MPMBIZO9– MiomboPublishing  met the great Karimov  in the new Dermer Press offing Table of Words(An  International Poetry Anthology).  Acclaimed Writer  Karim  is one among  seven chosen Dermer  Press contributors  to  the  TABLE OF WORDS – an international  anthology  edited  by  one  brave publisher Hannie Rouweler from Netherlands .Poet Emeritus Karimov  is  a force to reckon  on in Russian Creative , Culture , Arts and Literature spheres and he  is an International literalist whose  poems  and stories are published in his city , in Russia  and far wide . He boasts of many books, stories, profiles and poems published in many languages across the globe. It is greatly refreshing to feature such  a great talent in our humble blog. Readers keep contacting us at . Keep following, discussing our blogsite and like it –(MBIZO CHIRASHA-PUBLISHER/EDITOR)


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(After viewing the video of the same name)


A thousand Jews … one rich German,

The concentration camp wolf howls from the moans of the prisoners …

As the fascist is brutally exterminated – a monster, evil spirits,

A whole nation, where are you, oh God ?!


A thousand fascists … one rich German,

Between them the people are grumbling with blood!

Schindler, were you German? No, you – honor and conscience,

A hero who preserved his father’s kind!


… Work – one hope, to stay alive,

And the noble heart of Schindler is an idol!

Oh, Lord, the whole world I want so much to exclaim:

“Schindler’s List” is the greatest list of the World! “.


It’s terrible! in a war bubbling like hell,

Money and wealth do not lose value !!!

Money, sometimes, honey, money, sometimes, poison, –

Schindler bought a mercy, fury before a penny!


Thousand Jews … to you thanks

Today they have turned into a huge Israel.

It means that the people, the nation, the country,

Hence, Azrael defeated.


Uncle was killed by war: plague – mutilation, –

Mother half a century mourned her brother …

I never liked the German dialect,

For what Hitler once talked about in it.


But Schindler awakened in me the respect of his mother,

I washed off my past with my humanity …

Aroused a love of the language of Goethe, Dante …

And “Petrified” – glorified in Tell-Aviv …


If the road map is mistaken,

Then the whole caravan will follow the wrong path!

Left on the curve, waiting, no doubt, death,

Schindler did not hesitate not to sit down in his car …


Kohl is still alive in the world of this shindler, –

Do not threaten humanity suffering and anguish …

Every time I spit in the face of Hitler,

With gratitude I kiss Shindler, I’m hands.

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I dedicate to the bright memory of Uncle Tajimat Musayev,

missing in Uzhgorod during the Great Patriotic War


The word “satiety” only lived in the dictionary:

It was tight – not to the ladle!

Repeated all the phrase in January:

“To live with us until the time of mulberry!”.


It was necessary to live like an eternity,

But before the time, oh, mulberry!

The threat was humanity,

And the gardens were all without a gardener!


We received from the front all the letters:

“Defend until the time of mulberry!”

Until the time of fruit ripening, but

How many lives to give us blood?


For a long time the news came,

Our mulberry tree ripened like sweet honey …

Burned us loss – bitter stress:

Has not returned from the war, oh, Tajimat!


Though mulberry has matured 65 times,

We all live in the hope: I suppose, is it alive ?!

We will always wait in the heat of May dews,

We have a mulberry hour with weeping willows!


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The friend said to me: “Stronger, abruptly!”

Otherwise you’ll perish, you, in fact, not Confucius!

Whether you’re a cowboy, superman, macho …

After all, how many around predatory constitutions!


Accept your life without fear, without convulsions,

You are for the people around – carcass, bacon!

After all, in the world, in addition to popular constitutions,

Alas, there is a “Jungle Law”!


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(An excerpt from a poem)


Global warming –

The seventh then drowning?

Global warming –

In itself, drowning?

Global warming –

Fallen manners flooding …

Global warming –

Mask razl splitting?

Global warming –

Can a thrombosis rinse?

Global warming –

Or bones of hands washing?

Global warming –

Is it an eclipse?

Global warming –

Eternal ice or burning?

Global warming –

Or brains enlightenment ?!

Global warming –

Il worlds of all the fragmentation? ..

Global warming –

Matter is torn apart?

Global warming –

Maybe blood flushing,

Global warming –

Maybe the rays are extinction?

Global warming –

Il illnesses cordon?

Global warming –

Can the minds be confused?

Global warming –

Are the Earth dehydrated?

Global warming –

Blasphemy is atheism ?!

Global warming,

Maybe the sky is blackening?

Global warming –

Is it really a fall?

Global warming –

Cities or floods?

Global warming –

Maybe an earthquake ?!

Global warming –

Is chaos a burial service?

Global warming –

Maybe life’s rigor,

Global warming,

Maybe Sveta’s ending …


Global warming,

Give us a chance to repent.

Global warming,

Give us a chance to survive!






Sir Shakespeare recognized the light of our theater, –

We are actors in it – we play the whole role …

It seems to me – a circus! Today our world,

We are acrobats, jugglers, sometimes …


To light a candle on the stage today,

Juliet do not want to play, though cut …

Forgive me, dear William,

Peace – romantic – today is the arena!


Whoever excites a cobra to a tune,

Someone growls a panther, a tiger, a lion …

The poet – the balancer has broken his ribs,

The maestro is walking on a tightrope – blind …


Instead of violins, the drums are knocking here,

His death is demonstrated by the magician:

Harju spits that one in bloomers,

Dancing around and a couple of naked women.


In a word, with clownery – in a motley hat,

Life “flourishes”: everyone in it is a fighter.

Mitigating the danger can not chip …

Flurry of stormy ovations, intermission, end …


Rakhim Karim (Karimov)Image may contain: 1 person is the Ubeksko-Russian-Kirghiz Soviet poet, writer, translator. He was born in 1960 in the city of Osh (Kyrgyzstan). Graduate of the Moscow Literary Institute named after AM Gorky. Member of the National Union of Writers of the Kyrgyz Republic, member of the Russian Writers’ Union, official representative of the International Federation of Russian-Speaking Writers (London-Budapest), co-chairman of the Union of Writers and Readers of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia. Laureate of the Republican literary award them. Moldovan Niyaz. Laureate of the Egemberdi Ermatov Literature Prize. Second laureate of the International Book Forum (Great Britain). The owner of the silver medal of the Eurasian festival LIFF. Author of 30 books of poetry and prose in Uzbek, Russian, Kyrgyz, Tajik, English. The works are published in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Great Britain, Canada, Mongolia, Holland, Romania and other countries.

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