Jambo Bukoba e.V is doing wonderfully wonderful in using sporting as a catalytic tool in community education, youth, and talent and peace development. The organization should continue using sport in its quest for gender equality , better education and good health since sport is top among the list followed by creative arts in all aspects of human development . Jambo Bukoba e.V should continue embracing this creative and human education genre because sporting boosts confidence, promotes dialogue, peace and tolerance. It helps participants to define self, to be content within self .It transforms them into living purposeful lives, away from delinquency, moral decadence and crime. It makes humans, old and young believe in themselves and their traits. It casts away passivity, inferiority complex and barriers perpetuated by vulnerability, personal background, material poverty, decadent history and culture. Sporting is a tool that unlocks creativity and potential in young people of all gender orientations .It is a catalyst of self-expression, confidence and freedom. Sporting shapes and brings about leaders of today, tomorrow and always .These leaders remain legendries of inspiration, dream making and hope i.e. Drogba, JJ Okocha and many other sporting legends. Jambo Bukoba e.V should use sport because it knows no gender , sexual orientation , political affiliation , cultural background , class , status ,race or tribe .it is all inclusive thus promoting inclusive communities participation , unity , peace and safe communities .Sport as opposed to war is unifying . Its boosts both mental, emotional and psychological being of humanity. It builds bridges between communities and nations. It props educational development and triggers good health both physical and mental health. Jambo Bukoba e.V you are in the right direction for using sport as a vehicle of community transformation and instrument of peace building. ALUTA CONTINUA!

mbizo africa

Blog  Article  by MBIZO CHIRASHA Literary arts Projects  Curator  and Creatives for Peace  and Human Rights  Activism Catalyst . Contact girlchildcreativity@gmail.com or miombopublishing@gmail.com,

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