current{}


PersonalitiesofInspiration 2014- current{}


ClimateDiariesAfrica 2016- current{}


Amanziglobalwaterjournal 2017{}


GirlchildCreativity Blog Journal 2011- Current{}


MbizotheBlackPOET blogger journal 2012- current{}


Mbizotheblackpoet wordpress journal 2015- current{}


Africapoetrychatroom blogger journal 2006-current{}








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Contact , Mbizo Chirasha




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