MP- Poet, educationist, opinionist, writer and an advocate of political change Ngam Emmanuel writes verses that roast political bedbugs   and economic ticks that suck the blood of voters in broad daylight without remorse. His politically fanged poetry knows no sacred political name or totem .He is a revolutionary in the making. In his poem WHEN THE ELECTION APROACHES, the teacher and the poet in Ngam roars with the lion like poetic bravery and justice. His diction burns to ashes the despot’s beard and his paradoxically hot-iron lyrics awaken poor citizens  from the slumber of tyrannical perpetuated poverty . Such poetry that undresses pseudo democrats into laughable and piteous nudity .We is quite grateful to feature this advocate of justice of a poet Ngam Emmanuel . Dear Reader over to you , One of Cameroons best Creative and fast rising literary genius. Continue to contact us  at – (Mbizo Chirasha-Editor)




I want to gun down the era that caged your humanity.

I got to silence its slogans of domination and inequalities.

I got to put down all the perpetrators of such endemic social injustices.

We got to burry these gruesome archaic social limitations.


Arise mahogany! Rise and repair the broken bridges of marginalization.

Your fountains will water the gardens of a depraved society.

Your wisdom will heal the wounds of its divisions.

Your beauty and charm will undo the yoke of atrocious subjugation.


Arise! Let your fertile fields of ingenuity turn the wheels of progress.

Your containment is disastrous to the human race.

Spread out your wings and soar!

Disseminate your fragrance everywhere.

Inhibition is proscription of growth.

Step out of the history that is holding you back.


You are robed with the garments of strength and dignity.

Resilient, independent, loyal and lovable.

Go out and conquer!

Break down the walls of hate! Defy all stereotypes!

Women empowerment and gender equity is the key.

You carry the passport of your happiness.

You are companion to man, gifted with equal mentality


Tirelessly, like a woodpecker, perforate the ugly face of hunger!

Chase out the multiple shadows of poverty and death!

Go- out- of- the- way like a bee to collect refreshing nectar for the human colony.

Weave ingeniously, the baskets of hope for a golden tomorrow!

Spark-up the inner potentialities into flames of development.


Arise! You charming sculptor, craft the vision of a better universe,

In which you are actress and not an audience in this revolution.

Conquering begins with total obsession.

Doubting is the number one killer.

Your clarity of thoughts will shatter the bones of barbaric male chauvinists.

Your entrepreneurship will supply blood for a vibrant economy.

Your self-confidence will engulf all valueless fashions and encumbrances.

Your sons shall light up the face of this obscure planet




The sledge –hammer of freedom smashes out apartheid.

Like mushroom crops out after the first rains,

Liberty surges out from a dismal past.

Unprecedented feverish euphoria grips a continent,

Pitifully pillaged, crawling painfully behind time.


Great news! Dreamers see success in a flash,

Eyes set on the land of the sun.

Fireworks splash in the blue sunny skies,

Gracefully submerging the grungy past memories.


Smiling rainbows of exotically colored blooms

Trigger the massive flow into Zion.

Hardship, hunger, oppression, frustrations, wars..,

Were shackles to be left behind. Hell back home,

Urges one to desire the sip from this chalice of solace.


Gut-wrenching souvenirs of perilous voyages to Europe,

Sent shocking waves across the spine;

Dying in the bowels of the stormy Mediterranean deeps,

Crammed in boats like refugees fleeing from war.

Horror, being smuggled in snake-infested arid Sahara,

Loathing to be captured into slavery on the way,

Watered the mouth for the Eldorado just next door.


Seething songs of scorn silenced the teething hymns of hope.

Anxieties and dreams suffered decay on arrival.

Virulent outburst of hate campaigns, put hopes into another pot of acid.

‘Buyelekhaya’ ferocious battle chant, declared war on immigrants.

‘Umshini’ slogan to frame-up charges for crimes not committed.


Why do you gaze at us with jaundiced eyes?

Why do you unleash fusillades of verbal injuries on our faces?

Why do you scare us away from your hospitals?

Why do you evict us from this land?

Why do you loot, burn down our homes leaving us dispossessed?

Why has our origin become the source of such wrath and animosity?

Do we not belong to the same human family?

Are we not born free with equal l dignity?


Brothers, Lets come together and build a better world.

