MP- Image may contain: one or more people, eyeglasses and closeup Time of  the  Poet  journal of  the  miombopublishing  blog  boast  of bringing to  the  readership   a crème-dela – crème  of poets and their insightful poetry . The journal stands to promote regional and international literary arts is a creative process that tend to continue inspire poets through other poets. It is a peer to peer exchange   and there is a lot of experience gained and shared in exchange. Thank you to social media and internet. The MP today presents to you readers a powerful poetess born in Tunisia, one great country North of Africa. The poet is a great pen soldier who wields her weapon against   social injustices and political oppression. We present to you Olfa Philo (Drid) is a Tunisian poetess. Our email remains chirasha-Editor)



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She plotted through all means to land up in my bed
Doesn’t she know that my pen can cut heads?

Enjoy now my jail and my choking walls!
And let me celebrate freedom’s and fame’s calls…

Lust won’t last,
You failed to forecast!

Discover now the illusional golden cage!
You’ll soon be haunted by boredom and rage…

You feel powerful to use an occult means grasped by none?
I am the sorcerer of words and of you I’ll make fun!

The demons you priory installed in your prey
Will soon turn against you and make you pay!




Artwork by Cameron Grey



From one birthday to another

You mistake Night for your father


Each célébration,

An angel whispers in your ears

And invites you to divorce your fears

Stretches out her hand for you

To fly together in the sky

And a spiritual experience try…


Alas, the (under)ground alleges

To be your sole home

Your bottle pretends

To be your sole cure

Your flesh claims to be

The sole locus of pleasure

And the demonic voices in your mind

Pretend to be the sole teachers of your kind…


From  one birthday to another

You mistake Night for your father


Each celebration

The same angel calls you

And to the realm of lightness invites you

Your heart she incites you to open wide

And your love and sensitivity never hide…


Alas, Ms. Loneliness keeps masquerading

As your best companion,

Mr.Loss keeps parading as  your

Inescapable destiny,

The painful past keeps invading

Your  weakened memory

And temptations all around

Keep disturbing your mind…



From  one birthday to another

You mistake Night for your father


Witches and bitches kept blurring

Your vision for years;

Changed the image of

That angel in your eyes

Made you numb, deaf and blind

To all her words, tears and cries…



From  one birthday to another

You mistake Night for your father



In the same vicious circle

You enjoy to run and play

How long will you there stay?

When do you intend to quit the stage?

Play a different role?

Write a different page?

Transcend the confines of flesh

And emancipate love from the locked cage?



When will you trust your heart

And a brand new life start?

When will you announce your re-birth ?

And declare your departure from earth?

Isn’t it time to be born anew

  • Not from your mom’s womb –

But from your pain’s tomb?




divorced kids
disconnect from me and keep close to your high-tech gadgets and Wi-Fi !
my womb has already disremembered you former connections with me…

disconnect from me and enjoy the alluring gifts and delicious food !
gestation is over and my umbilical cord has no more supplies for thee…

disconnect from me and enjoy the facilities of this icy world !
my comfy lap no longer remembers any trace or smell of thee…

disconnect from me and taste the soft and non-soft drinks !
the milk I breastfed you with for two whole years failed
to infuse love in thee…

disconnect from me now and enjoy your calm and deep sleep !
the unsleeping nights I spent rocking you in my arms faded into oblivion…

disconnect from me now and enjoy the luxurious spacious home!
my loft is not ample enough for demanding and spoiled offspring…

disconnect from me now and live (not leave) the life of your dreams !
I did leave my youth and dreams behind to keep that smile on your faces…

kick me out from your dad’s house now simply with your hollow eyes!
my altruistic nature will let you be happy and disremember all my blood ties…






“Take shots, share and show off !

We plan to turn all your minds off !


Take shots, share, show off & follow

Others to appear grandiose and inside hollow!


Cherish beauty, wealth & fame

And be the slaves we endeavor to tame !


Drop religions, books & schools

And be the clones of asses & fools !


Worship mirrors, screens, flesh & shells !

And send your values & souls to hell !”







fly, my devoted angels,
tell them that I can see
beyond their flesh,
their masks,
their lies,
& their pleas…


fly, my devoted angels,
tell them that I can detect
the demons colonizing them
& pure souls select…


fly, my devoted angels,
tell them that in their eyes
I can dive to read
their psyches & their hearts,
& against their
buried pains & fears
I can help them to fight…


fly, my devoted angels,
tell them that God exists
& that He makes you
guide & serve only
those who seek

His daily company …





Olfa Philo (Drid)Image may contain: 1 person, closeup is a Tunisian poetess. Her cause as a writer is to voice the buried emotions and phobias of the oppressed and downtrodden and to  unmask and expose hidden truths socially considered taboo or shameful. Her poems have appeared in many international anthologies and in literary journals worldwide. Some of her poems  have been translated into other languages while other poems were translated into paintings by the painter Nebiha Felah. Some other poems were turned into Italian songs performed by Fabio Martoglio. You can check her recited poems on her youtube channel below.


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