MP -Gopichand Paruchuri is  a great Indian  poet  who writes  in English . He is also an  academic and critic.His poetry and creative projects  are widely known  around the globe .He is also  a professional and   an experienced   poetry collections ,journal sand anthologies publisher. MiomboPublishing brings to you this great poet  of short and few verses  in this holy month of November . The Poet represents a hybrid of modern Indian poets in English. We continue to promote literary arts exchange  with writers,poets and originators from across the globe .Yesterday,It  was Greece ,today it is India. You can always contact us at not hesitate to comment on our articles ,like and follow our site-Mbizo Chirasha


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Saffron blooms
Dancing to wind tunes
Adding glory
To chill morning
Pot full of green leaves
Proudly hold five crowns
Exhibiting royalty
In the garden of lovely blooms

(Copyright) Gopichand

Green glossy leaves
When chewed and munched
Make Kali’s tongue
Bright and glossy mouth
Oh! What an artist you are!
Nature’s gift to us

(Copyright) Gopichand

One plant
Chillies plenty
White blooms
Green chillies
Eyes delight
The sight and taste
Delights our heart
Copyright Gopichand

Hidden between green leaves
Glossy,lovely beauties
Everyday a new delight
Brinjals bring joy
Loves’ labour is not lost
Your reward is precious
Copyright Gopichand

Tiny plant
Fine blooms
Lost in thoughts
Spraying fragrance
Bringing back faint memories
You too carved a place in memories
Copyright Gopichand

Dear beauties
Sprinkling joy
With lovely colours
Blessing us
All the time
All our labours
Erased with blooms
Autumn’s Delight
Fancy pic

(c)  Gopichand Paruchuri

Dark thoughts
Tears drop
Heavy heart
Heaves sigh
Spent emotions
Floats heart
(c) Gopichand


Wild pulls
Freeze us
Heart beats
Deep breaths
Tight grip
Lost voice
Sudden quake
Eyes open
Uh … Nightmare

©® P.Gopichand


Words roll
As water falls

We rush to see
White sparkling rolls

We love to hear
Smooth praise of words

We wish to read
Verbal and non- verbal

We cherish
All nice applause

We relish
All lovely phrases

We flourish
With fine appreciation

We nourish
All live exchanges

All flows
Life goes

Waves of time
Erases all…

©® P.Gopichand

 Gopichand Paruchuri-Image may contain: 1 person, closeup    -Poet ,  Lecturer  ,Publisher ,AcademicHead of the Department of English and Vice Principal at JKC College, Guntur,Studied MA in English at Acharya Nagarjuna University,Studied BA English Language & Literature at Jagarlamudi Kuppuswami Choudhury College (JKC)


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