MPImage may contain: one or more people, eyeglasses and closeup– Today  we  are featuring  again yet  another November  2017  special blog post  of  Theresa Stromnes  with  her  life changing  and  healing verse. Sometimes  our own  writings  depict  our  real  life experiences. Theresa is  very  new  to writing  poetry ,though her voice  is proving  to  be  unique  and  bold .She enjoys writing   poetry  for personal  healing   and  positive thinking.    MiomboPublishing  is  grateful   to  feature  the  new  poet  and  her  work . Theresa Stromnes calls herself ,Tree, T-dog, Thwasa ,Nonjabulo or  just Theresa. We continue  to  invite  you  to like  our   blog journal  , follow it and also   leave  comments  on  the site  and  articles. You are free to contact us at Mbizo Chirasha.


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THE HEALING( Past, present and future)

In the world, there was a place,
And in that place there was a town,
And in that town, there was a house,
And in that house there was a room,
And in that room, a bed,
And a woman slept there, a bird with a broken wing.

But in time it came to pass that her wing did mend, and so she came to see that….

In this beautiful world,
There is an even more beautiful place,
and in this beautiful place, a tranquil town.
And in this tranquil town, there is a noble manor,
and in that noble manor there is room with a view.
And in that room with a bed with a vkre

And in that room with a view, there is a bed, and a woman slumbers there, and she is the jewel of all her kingdom.

And in that kingdom, she will dip her toe tentatively into the water,
and she will quench her thirst for life instead of only feeling the bitter cold.

And she will stride boldly into the fields of gold alongside the azure sea,
And instead of dead grass and the vast unknown, she will see five barley loaves and two fish.

And finally she will leave her field, Fed and watered, and step bravely into the busy world, and instead of hurt and anguish and a hundred hunched shoulders, she will be the jewel in the crown of her own suffering.
And only love, faith and hope will remain,
and her bed will be love.



a myriad of birdsong,
a gold resplendent sky,
the cool kiss of nightfall,
that is why…..

The grass starts to weep,
The crickets grow still,
There’s a small ray of light
On a faraway hill

Sparse winter trees,
Cool winter night
The birds are all settling
With calm silent flight.

The night starts to quieten,
the light fades away.
In the distance, a bark,
it’s the end of the day.

Oh moon, stars and heaven,
Grant us your light,
as we all settle down,
on this stark winters night.



Faces stained and turned.
Shoulders hunched and spurned.
Please don’t look, I’m lying.
Inside I’m slowly dying.

Don’t go, don’t go I scream,
Silence belies my dream.
Where is God today?
It feels like He went away.

Long months turn to seasons,
I don’t see the reason.
I’m breathing without air,
And I don’t really care.

What is this thing called love?
It is as fragile as a dove.
I loved you before you were born,
And now I feel so forlorn.

But then God brings forth his grace.
He gently and quietly turns to my face.
You too are loved my beautiful child,
Be joyful and free and run and be wild.

God holds you always in the palm of His hand,
And you know that for you He always will stand.
It’s grace my child, stand strong and tall.
You never ever will be allowed to fall.

Eventually the seasons turn into years,
And God has wiped away all of my tears.
In front of me stand my beautiful sons,
I feel once again that my life has just begun.

Oh so handsome and oh so tall,
I mark them happily against the wall,
Oh thank you my Lord for this precious time,
For now we can all just be fine.


THE END……………………….



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