MPMBIZO3 The  third  month of the year  in  Zimbabwe marks  the celebration of theatre , women and poetry . This March  we are celebrating  the  amazing digital  artistry  and visual art prowess of   our  own  powerful , captivating  and  creative digital art  and visual artist  of note  ,Alfred Masunda  who  is bound to take  this world  by storm.Welcome  to his  world .  You  can  hire him to create  any  digital  art or visual design ,this artist will always deliver.Marketing , advertising   and communications  departments  in  banks ,NGOs , government department , cooperate organisations and universities Meet Alfred Masunda for  the best of work , promotions ,branding and visibility .  You  can always contact  us  at Mbizo Chirasha- Editor/Publisher)


Exhibitions , Projects  and  Experience  of Alfred Masunda

Annual Members exhibition at AVA Gallery, Cape Town (South Africa) 2017

HIFA (Harare International Festival of Arts) 2015/ 2017

Wild Geese Art Festival 2016/ 2017

The Annual Green Shoots Students Exhibition at National Gallery of Zimbabwe (December 2013, February 2015)

Young Artists Exhibition at National Gallery of Zimbabwe (February 2014)

The Annual Young Artists Exhibition at Gallery Delta (February 2014, February 2015)

Urban Harvest Exhibition at Joina City Complex (2014)

The Annual Tavatose Schools Exhibition at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe (2014)



ZIFFT {ZIMBABWE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL TRUST} workshop and worked on two short film productions

A PHOTOGRAPGHY  at Zimbabwe International Female Photographers Association


A TRAINING  workshop on Realism painting with John Kotze

A TRAINING workshop on installation art  

AFRO LUSSO 4.  Artists Workshop 2017


Alfred Masunda  A MASUNDA is a young, talented Zimbabwean digital artist and a writer. His short stories and drawings got published in the local paper ‘The Sunday Mail’ and scooped many awards during his high school years. His professional artistic journey began at The National Gallery of Zimbabwe. He specialized   in Digital illustration and photography. He inspired by telling the true Zimbabwean and African stories. Alfred developed a passion in writing poetry. Through poetry the artist hopes to reach and inspire a wider audience. Masunda is fast gaining experience in Art, exposure and is willing to participate in art exchanges and share his art with diverse communities around the world.



Facebook – Alfred Masunda   .

Instagram – Sirdee94   .

Email –  .
PHONE–    +2637 229 628

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