MP-your Profile Photo, Image may contain: one or more people and closeup Dear Zimbabweans, Activists, media, writers and poets.  The Miombopublishing blog journal   brings you regular posts of word slingers and   word guerrillas who are part of the Poets Free Zimbabwe Campaign( the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign )  starting  from September 2017 to August 2018.

We are going to feature one  Word guerrilla  every week  to send a strong message to the merciless , ruthless and careless Mugabe  regime  which has left  the POVO( majority) in limbo. Zimbabweans continue to suffer under the burden of untold poverty, human rights abuses, violence and despotism. The Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign is   trending on our Facebook group 100 Thousand Poets for Peace- Zimbabwe; Poets post their words on the group wall. The Admin of the group then select poems  for the Tuck Magazine /Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign( Brave Voices Poetry Journal ) . MiomboPublishing supports the same CAUSE by featuring    single hardworking and vocal contributors to the Campaign every week. This week the featured Word Guerilla   is BRAVE VOICE Sydney Haile Saize.

We invite you to read his poetry, send comments like and participate in the CAMPAIGN   on our FACEBOOK platform. For more information send us  an email to


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Dear Zimbabwe
Age has turned my legacy into a clown
Shame, misery and regret is my crown
But in a day or night I long to be a hero
A hero who I always admires
A real man who speaks the truth
A hero who feels for the public
That hero whose struggles graces the mass
But only if I was free
Only if I let you know what is behind the scene
I’m a restless soul
Once able-boded; now helpless
I admit with much regret that i made a greatest foul of my life
When I buried my real wife
When I succumbed to the seduction of a bigot Secretary
When I failed to buoy bigamy
I’m a failure of my own house affairs
Failing to nurture even these fondlings
I’m being extremely threatened; behind unseen steel bars
Axed by a Jezebel in my arms
My life is a dis-Grace; she’s pulling the strings then whipped to dance
Only if you know how I long to rest
How my heart yearns to offer people their liberty
Only if you come to my rescue; –
Be it a coup, I will shade no tears.
Take me away I need to retire
People come fight this heartless Dis-Grace
Your freedom is twice my freedom.
Fight for my dethrone
Yours in tears
Rugare Gara Mandiri (R. G. M)




She is a woman
She is a mother
She is the one nursing the universe
Her breasts feeding the nation
Let not her eyes shed tears
Heaven and earth will mourn
She’s the harmony that the cabinet refused to discuss
She’s the law that the parliament ignored to legislate
She’s the peace that police fail to maintain
She’s a woman; a mother
She’s the reason why the world glitter
Her smile shines like the moon in the darkest night
Her joy brightens like stars
Glowing hope to children
She’s a woman
A mother tender and humble
Shun blinding her with blisters
Be gentle and caress her rights
Let her keep smiling
Nourish her cause




What in Zimbabwe can we salute?
Everything is under the system
Even man’s life is like misty in the morning
Which can go by noon-day
Citizens life; our life
A burden – so complicated!
That only the fittest in cowardice can make a survival
We’re much polluted and degraded with political sewages
Now! What can we honor in Harare?
What else can we hope for or praise
In the eyes of the Big Brother?
For man’s joy is politically ruined
And it is just for a while
We’re forced to smile
At our funeral
And pushed to cry where sound melodies are made
Then! What can we salute?
Than to rise in contrary and protest in Zimbabwe.
By Haile Saize I (from my compilation Diction Grenade Xplosion)


I don’t want to lie brethren and sisters
True, Chimurenga
was fought and ceased
The Mau mau
Herero, Yoruba
Ashanti and the Maji-maji uprisings of this African land
Black heroes
Black patriots died for the liberation of Africans
The liberation that was murdered in its infancy
For its flesh was already devoured
By them; the cannibals
We must rise up again to sacrifice ourselves
For the betterment of the nation
In active reality not with stories of blood pools of guerrillas
Stories of past pains left to be the centre of attraction
Of betrayers and traitors of black freedom
The traitors who lie and claim summit positions
That they played crucial roles during and past the war of liberation
That they were detained together with Takawira
Edison Sithole and Tekere
That they were victims in the woods
Just like Chitepo
And Jason Moyo
Now this Chimurenga*
Has left few and incomplete lines to laugh at
For the posterity
Do we need to be fooled my people?

I am being raped
Forced and sucked everyday
Though my breasts are swollen
And bleeding already
Indeed I’m being fucked
My pockets; burst
For they rob I daylight
Robbed of mine strength by noble hands
And sucked by fat lips
Though am a sap
Am being sodomized in the streets
At my children’s full view
Whilst friends and family awaits in distress
And frustration
The royal house is cheering
They are noble; therefore they are enjoying!


Hard talk from Haile Zimbabwe is a failed state though once wealthy. The politicians at helm are the vampires sucking the blood of the hunger stricken citizens. The government is looting the riches of and share it among their kin and kith. Ego trips by the first family is leading to bankruptcy. Greediness and corruption are even tearing ZANU PF from inside. Grace Mugabe is a weevil in the granary serving only to destroy The Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign is great platform to expose the maladmistration and cruelty that has engulfed Zimbabwe. It’s a phenomenal voice; a brave cries of the poet and patriotic citizens. It gives publicity to a harnessed voice of the povo. The suppressed have found their way out to speak through the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign. Great heroic deeds spearheaded by Mbidzo Chirasha and his fellow Brave Voices.



Sydney Haile SaizeImage may contain: 1 person – is a Brave Voice   , a sincere word slinger AND literary arts guerilla who is a vocal contributor of our CREATIVISM Project. (Poets to free Zimbabwe Campaign dubbed the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign). He is a freedom fighter whose poetry pierces through the heart of misrule, maladmistration, corruption and injustice through poetry. Haile  is regularly   featured  in the weekly  BRAVE VOICES POETRY JOURNAL–  a publishing partnership  project  of Tuck Magazine , Canada( Arts , political  and human rights) and the 100 Thousand Poets for Peace- Zimbabwe(the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign 2017 – 2018 )

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