One that will hold all races together like the umbilical cord,

Uniting mother to child.

  1. E. Beyia

                                                                                    April 2018



ngam 20



In zombine gatherings, gather steam.

Buried behind secret microscopic pots, screening

Overflowing basins of freshly sucked blood.

Telescoping with rare anxiety lists of next victims.

Fear, horror sweep through an antagonized neighborhood.

Shows of public brutality executed with gross impunity.

Screams….pandemonium …Folks wrapped-up in commotion

that eats up the silence of the cold calm morning

Abductions, brutalization, arrests is the fate of

daring lashers against demonic monarchies planted in place.


Vampires in vampiric gatherings, gather steam.

With brand new blades, sharpen their deadly fangs

To suck the life energy from socio—political critical opponents.

Transform into wolves and bats dressed in soutanes.

Occultic display of the inner core, poised to drink blood of fellow albinos.

Poised to exterminate those who are hurdles to their path to fame.

Change is their most dreaded Dracula.


Hydra in its conference room, in top secrecy, assemble.

Brewing up virulent poisonous breathe, blood and fire

Fomenting strategies, conspiracies to silence checkers of wrong

Burn—up falsified accounts and official documents,

Like the hydra, regenerate several heads of bribery and corruption.

Nepotism, tribalism, mediocrity, embezzlement.

Swimming in luxury while the hands live in the diehard poverty.





Limping over –burdened soul, drown by

the bitter bile of hate and violence.

Eyes jaundiced by weird sights of rivers running red.

Awestruck by the breakdown of human warmth,

Lying in irretrievable pieces on heaps of dung.

Affected by the routine splashing of teargas and grenades.

Aggrieved by the cruel lukewarmness of whistle blowers.

Deafened by endless pungent exchange of gun fires.

Exhausted, fleeing to safety on unsecured alien lands.

Disillusioned by the untamed savagery of violent perpetrators.

Fed up with the continuous decline in friendship,

Sought for cure rest under the shade of this baobab.


Desperation raised the reddish swollen eyes to the skies.

There in the magnificent firmament found romance

Fast moving clouds clad in blue and white.

Lively colors inducing a feeling of calm tranquility.

Instilling confidence, wisdom, truth, and heaven.

Inspiring trust, loyalty, integrity and an urge for purification.

Absorbed by the titillating splendor of the heavens,

I yearned for eagle wings to soar and land on foliage of her woods.

Yearned to fish in her lovely waters,

To drink refreshing palm wine from the gourd of her inspiration,

To provide solutions to perennial crises plaguing mankind

Even to go beyond the blue and white to hook-up with beloved ones

Brutally sent home by ceaseless bloody battles.



ngam 21

Afternoon, visible rays of the hot sun,
Filtered through the dark grey sky.
The undulating hills overlooked a gritty wasteland below.
The landscape stood imposingly and sullenly, as though
It was been haunted by the witches of melancholy.
Hills that were once carpeted with thick forests
stood forlorn, empty and weary. Her rugged valleys once
Soared of spectacular beauty. Today her verdant face is no more.

Once, sweet smelling flowers attracted men and bees here.
Once, the turaco chirped in her lovely woods.
Once, its rapturous melody brought joy to our hearts.
Once, its red shiny feathers graced the crowns of nobility.
Once, the forest provided water for all.
Once, honey dripped abundantly here.
Once, her woods supplied wood for all.
Once, her fauna provided cures to all ailments.
Once, the sacred shrines and totems enjoyed its protection.

The gods in their secret places spy and balefully,
frown at those who neglect the path of the sacred python.
The brooding landscape stares on in disbelief, seeing everyone
Turning its back for pursuit of alien paths.
The defilers of the land increase dailylike raindrops on a drizzling morning.
Blood, spilled at every road junction.
Desecration has stamped wrinkles on every smiling face.
Multitude wander from place to place in quest of solace.
The drummers left behind, play out of tone.
The singers left behind to sing, produce a cacophony.
The dancers left behind to dance, do so awkwardly.


Ngam EmmanuelImage may contain: 1 person  is  a Poet , Writer  , an advocate of political justice and a High School Teacher.Ngam  graduated  from Higher  Level Teacher  Training  College that earned  him an Education  Diploma  in Languages ( French and English) . Writer Teacher Poet Emmanuel enjoys reading  and gardening.


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