MP– Edward Dzonze  calls  himself Nameless Radio Station ,NRS. The fast growing  poet is a  powerful wordslanger and his  verses are   blood storming and heartrending.His well   razor -sharpened  satire and wasp sting metaphor   both pricks and caress  the reader  up to the marrow. Dzonze  have also delved into publishing  and has become  an Editor  and Publisher of international  Acclaim. The Poet has  coordinated , compiled  and  published  a number  of  African and Zimbabwean Poetry Collections . His poetry  is  also widely featured  in Zimbabwean , African and global  journals .

In this  special blog  , we feature two of his best poems.


I need a broom
Bigger than my imagination
To wipe away the dirt that have accumulated in my mind,
The dirt I have seen
And gave a little thought about ,
Ignored until I could take it no more
I need a broom bigger than the one in your room
I need it before noon, I need it soon
In fact I need it now
Yes, now…

I’m almost drowning in a pool of own tears
As I write, a decent life is out of sight
I wake up to mourn the life I used to dream of
But those tears mean nothing to me
Crying has become a melody to my ego
Somebody help me I’m lost
How can I divorce the ego and remain with the self
I need a broom before I lose myself to the dirt

The buzzing of flies
Is music in this room
I’m roaming the maze blindfolded
With my own hands I made the fold
Because my eyes could not see through the haze
Can you see how much dirt is in my mind?
I’m lost in so many ways
I long to wave back
To a life looking back at me through the mirror
I need a broom before I lose myself to the dirt

I need a broom
That will not wipe me out for doom
A broom with bristles a hundred fold
My fingers and toes combined ,
A broom probably unseen and yet known
A broom within yet buried among the dirt
A broom long consumed by the dead
A broom whose bristles
Can talk me off the dirt in a whisper ,
Wipe the shiny surface of a mirror before me
With all the dirt gone, as you shall sure see
I can wave back
To that life looking back at me,
I know I will smile back
To my own life when it winks at me .


I’m groping in the darkness
They say there is light at the end of the tunnel
I’m running towards an end
Out of sight but not out of mind
Unfathomably so ,I’m walking with indefatigable zest ,
Stalking a dream that left no trail in my memory
I’m hopping where my other foot fails me,
I’m crawling where the terrain plays tough on my feet
I’m losing myself to dream
A dream that wake me up to far horizons

To dare the gloom
I made my mind the moon
I would rather wander the maze
Than lose the journey to the haze
To walk the slope
I inclined my mental zest to the steepness of gradients
Am I the ultimate fool
For taking the road I cannot locate on a radar?
Or does it matter to locate myself
In a journey where I am losing myself to a dream,
A dream that woke me up to distant horizons

Through the rift and valleys of the jungle
I keep telling myself-
Only a spark of light
Will shame the longevity of it’s lack thereof
And this darkness will be penned into a poetry verse
Just as I keep telling many
I would rather wander the maze
Than lose the journey to the haze
After all, this darkness is a passing phase,
It’s a page in a book to be read
It’s the hopping where my other foot fails me;
It’s the crawling, where the turf plays tough on my feet
It’s the groping, the limping ,the labored walks and runs
That turns the fervid into vivid
Just as night gives way to morning light at dawn
A new day will be born someday

A note  from Edward DZONZE-the POETLosing myself to a dream is a poem about the journey of a writer who is driven more by a passion.Its about the few highs and many lows writers endure to deliver what the readers enjoy the most.I hope it will inspire many writers in their literary journey.

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