MP Image may contain: one or more people, eyeglasses and closeup– Dr Khan is a brave   and powerful Poet in English to come out of Pakistan. Pakistan is a country known for its political crisis and bad international reputation but here we are with a great poet to come out of this beautiful country ragged to nudity by war and war mongers. Great Poet Khan diarise  political, social  and economic events  in his country through poetry  , such powerful verse which leaves reader  both mesmerized and shocked. He is good in both paradox and satire .This brave poet is a great  wordslinger of  note  and Miombo   is  humbled to feature this  unwavering bundle of creativity  in our Time of the Poet Journal. Dear Readers enjoy Dr Khans verses .Contact us at You can as well comment, like and follow as well contributing to our blog site with your poetry, Essays and other stories-Mbizo  Chirasha ( Editor at


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Humanists to go
Old traditionalists void
Splendid isolationists lazy
Except Knowledge Society
All the rest a burden of history –

The educated person
Is the basic unit
Of knowledge society.

Agreeable and is on –
For another kind of Man
Wait for the post – Drucker era
For a happening future.

-While reading ‘Management’ by Peter Drucker

Sadiqullah Khan
December 14, 2017.

Image @ Peter Drucker

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Long deep slipping on surface
Of the moon in sad twilight –
A silence returning to me like
An old friendship culminating on notes
Slowly stringed and from the hollowness
That it shrieks taking my heart out –
That am become stone or a tree axed
Bled, that to my empty helpless fortune
That on my palm I intently gaze blind,
That to them I not a tear may shed
Silently breathing except say a word,
For beyond beyond there might a hope
Stir and there might be kindness
Blessings and the touch of Jesus
For the sake of all about to suffer,
My humble prayers to the Divine reach.

Sadiqullah Khan
December 17, 2017.

La Bonne Aventure (Good fortune) by Rene Magritte @ Curator


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Bring me son, my old gun,
Rusted, my peace is over –
That I am done
In the way
That my rushing blood
A destiny find, my helpless
Hands, at last, a purpose live,
A cry to battle, to an honor die.

Sadiqullah Khan
December 17, 2014.

Anthony Hopkins in Legends of the Fall @

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No one taught the wind, nor to the leaves
The pine sings its chords, not even Pythagoras,
Tan Sen derived lessons from listening, tuning
To the seven notes, or chords of combination.

Aristotle taught walking; Socrates in dialogue
Plato’s ideal is a spoken word, above the written.
Since we imitate nature, just a bit of it, and we learn.
A camera for an eye, a static image for the changing
Reality. We make statues, we are stuck with. We make
Outlines, divide; a poor human copy –third, fourth or fifth.

Conversations sometimes settle into wonderful poems,
In trance new words are born, twist this way or that,
Therefore, ‘trance-figured’, and therefore, ‘except’ and
‘That I am left with no choice, but to love you
Because I owe this to you for your beauty…’

The moment you touch me, I bleed, and bleed;
The moment your finger strikes the right string,
I like the echo in the sound board, sing and sing.
What a rascal art thou love! The whole earth
Is the floor. We are all dancing to our customized inner tunes.

Sadiqullah Khan Image may contain: 1 person(Dr Sadiqullah Khan is a gifted poet of immense insights and creativity. Writing on a range of subjects his themes are social, spiritual and politically aware. Looking the domains of day to day living, delving deep into the sufferings and joys he seems to be the voice of dispossessed and the vast majority of poor he passionately identifies, yet his art touches the high mark of existential writing, unique in style and composition, he appears to lead his own genre. He belongs to Wana, South Waziristan in Pakistan.)

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