MIOMBO- Her verses are triple arrowed and double sharpened. Her poems are like swords slicing the flesh of Satan. She pen vomits lyrical exuberance, while the ink flow connotations waxed with verbal dexterity. She is a griot of the black Island of Jamaica. The haven of black lyrics and heart torching reggae metaphor. Metaphors of hate, beauty, anger, consciousness and identity. ANTONIA VALAIRE is a tactful brave voice and a griot amassed with verbal bravado. She sings of black identity with pride and honey oozing zeal. Her poems are mind sloshing and heart cracking. VALAIRE is a versatile creative humanist and widely published .A philosopher of repute , scholar and poet of great acclaim .Jamaica you are creative blessed by having ANTONIA VALAIRE. TOGETHER WE RISE.For  Submissions and other creative  vibes  contact MBIZO CHIRASHA , the Journal Curator  at




Good morning jaw-dropping melanin Kings and Queens
Have the sun kissed your cheeks?
Have the wind greeted you with a surreal embrace?
Did the bees hum your name?
Did the birds chirp the peace you exudes?
Did the ants fall in rows kneeling at your feet and
Awaiting your command?
Did the trees bow at such Black magical Beings?
Can you contain such an energy field?
Does nature show its reverence when you exhale?
Did you hear the angels singing your praises?
Did you thank your creator for making you and me?
So, Good Morning your majesty.

Oh, South Africa do you not bleed as I do
Was I not from the soil of my birth?
Is it yours or mine to claim this earth?
Did I not work these lands and reaped ground provisions?
Did I not build a solid foundation?
Why is there an exception?
I am from this nation.

What was left from my generation?
You have stolen; claimed to be yours
Is it not true?
You have took my land with force
Created a burial ground
Hindered my progress
Spread hatred of every kind
Am I not human like you?

Black is beautiful
Who cries for the unfed child?
Who mourns the loss of our brothers and sisters?
Are we not our keepers?
The mothers are rape
Fathers shot dead
Is this not a crime against humanity?
Do you celebrate in our loss?
Is it your sole intention for us to be in segregation?
Is South Africa a land of love and affection?
What will History concur
Is it written by you, me or by us
Oh South Africa

What have we done that was so inhumane?
That we have built walls in our minds
Tortured the heart
Beat others physically with teachings about white supremacy
Where is the Black man’s legacy?

Love has no colour
Love is love
We must re-direct the course of our narratives
Charter it with love
I hope to see and feel when humanity
Loves love and love people.

Many have died and many will continue
The time has come when we must conquer hate
Oh South Africa
The time has come when the cry for freedom is no more
As all will walk this land without fear of being inferior
This will frighten our oppressors who refuse to accept this transformation
Stay strong
Stay united
As Black is beautiful.
Taken from Poetry collection, Out from Babylon system: liberation of Mind


I am told I have the right to vote
It is my sole obligation
A goal orientated achievement for my nation
Politicians I must select and elect
Their obligation is to fulfill my dreams
Make me feel special and supreme
Only to understand it is like a brand
Not necessarily genuine rather world celebrated

When they fail blame human weakness or even God
I do not expect perfection
That is not my expectation
What I desire is for durable roads, health care,
Job opportunities, security, access financially higher education
Flaws in system, yes inevitable
But Corruption Nah
Human greed refusing need
Society breathes while we inhale
They dictate we follow
Now everyone is in the gutters mislead
Swamp infested left to be devoured

It is drawing near to the hours
Who gave them the power?
Feel mighty and strong
As they try to reach Babel tower
We need intervention as our situation is under construction
As people cry for poverty and crime reduction
Calculate the sum give the value to this equation
Religion and politics in Holy Communion

I am told I have the right
Right to what
The independence of declaration stated never acted upon
Just an illusion
If I have the right then why is their sanction
Why my action cause a negative reaction
I am told I have the right to expression
Yet when I express I have critics to assess
Before I am approved
They say it is just the rule
Am I a fool to believe I have the right?
A right dictated by whom?

