MPImage may contain: one or more people and closeupDear reader on this special poetry blog diary  we   feature   one  powerful wordsmith NGOZI OLIVIA OSUOHA with her two  poems  which   are  nerve wrecking  and   with  braveness touch  on   the political  and  social  fontanels of our world today.  In the poem  MADE  IN  BARRACKS the poet  shares her  dose  of  patriotism while  she   caps her  satire  with  subject  matter of  national identity  . The poet is  a strong  force  to  rely on ,  she  is widely  published across the world in   numerous collections , e-zines and e-publications.

Sing along with the poet   as  she sings Brexit O Brexit   and Made  in the Barracks.

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Though life is bit by bit
Falling into an enemy’s pit
Is a total misfit
Because a bandit
Can cook a titbit
For the blood we knit
Not to flow but quit,
Then that, which we did inherit
Would be an exhibit
In order to limit
Where we inhabit
For our permit
To lose its merit,
So that when they hit
From wherever they sit
They can yell BREXIT O BREXIT


I am an eagle
The offspring of my nation,
I conquer the jungle
And defeat colonies,
I was made in the barracks.

I am a dove
I keep peace,
The passion of my mother
The mission of my father.

The blood of service
The bone of commitment,
The mind of patriotism
An oath of loyalty,
Gallant and vigilant
Young and enthusiastic,
I am made in the barracks.

Dad is here with Mum
Brother is here with sister,
Uncle is here with aunt
Nephew is here with niece,
Cousin is here with relative
A family, our nation
We are one big people;
Made In The Barracks.


 NGOZI OLIVIA OSUOHAImage may contain: 1 person  is a young Nigerian poet/ writer and a graduate of Estate Management. She has some experience in banking and broadcasting. She has published some works abroad in some foreign magazines in Ghana, Liberia, India and Canada, among others. She enjoys writing.


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