MP  Image may contain: one or more people, eyeglasses and closeup– great  thank  you   toAriadne Sawyer  for  posting   this  comprehensive  Resume  of    a  highly  distinguished  Greek Poet  , Writer   and  Academic,  Despina Kontaxi B . This  post  is  to  inspire    aspiring  and   rising  poets  to    work  hard,to  be  determined and also  to understand  that  it  takes  maturity  and  great practice   to  attain your own  artistic  voice  as an  artist  ,poet  or  writer . This  is  an  inspirational  post. Lets  take  a  leaf  from Despina  Kontaxi  B ,her sheer determination  and  hard  work    is mesmerizing  and  greatly  inspiring  .  Dear  reader ,Meet  Despina  Kontax. Contact  out  our  journal  at  Chirasha- MimboPublishing Servant)


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2014 Selected to represent Greece in Persona IIMC’s international Anthology, India
Nominated for Leonardo DaVinci’s Diamond “For inspirational accomplishment”

2013 1st Book Award by ISGWA for the book “Pravi-100 years of freedom”. 2nd Award at the 1st International Poetry Competition OLTEPA for the poem “Eros-wine-vineyard”.

“Doctor of Arts in Poetry” of the International Art Academy. She is also a honorary Professor and a Fellowship of the International Art Academy.

Honorary Doctorate of Letters by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England.

Honored poetess from Greece in “The World Poets Quarterly” (No. 69), China.

Honored poetess by the Municipality of Paggaion at the Panhellenic Book Festival in collaboration with the Publishers Association of Northern Greece under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Macedonia Thrace.

2012 Honored to talk at Vitrina University, Albania for my poetry, as a representative of Greek Poetry. Honored to participate at Struga Poetry Evenings, FYROM as a representative of Greece.

Awarded by the Mahatma Fule Talent Research Academy with the Mahatma Fule International Award “For her outstanding servises in the field of Poetry”, Nagpur, India.

Honored to present my poetry with the Peripheral Public Theater in the event “Spring of the poets 2012″ as a play.

Awarded by International Biographical Center as “Woman of the year 2012”

2011 The UN Disarmament Office selects the poem “Hibakusha” for the top 10 in promoting Disarmament through Poetry.

Award at the Annual International Literature Competition by Keleno Magazine for the poem “Queen City”.

3 World Awards at the World Poetry Competition Interartia for the poems “The fall of Trapezounta”, “Cries” and “Heritage”. Book Award by the International Society of Greek Writers and Artists ISGWA for her book “The loneliness of the bedwalker”. Award by the ISGWA for the total of my poetry work.

Book Award “Midnight” by the ISGWA for the book “The purple kiss”. Honorary Distinction by the Panhellenic Union of Writers at the 26th Delphi Poetry Competition.

Honorary guest of Educational and Cultural Club of N. Peramos, Greece to present my poetry.

Award-Metal “Ares” for the poem “You are the light” at the 1st Mediterranean Poetry Competition. Metal by the United Poets Laureate International “in recognition and appreciation of Excellence in Poetry for World Brotherhood and Peace.

Honorary Diploma at the 22nd World Congress of Poets, Larissa, Greece

2010 The President of the Cypriot Democracy, gives his written congratulations for the poem “Cyprus- The tortured Island of Afrodite”

The Municipality of Eleftheroupoli, Greece, awards me for my contribution to poetry and my homeland. 2nd Award of Poetry by the Literature Club for the poem “I weave”. Award by the Panhellenic Physiotherapy Association for my offer to Art.

Honorary guest of Giannis Lekopoulos in his music performance “When night falls” to present my poetry.

3 World Awards at the World Poetry Competition Interartia for the poems “Echo of tragedy”, “Gloven balloon” and “Man was made”.

Honorary Participation at Thess Poetry Slam presenting my poem “I search for you” that took place in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Honorary guest at the event “Poetry is an open door”, Athens, Greece. My poems were read by Amy Stylianidi.

Honorary poetess by the Cultural Club of Eleftheroupoli, Greece at a concert by Giannis Ntoumanis.

Honorary guest by the Municipality of Athens at the 2nd International Festival of Street Theater. My poetry was presented by Art’s critic Leontios Petmezas, actor Giorgos Tzortzis and musician and guitar player Giannis Ntoumanis.

2009 Honorary Award by the 1st Panhellenic Poetry Competition in Thassos, Honorary Award from the Municipality of Hortiaty, Honorary distinction at the 5th European Poetry Festival at Thessaloniki for the poem “The smile escapees” written for those struck by the earthquake at L’ Aquila, Italy. The poem awarded in Athens becomes a painting in Thessaloniki at the Italian Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece.

2nd Award at the 9th International Poetry Competition, Germany. The poem “Black Silhouettes” becomes a painting for “Poetry and Art 2009″.

“Award-Metal of Benefator” for the District of Kavala, Greece for my contribution in promoting the area where I live through the Art of Poetry.

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