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Sing along  as he also  delves into  nature  with his  inspiring poem, THE WOODS. Continue  to follow our blog -journal , bring us  more likes and  comments , contact  us at


( Dedicated to my Philosopher and Writer Friend of Pakistan Jawaid Siddiq)
-Priyatosh Das,Karimganj,Assam,INDIA.


Map of Karimganj, Assam 788710, India
I wish to meet my friend there,
There in Karachi my friend lives,
My friend is a my well wisher,my friend is a philosopher great.
I wish to go there,there in Pakistan
To meet my great philosopher friend there,
He lives far away from me
And yet I feel his glowing presence around me everywhere.
Here on the bank of Kushiara(A river along the Indo-Bangladesh Border at Karimganj district of the state Assam,INDIA)
I sit and think getting lost in pensive mood
With fleeting mind to meet my friend and
Partake of few words,words of pleasure and pain.
Had I the wings of a kite that soar high in the sky and fly away hundreds of miles
And meet my great friend there crossing all barriers
Of political tussle and war.
I wish to go there in Karachi and walk a mile
Holding hand of my stranger friend,
Who has enormous heart big and great.
He will hail me thousands of time
He will care of my well and woes
If I travel there ,this is the belief I hold in heart,
We will meet and write a history of friendship
Sitting there together being reclined in a coffee house,
War and bloodshed cannot win anybody’s heart
It can only brings our ruin.
India-Pakistan tussle needs to be resolved
With the enigmatic power of love and words.
Human life is a divine wonder,we should live
Life with happiness and peace.
All war can end with the enigmatic power of a loving kiss.
N.B.It may be mentioned that Jawaid Siddiq is my fb friend.We like each other very much.




Behold! Behold ! the woods
Dark and deep,
Peace of mind it can give;
It can give you boundless beauty and delight
Of heavenly serenity and bliss
Innocent beauty and verdancy it hold
Enough to fill every love-lorn heart
With the passion of celestial love.
Behold! Behold ! the lovely woods
Blooming (wild )blossoms floating high and low in it’s breast-
Waving in the midst of ethereal breeze.
Nuisance of the city life,
Smoky air and sleepless night,
You will not feel their presence here
That can rob peace of mind
Innocent beauty of heart and delight.
Behold ! Behold ! the solitary woods
Glowing bright under the scorching Sun,
Flower red,flower white and of purple,yellowish,pink-
Floating over the vales and woods
Bewitches every passionate passer-by.
Mellifluous music of every song bird
Give me boundless charms,
I wonder why human being uselessly cause them harm.
They are the beauty of the deep,dense bleak woods.
Nestled and cared by the unbounded hill,
They don’t cause us harm,they give us boundless charms
With touching beauty and verdure.
Oh! How splendour beauty and vivacity
Surrounds over the vales and woods
Every passing moment here blessed with divinity.
I wish to mingle,
I wish to get lost-
In it’s boundless beauty and vibrancy
Filled with ethereal fragrance and delicacy.
N.B.Copyright reserved@IndianEnglishPoet P.Das.


Image may contain: 1 person   Poet Priyatosh Das is  from Assam,INDIA. He is  a Practicing poet,Writer,Blogger ,Freelance journalist and   a philanthropist. He aspires to be a great literary legend.He  loves to serve the suffering humanity through  his verse and voice., Readers , Poets  and   others  can contact  the Poet  at

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