Grandson of Achebe-Fubaraibi Benstowe !

Fubaraibi Benstowe   was born in 1991 in Bonny Kingdom, Rivers State Nigeria and attended the Niger Delta University in Bayelsa State Nigeria where he obtained bachelor Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering. His poetry works has been published in the Nigeria/South-Korea Poetry anthology, Mariner ANA Bayelsa State literary Magazine and other publications. In 2014 he was … Continue reading Grandson of Achebe-Fubaraibi Benstowe !

Time of the Poet – Edward Dzonze!

MP- Edward Dzonze  calls  himself Nameless Radio Station ,NRS. The fast growing  poet is a  powerful wordslanger and his  verses are   blood storming and heartrending.His well   razor -sharpened  satire and wasp sting metaphor   both pricks and caress  the reader  up to the marrow. Dzonze  have also delved into publishing  and has become … Continue reading Time of the Poet – Edward Dzonze!