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MIOMBOPUBLISHING – No automatic alt text available. WORTA  is  a  unique   water gallery  stationed  in Durban North , KwaZulu Natal  South Africa.  This  advertorial blog post  is the  first of its  kind  since  our  inception .It  is creatively refreshing  that  we  are fast  growing and we  continue  to  feature CREATIVITY AND ARTISTRY  from around  the globe .

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WORTA  is    a  global  water   bottling  and  purifying brand . WORTA products deserve international  acclaim . Somewhere  in   the hidden pockets  of  Durban  North,   KwaZulu Natal , South Africa  is  a  hidden treasure , a  treasure of  life , a water  gallery   WORTA. They   manufacture ,  purify , refill  and bottle  water  in sparkling ,  inviting , stunning  and  mesmerizing  bottles  and  other  amazing  packages. WORTA is  a water hub  of   artistic excellence  and  is  destined  for  water branding  excellence  accolades.Some one,   a water  artist took his  time  to recreate  water “WATER CREATIVITY” .   International  water  showcases ,  advocates of  clean water , water scientists  and  water  manufacturers, municipalities and conferencing organizers  should  work , engage  ,  tour  ,franchise  or  partner  with WORTA.

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One  innovative  step   is that   WORTA  re-purify  our everyday tap water and  their  bottling  is durable  and   can be  refilled  after  use  and  that  goes  along  with  green cities  sustainable  living.

Lets  take  a  WORTA tour  at




T: + 27 (0) 82 456 0027



MBIZO CHIRASHA Image may contain: one or more people and beard is  an internationally  anthologized poet , literary  arts  project  curator , creative  humanist , arts  activism catalyst , blogs publisher   and a  Writer  in Residence . He  is the  Solidarity member  of GAPA( Global Arts  and Political Alliance),the African Partner of the  International Human Rights  Arts Festival, the  Resident Coordinator  of  100 Thousand Poets  for  Change- Global, the Founder of  GirlChildCreativity Project , the Facilitator  of the Creative Leadership and Artistic Training Project . Chirasha is  the  Editor  of the  Brave  Voices  Poetry  journal , he  is the  Originator  of the  Zimbabwe We  Want  Poetry Campaign. He writes for the Tuck Magazine- the International magazine on Arts Human Rights and Politics ( ),  (

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