MP –mbizo14  I will not  change  anything  on his  great literary  arts  and  poetry resume. CHRISTOS KOUKIS is a luminary in the area of poetry, creative writing and literary arts. He  is a Creatives’ Legendary  who has  traversed extensively  around the world  with his  poetry. He is  widely published  and anthologized  around   in  publications , presses ,  journals   and collections  around  the  world . In his country, the great poet is widely revered as   a representative of written and spoken word culture. Dear reader continue   to follow our journals ,  like and leave  your comments. Contact  us  at –MBIZO CHIRASHA/EDITOR.

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 The summer children make fun of winter and its proclamations in their mind all rails are flexible, all walls can be unlocked  with one jump; all waves have the same home country

The summer children bend only to help fallen swallowsand they keep being distressed for things they didn’t catch up with They keep dreaming so much darkness and so much light

They keep been scared that so much love and so much pain may not be enough to create a warmer world

The summer children touch with naked hands the unknown

they take the risk and from all the prerogatives they choose memory they celebrate the great precipice climbing and singing

The children of all-night running fall asleep praying

to hold firm and at the end of summer to become shells

from all the wells to fall in the one that keeps their soul fit for drinking

The heart doesn’t lie in front of those naughty children something dangerous that every winter wants to avoid It is the duty of all of us and the most important care

to have the solution that these children carry to be listened to



 The empty space

is the well-balanced space

a logical impasse and the last physic refuge

No feelings slips

emptiness doesn’t demand nor intervenes

firm against disfigurations, reluctant to challenge you

Silently waits for what exists to breath its last breath not at all an ungraceful role for such an unreal beauty

Humbly faithful to immobility it doesn’t decline ( in value) its crystal feeling reflects intact memory

In the empty space only peace evolves

if you are in agony, realize it, simply close your eyes and jump


  There is something familiar and attractive in pain a secret sweet pleasure

A friend of mine left this world, left a mother behind after the sun he left, before the moon

he couldn’t stand anymore living on the ground of the earth

and every night will be coming with its nails to resurrect the memory

What is written, what do we write and who distributes them

“Have you seen my child? it will come back, right?”

and, it is true, I had seen him but who comes back from the invisible in my sleep he had appeared fleeting and speechless

Lazarus is responsible

Lazarus who never sat to write his silence

who didn’t go around the world to declare his silence and we who only once we’ll live

when we’ll face the truth it will be too late

but luckily we should say….it is enough we loved each other it is enough we gave a hand to fallen people

enough that we gave our time to the statues of the park

The sunset looks like a first class” I am sorry” of death to us.



 Shadows stagger disarmed on the downward slope foolish by now they turn their wrinkled idol clouded They are the ones that stripped my body from joy

They stood up like half-destroyed bridges, irrevocable words, obstinate

Oh! how much did their era hurt me

how much I was humiliated working for them

Bankrupt by now, encircled and no longer inflated

they are in a hurry to sneak into the carriage of the night and I am in the appropriate position to call them

with plenty of satisfaction and relief

Shadows do appear, everything has ended.





 From the ancient Troy to the wireless times not a moment sounded like another

their ashes spread some less some more

Only one thing remained the same and very important Juliette confided it only to Romeo

“nobody cares more about the world than those who are in love”

Sapfo had showed it one night to Oscar Wilde and a boy wrote it on a bombarded wall

“so many times death was disdained for lips like yours”

Antigone confessed it to Sophocles’ ear

“fires start from the inflamed blood of two people”

You told me you loved me and it was as if you made me a present of your weight in ideas.



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Poetry collections, awards, professional memberships, etc.



2018                          Participation and reading my latest book “Justice – Modern Guilt” in Shuffle

                                  Festival, London United Kingdom


2018                          Publication of poetry book «Justice – a modern guilt» in Greece, Kedros Publications

                                 (translated in English by Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke and Elle Arscott),

                                  ISBN 978-960-04-   4907-5.


2017                         Participation with two (2) poems in the anthology «Kleine tiere zum schlachten,

                                 Neue gedichte aus Griechenland» (Germany), editions Parassitenpresse


2017                          Participation in Documenta 14 Athens as a poet (writing, reading, translating) in the

                                  International project ‘’The place of the thing’’.


2017                          Selections of my poems published in the international poetry magazine (France-USA-

                                  Germany) Levure Litteraire.


2016                          Presentation of my lecture about Modern Greek Poetry in 20th century at University of

                                  Lisbon, Portugal (in English) at the conference ” Da Poesia Neo-Helenica 1905-2016

2016                          Participation in poetry anthologies in Italy and Serbia with selected poems from all my

                                  poetry books


2016 Publication of poetry book “Velicanstven paradoks lepote” (in Serbian), Smederevo Publications Serbia – ISBN 788662-550507




Publication of poetry book “Journal intime d’un amoureux” (in French), L’ Haramattan Publications France – ISBN 978-2-343-08620-0






Completion of the theatrical play  “ A big apartment in New York  “ (in English)



Participation in Oaxaca, Mexico video-poetry Festival with several poems


2014-2018 Participation in twelve (12) International Poetry Festivals ( poems translated in English, French, Spanish-Mexican, Hindu, Portuguese, Serbian, Romanian, Slovenian, Italian, Turkish).







Completion of fairytale “ Fairytale for grown up people “ in Greek, English (by Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke ) and French


Participation in the poetry anthology “Poetry Dialogues” ( in Greek) ISBN 978-960-446-107-3, Govostis publications 


2015 Poems from all my poetry books were selected by Professor Jacques Bouchard for his lectures of spring semester 2015 at the Centre d’études néo-helléniques de l’Université de Montréal, Montreal Canada.






Co-editor of online urban magazine

mission: editing of main weekly column on arts (cookies jar)


2014 Publication of poetry diary “Diary for Lovers” (in Greek) ISBN 978-960-283-414-5, Roes Publications ( translated in English by Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke)


2013-2016 Co-editor of online poetry journal


  mission: preparation, filming and editing of interviews of all important Greek living poets ( interviews will be hosted by the Greek Ministry Of Education )


2013 Publication of poetry collection “The Great Paradox of the Sun” (in Greek) ISBN 978-960-446-203-2, Govostis publications (translated in English by poet Yannis Goumas)
2012 Participation in the poetry anthology “Poets in the Shadow” ISBN 978-960-336-849-6, Gavrielides publications


2011 National First Appearance Poetry Award, 31st Hellenic Symposium on Poetry, Patras Greece


2011 Co-curator/ co-organiser of the group art exhibition “HOMO SAPIENS IN LOVE” at Booze Cooperativa, 57 Kolokotroni str. GR-10560, Athens (foundation member of Curatorial team KolleCtivA2rt ©)



Publication of poetry collection “After Beauty” (in Greek) ISBN 978-960-336-595-2, Gavrielides publications (translated in English by poet Yannis Goumas)



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