cropped-miombo-publishing-header.jpgPATRICK KAMAU ‘s pen is sombre, painful and emotional though brave .The poet peeps into Africa with a wet sandy heavy heart and a concerned eye. His verses portrays Africa’s ills, poverty, disease, political expedience and economic malaise. The poets and his poetry doubts if ever Africa will rise from her pit of shame, rape and oppression. Patrick Kamau is a protest poet and a writer of resilience and his quest through his poetry is to see African transform from being a silhouette of dread into bright peaceful dawn of humanity .Patrick Kamau is a Poetivist , Writivist and an ardent Brave Voice of the Zimbabwe Africa We Want Poetry Campaign Movement .Aluta Continua! For submissions ,information and other creative vibes contact Curator MBIZO CHIRASHA at


You now go caring not
Strutting devoid of concern
We are your chattels-
We work, you eat.
You now leave with bags
Wads of money full
Eyes looking yonder
Twilight ones in eyes.
You forget yesteryears
The labour input
The adverse weather
The blisters that pained.
You talk of the mines
Of the city in the sun
Like a magnet it attracts
Days and nights similar.
I hear you want her
The painted old hag
Who is senile like a mule
In the sun city.
But heat becomes cold
Agility becomes docility
And regrets the aftermath
A long pole also sags!

They say others are lazy
That donkeys should work
That task masters should drive
In whips and thistles they do.
They claim the wine is theirs
That wine makers are workers
That theirs is water
Their glands can’t contain wine.
They eat the fattened rams
The aroma can poison the herders
They can pick from the bones
Lean meat can bloat stomachs.
The majority are balls
Kicked to satisfy whims
Bled to feed the minority
The roaches must grovel.
Empty stomachs
Leaking poverty
And the kings fattens.
The sun has set
Night of anguish to our souls
Darkness that shrouds
The seeds of Cain again
Sown seeds of death
And the stars have dimmed.
Beautiful radiance dimmed
Energy and enthusiasm dashed
Seeds of Cain have visited
Hewn the Belle like a carcass
Blood spilt to devil’s libations
And the stars have waned.
Aspirations of tomorrow
To age to wrinkles adorning,
To suckle the succulent breasts,
To laugh in ecstasy,
A sojourn of mother earth
Malevolent Cain’s seeds dims-
And the stars bleeds.
Cry my mother land cry
My own turning against self
Hoods baying for blood
To satiate egoism
Demented machismo
And the Great one asks,
Why is her blood crying?
A cry of spilt blood
Mortal claiming immortal
Stars have been dimmed
Cry and mourn my motherland

Am weary and worried,
Am weary and burdened
Sleep alludes my nights
Pangs of hunger my normality.
Am weary and distressed,
My siblings stomach’s rumbles
They took our only lamb
They celebrated to wee hours.
Had trusted to blindness,
A village Belle courted
A marital bliss in a paradise
And now this-
And them-
Blinkers they wear
Siphoning my blood-
My soul brothers,
A liberated one
Shackled by the predators-
Skyrocketing taxes,
And I sing,
An anthem of liberty
We met and it happened
An evening bliss memorable
The light of the moonlight
The crickets witnessed
And now we are poles apart.
We met and the souls entangled
Had sworn to the vows
Had believed to the sincerity
A baby to the mother’s care
And now asunder we are.
The unending altercations
The insinuations of roving eyes
Living other’s lives
The nuptials defecated upon
And now we are sky and earth.
Memories are scars
Indelible marks in my soul
I can’t purge the emotions
I can’t patch the soul’s wounds
And now our star dims.
PATRICK KAMAUis a graduate in literature and special education from Kenyatta University. He hails from Murang’a County in Kenya. Currently he is a special education teacher. Kamau loves reading, making friends and writing poetry. His dream is to publish an anthology in collaboration with other likeminded poets


ABOUT THE CURATOR/EDITOR-MBIZO CHIRASHA Recipient of PEN Deutschland Exiled Writer Grant (2017) Literary Arts Projects Curator, Writer in Residence, Blogs Publisher, Arts for Human Rights/Peace Activism Catalyst, Social Media Publicist and Internationally Anthologized Writer, 2017 African Partner of the International Human Rights Arts Festival Exiled in Africa Program in New York.2017 Grantee of the EU- Horn of Africa Defend Human Rights Defenders Protection Fund. Resident Curator of 100 Thousand Poets for Peace-Zimbabwe, Originator of Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Movement. African Contributor to the Table of Words Demer Press International Poetry anthology edited by Hannie Rouweler in Netherlands. Solidarity Member of Global Alliance for Politics and Arts. African Participant to the 2014-2020 World Poetry Almanac Anthologies series in Mongolia edited by Hadaa Sendoo. Co-Editor of German Africa Bilingual Collection with German International Translator Andreas Weiland in 2016 (

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