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THE LANGUAGE  OF  ME  is  the  debut  collection  of nerve  wrecking, heart rending   and   brain pricking  poetry and   confessional essays  by Musa E  ZULU . The collection is a candid   story of his triumphs   and tribulations. His  poetry  is  a diary  of  his  dark , light , strong  ,  weak  seasons  , twists  and  turns   of  his  life  . This  collection  is the   battery  to  reenergize  the  weak  , it is  a    flame  of  fire  to rekindle  the   faint  hearts  of the  timid. It is a ray of the moonshine to strengthen the   down trodden in their tussle with the storms of life. The collection here is a   story of man’s highs and lows.     It is  a  story of   Musa  E ZULU  ,  his  sudden  physical   and  emotional  fall from  the  pinnacle  of life  to  dungeons  of humiliation  , discrimination   and  segregation  due  to his  utter physical  paralysis  after  his plunge  into  a  death meant  road  accident . Despite  the   pitfall  Musa E Zulu  refused  the  language  of self-pity , humiliation  , failure    and  discrimination . He  fought  a spirited  fight  , he  rose from  the ashes  of  his  burnt  soul  to   become  a  roaring creative   giant  , whose  language  has  become    CREATIVITY , INSPIRATION , POSITIVITY , TALENT ,  LEADERSHIP , INTERNATIONALISM ,THISABILITY  THAN DISABILITY  AND  CREATIVE  VOLUNTEERISM , hence  the  writing  of  the  highly  spirited  book of survival  THE LANGUAGE  OF  ME . Musa E  Zulu is     a  South African  who  can also  be identified    with  Nelson  Madiba  Mandela’s  resilience  . Most  Africans   of  this  generation  have  become  life  students  of TATA MADIBA   including MUSA E  ZULU   .MADIBA  is  an   epitome  of  peace  and  optimism . Mandela  was  harassed , beaten , displaced  , solitary  confined  and  imprisoned  for  more  than  two decades .  This  year is  a centenary  celebration   of  the Nelson  Rolihlahla  Madiba  Mandela( TATA MANDELA@100)  Madiba , the  paragon of peace  , the  icon  of democracy   and  a  towering AFRICAN giant  .MUSA E  ZULU  is  working  closely   and  in partnership  with Area Based Management  of  the  Ethekwini  Municipality  in promoting  the  literary  arts culture and  creativity  development   . eThekwini has  been named   a UNESCO  CITY OF  LITERATURE . The  Ethekwini  Municipality  ABM   headed  by  Linda  Mbonambi celebrates  Mandela   the ICON  @ 100 through  literature , books  and  creative  arts .MUSA E ZULU  has  since two-day inaugural 2018 IBHUKU WOMEN AUTHORS EXHIBITION FESTIVAL .

