MPImage may contain: one or more people, eyeglasses and closeup Hadaa Sendoo is an international voice   and a father figure in the global world literature scene. Sendoo is an avid writer, a great poet, determined editor and internationally recognized translator   and a publisher of repute. The Miombo Publishing Time of the Poet is proud to bring such a legendary creative mind to its community of readers and followers. Poets and Writers should pluck a leaf from the life and writings of Great poet Hadaa Sendoo. We continue to thank our followers, readers and supporters. Contact us at Let’s celebrate together – Literatura Infinita!- (Mbizo  Chirasha-Time of the Poet Editor.)


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Why does heaven exist? When you and I

Are in no doubt it doesn’t

Why does love exist? When you and I

Are in no doubt it doesn’t


Why does hell exist? When you and I

Are in no doubt it doesn’t

Why does re-incarnation exist? When you and I

Are in no doubt it doesn’t


Why do souls not exist? When you and I are

In no doubt they do

Why does the next life not exist? When you and I are

In no doubt it does.


Why does the motherland not exist? When you and I are

In no doubt it does.

Why is our language in our blood?

Why is it our native home?


Why does the yurt become part of our spirit?

Our spirit is a heroic epic

While that blue smoke slowly rising

And comforts my homesickness




It is June, there’s cold rain and I

am alone like a wolf

When I look into the distance

There’s just the sky without borders


Now, I’m living

And often feel

this pain

is only a tie that binds





Should we pay the bill, for all we’ve

Done in this life?

Why do our tear-filled eyes

Meet with no sympathy, from other eyes?


Should I, without greed,

Face certain death

And must I compromise to find freedom?

Is it only fortune-telling

That brings me peace?


Will I live

With inexpressible pain hidden

In the deepest recesses of my heart

While I put on a show of happiness?


Will I always endure humiliation –

At the final moment

Let go of the hand of pain

Amid the sounds of dawn’s raindrops, let the earth’s breeze

Close my eyes?






To Adonis


I fear time

as if I fear that love will change

I fear spider webs

as if I fear to lose my memory


I fear the big bright lamp*

as if I fear that father’s eyes will close forever

I fear all illusions

as if I fear that an egret will fall from the sky


I fear lightning

as if I fear that

until death comes, poet

your soul will still suffer deep sorrows

Because you can not kiss your old mother





We can only live in our dreams

The paths of our dreams stretch to the Middle Ages

I take leave from humiliation, and rush to Florence

In search of Tasso’s old home. There

I long to grip Michelangelo by the hand

Or meet the fairies in Da Vinci’s paintings


Only dreams and poetry are inseparable

They are not vain or hypocritical

As they rush into the depths of my soul,

I write this line: at the centre of the earth

We can only live in our own age

We can only thank this life’s pain


Sendoo Hadaa (b.1961)Image may contain: Hadaa Sendoo is a poet and translator of international renown. He has lived in Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia since 1991. He has won awards for poetry in india, the USA, Canada, Greece, China, and Russia, including the Mongolian Writers’ Union Prize. Since 1989, he has published 15 books of poetry. Sendoo’s recent collections of poems include “Sweet Smell of Grass (in Persian 2016), “Aurora” (in Kurdish 2017), “Mongolian Long Song” (in Georgian 2017), WENN ICH STERBE, WERDE ICH TRÄUMEN (in German-Mongolian bilingual 2017)”Mongolian Blue Spots” (in Dutch,2017), and ” A Corner of the Earth”(in Norwegian 2017).Sendoo Hadaa’s influence transcends national and ethnic borders and he is recognized as a great poet of the 21th century. In 2006, he founded the ground-breaking World Poetry Almanac, which he continues to edit. Presently he also served as co-Chairman of the Council of Writers and Readers of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia, in Russia.



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