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Demer press  recently celebrated  its  10th  anniversary   of   international  publishing , global  literary arts  networking , poetry  and  cultural exchanges .The   mesmerizing  event   was  greased  with  metaphor and verse  by  a  rare breed of mesmerizing  poets from around  Netherlands and   Europe .Hannie Rouweler , the  organizer   and  the  founder  of Demer press , Netherlands  set the ball rolling  by  putting together  a  line-up of  dynamic word slingers  and  vibrant  word carvers ( Research online) that  included  Jenny Dejager, Marije Kos, Wim van Til, Pien Storm van Leeuwen, Frans A. Brocatus, Amy de La Haye, Gerhard te Winkel (presenter), Geert Zomer, Inge Boulonois, Francis De Preter , Marion de Vos.

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On that  great  day  ,the  public library Nijmegen   frothed to the brim with poets, poetry lovers, publishers, readers and   the creative culture elite. The afternoon was roasted   by sizzling   confessional poetry, epic, ballad and mind chiselling satire. on the 23rd of June  2018 ,the public library  Nijmegen      was   draped   to the  core  by   waters   of creative mojo  and  literary   juices  . Ms  Rouweler herself  proved  beyond  the  shadow  of  rain clouds  that  she  is a  true  goddess of  verse  and letters.  As  the  day  dragged towards the  end , the literary ceremony  was capped  by  an exciting moment  of photo shooting  and networking . Demer press has rapidly become a haven of creative genius. In  May 2018  ,  Ms  Rouweler and Demer press published  a 7 poet  international collection Table of Words   among the poets   was    and other poets from around  the  globe.The celebrations  was  a  great success  and  it left undeletable marks  on this  earth of poets  and  word carvers .Wikipedia  descibes  Ms Rouweler  as  a publisher and  poet   of global acclaim.

Hannie Rouweler Image may contain: Hannie Rouweler(born 13 June 1951 in Goor, Overijssel) is a Dutch poet.Rouweler was born as one of seven children in a Roman Catholic family in the primarily Protestant village of Goor. She has said that she began writing at age 15, but she was well into her thirties before she published her first collection Regendruppels op het water (“Raindrops on the water”) in 1988.She has published 20 additional books since Regendruppels op het water and is considered among the leading voices in current Dutch poetry. In 1981 her daughter was born, in Amsterdam.In 2008 she has started Demer Uitgeverij/Demer Press, ePublisher, publishing anthologies, individual poetry books, and translations.Hannie has performed in The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Dumfries, Scotland as part of the international poets for the birthday celebrations of Robert Burns.She lived in Belgium 2004 – 2012.In 2013 she moved back to The Netherlands (Leusden).

Hannie Rouweler’s Published works include the following

  • Regendruppels op het water (1988)
  • Langs de vloedlijn (1989),
  • Onder een glasplaat (1990)
  • Langs de Rand (1990)
  • Steen en huid (1992)
  • Reiziger naar het woord (1993)
  • Rivieren en Ravijnen (1995)
  • Ankerplaats (1995)
  • Tekens van tijd (1996)
  • Bewegingen (1997)
  • In de branding van de dag (1999)
  • Skyline (2000)
  • Uiterwaarden (2003)
  • Vogel op steen (2005)
  • Bloemlezing: Rozen verwelken, bloemen (2006)
  • Wolken, Ankers (2008)
  • Nieuwe Gedichten (2009)
  • Een reis langs rood en wit (2011)

Avondluchten in Diepenbeek (2011)

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