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MUSA E ZULU  is  a Creatives Internationalist,  a published author, an award winning entrepreneur, international artist, celebrated motivational speaker and prominent disability activist in South Africa. He is also Creative Director of Valhalla Arts which handles his creative works including his published books, artwork and disability economic empowerment programs. The company administers, on his behalf, the drawing of contracts, sponsorships, collection of his royalties, exhibitions, sales and Intellectual Property Copyright. After achieving an Honors degree in Sociology at UKZN (1993), he lectured in the Faculty of Humanities before moving to the corporate world as Human Resources Manager. He was fast climbing the career ladder when his life took a dramatic and unexpected turn. This was in 1995 when he was 23 years old. Paralyzed and left in a wheelchair after a car accident, he found himself faced with one of the hardest challenges life can bring – disability. Applying his personal philosophy of embracing change, he not only found a way to cope with his new life, but to inspire others as well. Zulu is the author of three books; “The Language of Me” (UKZN Press; 2004), “Wheels on the Soul of my Shoes” (NUTREND Publishers; 2008) and “Tributes: The Story” (Valhalla Arts; 2012). He is also an established artist and has been widely commissioned by individuals, organizations and corporates to create artworks which depict business profiles. Over the past 21 years (since the 1995 road accident) he has delivered motivational talks to various institutions throughout South Africa. He has been invited to lead creative sessions for project kick-offs at various government, private sector and community organization forums. These invitations have also included being requested to deliver strategic communication solutions to help clients with attaining optimal marketing and communications objectives. He has been named “Man of the Moment” [True Love Magazine 2002] and ‘One of 10 South African Men we just Love’ Oprah Magazine 2006]. In 2005/6 his artwork was commissioned as Presidential Awards of Excellence to business achievers by the Institute of Personnel Management [IPM]. In 2006 he joined forces with a paraplegic friend to establish INDIMEZULU Trust which awards bursaries at tertiary levels of education to students with disabilities in KwaZulu-Natal. In the year 2007 he won both the Best Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the coveted Platinum Award at the annual Black Business Quarterly (BBQ) Awards. In 2009 he launched the ‘Santa Wheels’ Christmas project to bring cheer to children with disabilities in community centers and hospitals during the festive season. In 2011, together with partners, he founded ‘THISABILITY Newspaper’, a publication to highlight disability socio-economic empowerment, entertainment and community related stories of the world of disability. In 2012 Valhalla Arts, in partnership with Killa Joe Records, embarked on the ‘Ego Sum Quod Sum – I Am What I Am!’ Disability Arts Exhibition to showcase the role of music, crafts, literature and poetry in enabling disability identity, expression and empowerment. In 2013 he was invited by the American Embassy in South Africa, Durban, to participate in the State Department sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) which seeks to build mutual understanding between the United States and other nations through carefully designed professional visits to the US for current and emerging leaders. He is the recipient of both the eThekwini Municipality’s Mayors’ Achiever Award (2013) and ‘The Phoenix Light Group Distinguished Service Award’ (2013) for the role he has played in pioneering new models for disability integration and economic empowerment in South Africa. In 2013 the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education presented Valhalla Arts with an Award in Inclusive Education at an occasion held in celebration of the 3rd of December, which is International Day for Persons with Disabilities. In the year 2014 ‘The Language of Me’ was one of the books analyzed and critiqued by Dr Ken Junior Lipenga for his PHD thesis titled “Narrative Enablement: Constructions of Disability in Contemporary African Imaginaries” submitted to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Stellenbosch University. In the year 2016 he received an Award at the 2nd Annual ‘We Can ARTS FESTIVAL’ held in KwaZulu-Natal and coordinated by OUTRAGE CONCEPTS in partnership with the Department of Arts & Culture for his contributions to the development of literature and disability arts in South Africa. In mid-2016, and as part of celebrating 21 years he had spent in his wheelchair, he finally made happen and lived through his first long-held dream of attending a Live Rock Concert; when he joined the long stretching lines of wild heavy metal die-hard fans armed with a cherished golden ticket to attend the sold-out Iron Maiden’s ‘THE BOOK OF SOULS World Tour’ – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness, and be a part of, a mighty moment of experiencing the sheer power of a possessed hell-raising front-man riding on the loud thunder of his bandmates’ banging drums, wailing guitars, spectacular audio-visual effects and the full-force of tens of thousands of screaming head-bangers going completely crazy, singing in one elevated voice; ‘We’re Blood Brothers!’. This mother-of-all-shows was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Later, on the same year, he was invited to come and receive an Award presented by Mind Set 101 for ‘21 Years of Mental Strength and Tenacity’. In his spare time; in-between his speaking engagements, drawing his artwork, writing motivational books and undertaking his duties and mission as a self-styled ‘THISABILITY Ambassador’, MUSA E. ZULU is a husband and a father to three beautiful daughters. He lives in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. His personal motto is; “If it Can be Thought of and even Imagined, then by God let its Will be Done!

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COMPILED   AND  WRITTEN by MBIZO CHIRASHA- MBIZO CHIRASHA  is  an internationally  anthologized poet , literary  arts  project  curator , creative  humanist , arts  activism catalyst , blogs publisher   and a  Writer  in Residence . He  is the  Solidarity member  of GAPA( Global Arts  and Political Alliance),the African Partner of the  International Human Rights  Arts Festival, the  Resident Coordinator  of  100 Thousand Poets  for  Change- Global, the Founder of  GirlChildCreativity Project , the Facilitator  of the Creative Leadership and Artistic Training Project . Chirasha is  the  Editor  of the  Brave  Voices  Poetry  journal , he  is the  Originator  of the  Zimbabwe We  Want  Poetry Campaign. He writes for the Tuck Magazine- the International magazine on Arts Human Rights and Politics ( ),  (



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