MPMBIZO9-Lingiwe Patience  Gumbo  is  a hardworking creative entrepreneur . She writes and sing gospel songs . She   also writes motivational books and poetry. Her Poetry touches on  a diverse issues of life and the inner depth of relationships. Her poetry also delves on her own person, confessional poetry. Which is synonymous with gospel singers They speak to themselves and to God  for answers and solutions . The budding poet is making waves in Zimbabwe through her songs and her  creativity. The MiomboPublishing brings  to you budding poet , Gospel Singer and Writer Lingiwe Patience Gumbo. Continue to follow us  ,like our articles and leave comments as well , contact us at Mbizo Chirasha- Editor)




I am glad you are mine

I am also afraid I am yours

A mix of bitter sweet are my emotions

They engulf me as I think of you

Many are my hopes

Outside this your present abode

Many are the realities

You are bound to meet face to face


I know you are getting ready

Anxious of what lies out here

I too await your arrival

When I shall hold you in my arms

Giving thanks to the One

Who wove you together in the depths of my womb


I must school you of this world

That will soon be your dwelling place

Of the love that awaits you

From the one chosen for you by the Maker

The one who will show you the meaning of true love

The one person your heart will yearn for always


But, where love is hate also fights to belong

To cause havoc and discord

To take away the joy and peace and such treasures

It will come, not in form of a dragon with spikey horns

But with a smile, a laughter, a kiss, an embrace



Be tactful

Be wise

Even as you seek much counsel from your Maker

Lest you stumble and fall

As is their core calling for your life


Inspite of the corrupt minds

The harsh conditions

The times of lack in times of abundance

The times of pain and bleeding;

Your heart must understand

How it too must feel for others


Also remember you will find friends

Who will become your family

They will be all you need

And listen when you seek counsel

Our Maker will send his angels in our own flesh

To guide you through this journey of life

And help you keep strong

When the journey proves too long


Listen to your heart and care more

Love more, have mercy more

Reach out more, give more

Speak the truth clearly, be faithful, be all you can be

Learn more, try more

Because in others will you learn

To become great and useful


I wish to live with you

Every step of the way

But man’s punishment awaits us all

It could be now

It could be after

But in all I wish you know

Of what is to come after

Because it will surely come

And so being prepared you must


As I impart this truth

From my heart to yours

From my soul to yours

May these words find a dwelling

A fertile soil

That it bears much fruit

That you also may pass on

To your unborn child


@Lingiwe Patience Gumbo





A beauty I found in you

An angel sent from above

The one I would call wife

Who would mother my children

In her charm was I totally entwined

Her love engulfed me

Her eyes’ gaze I could not resist

I felt love

I saw love

I knew love

All in love

The amazing creature

Created for my good

To fill the void

The chaos

To bring life

To my barren lands

Igniting the fire

The spark

The flame of love in me

The flame which was barely alive

When she came and found me

Dusted me

Polished me

Loved me

It is her who found my worth

Put a smile on my heart

I can face all

With her face on my heart

My courage she is

My all she is

The one I am with




I found a safe haven

from the torture I had gone through

My knight in shining armour

My Saviour

My hero

In him I found love’s meaning


Cared for

I thrive because of him

Of his affection

His Attention

His appreciation

My dreams

My desires were met

By his generous heart

His heart which made my world stand still

In awe

In love

I felt his love in my heart

His love

His embrace

His arms

Ready to comfort

To encourage

To support

He made me his

The one that I am with


Will you be the one


Will you be the one

I can open up my heart to

And pour out

All the desires of my heart


Will you be the one

Who is ever ready to listen

To the beckoning of my soul

To see deep inside my heart

Every little thing that bogs my soul


Will you be the one

Who will listen

To the silent murmurs of my heart

Will you lend a hand

Will you try to listen

To the sobs of my heart

To the shouts of my soul

To the screams deep inside my bones


Will you be the one

That I can share my thoughts freely

Without fear of being misjudged, or undermined, or ridiculed

Can I be my complete self in your presence

Can I confess my deepest fears, or saddest moments

Will you listen to my deepest joys, my dreams, my visions


Will you be the one

Who will appreciate me

Who will celebrate me

For who I am

Who I have become

My achievements

My accomplishments

Will I be enough for you

Will you be content with me

Will you also encourage me as I would do you


Will you be the one

That I can call friend, My confidant.

Will my absence be felt or matter

Will my presence make a difference

Will you always be the one

Who will tell me the truth

Who will be there with a shoulder

To lean on

To cry on

Will you be glad you had the chance

To have known me when I’m gone

Will you care enough

To want to see me happy, daily



Tell me please

I need to know

Will you be the one




@L. Patience Gumbo








I look ahead

To the future

To the possibilities

that lie ahead

But once in a while

I will definitely look behind

To gasp at the wonders

That God has brought me from

The grace he has shown me

The love he has ready for me


I look


and am thankful,



And through it all

I am able to stand




I look


To tomorrow

To the future

A new day





@L.Patience Gumbo


Lingiwe  Patience  Gumbolingiwe 7.jpg was born in Gweru on the 25th of October 1980. This writer fell in love with poetry after completing her High School. She got obsessed with song and story writing.  She became a member of Budding Writers Association of Zimbabwe (BWAZ) where she was mentored by Mr Mbizvo Chirasha who was one  of  the provincial leaders and it was he who had identified the gift in her.  Her first    poem “Welcome my love” w was published in The Gweru Times .  In 2003 she became a member of the editorial team under the leadership of founder of Aglow Inter-denomination Ministries, Bishop Christopher Choto. She  worked immensely with  the  late famous  author Stephen Alumenda , The  Late Alumenda   mentored in Article Writing .Lingiwe writes about life, love and Godly issues basing on personal and general life experiences.  She is currently working on motivational books. Patience is also  a gospel artist/singer who released her first album named Worthy of all my praise in 2017.The gospel album   project was produced by Wisdom Nyaparami and Tinashe Mutandwa. Gumbo  is married to Gerald and they are blessed with two children.

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