Taken from Poetry collection, Out from Babylon system: liberation of Mind

(For me)

There is wine brewing in vineyards
Awaits you are black stallion horses laid with velvet red coat of arms
And before you, you sit with kings and Queens,
Reasoning on the likes of Archimedes,
But what is this if No surrender.

What is this? A destiny that cannot be reached when your soul ignites with kerosene
Will you continue to become a relic that refuses to be altered by everlasting life?
What is it to gain the whole world and lose soul?
What is it to bask in Descartes, Fredrick Douglas and Angela Davis?
And yet be the fool who will not enlighten her spirit.
Will you continue to be a tool that the beast will drown in the red sea?
Or will you make the leap wrapped in clover of angelic serenity.

Taken from Poetry collections, Black Gold.

(For Mom)

My sweet plumeria perfumes Cumberland streets
Your voice makes angel sings glory to the soon coming king
Your strength is that of iron and even welding torch cannot bend
You bear persecution to that of Ruth
Burden of Job
And alike Ester you will have your one night with the King.

Mama do not let them break your spirit
Do not let the turpentine become like oil running from your well
Mama I have heard you like weeping Jeremiah
And as prophets of Isaiah and Ezekiel will you arise
Walking lands with sword in hand ready to slay Haman and Goliath.

Greatness is bestowed on you
And this is why your burden is so heavy
Your malicious neighbours who slice your heart like bread
Murmur your success
And parade deceit to run you out of the community
Shall confess and see you bloom as sunlit lily of the valley.

Taken from Poetry collections, Black Gold.





christena williams uwi graduate

ANTONIA VALAIRE is a Jamaican multiple award-winning Author, Poet and Inner child Press International Cultural ambassador. She is a BA Holder in History (major) and Philosophy (minor) from The University of the West Indies. Her Book, “Pearls among Stones” was awarded Prime Ministers National Youth Awards for excellence in Arts and Culture. Also, Major art award for Literary and Performing Arts in Drama from JAYECAN. Her other publications are Out from Babylon System: Liberation of Mind, and Black Gold for which her poem, “Stone cold sinner” was a finalist in Hessler street fair poetry contest, Cleveland, Ohio.
Some of her publications includes are: Gleaner newspaper, Jamaica, Poetry NZ 47, New Zealand, Tuck magazine, Female first write be share be read, 2014 winner, reflection mag, India, shortlisted in Desmond O’ Grady poetry in Ireland, shortlisted in jaBlog! Junior authors poetry contest, L3 Magazine, Also among top 30 in World Healing, World Peace poetry anthology by Inner child Press in USA, featured Poet at Jamaica Poetry festival which is organized by veteran award -winning Dub poet Yasus Afari, Jamaican Poets Island- wide High schools and Colleges tour organized By veteran Dub Poet, Malachi Smith, and An assistant instructor to veteran Dub poet, Cherry Natural and Poet laureate, Lorna Goodison in All flowers are roses programme.

Web links
Amazon, Pearls Among Stones,

Amazon, Black Gold,

Amazon, Out from Babylon system: Liberation of mind,

Facebook, Christena Williams,




ABOUT THE CURATOR/EDITOR- MBIZO CHIRASHA ,Recipient of PEN Deutschland Exiled Writer Grant (2017) Literary Arts Projects Curator, Writer in Residence, Blogs Publisher, Arts for Human Rights/Peace Activism Catalyst, Social Media Publicist and Internationally Anthologized Writer, 2017 African Partner of the International Human Rights Arts Festival Exiled in Africa Program in New York.2017 Grantee of the EU- Horn of Africa Defend Human Rights Defenders Protection Fund. Resident Curator of 100 Thousand Poets for Peace-Zimbabwe, Originator of Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Movement. African Contributor to the Table of Words Demer Press International Poetry anthology edited by Hannie Rouweler in Netherlands. Solidarity Member of Global Alliance for Politics and Arts. African Participant to the 2014-2020 World Poetry Almanac Anthologies series in Mongolia edited by Hadaa Sendoo. Co-Editor of German Africa Bilingual Collection with German International Translator Andreas Weiland in 2016 ( Zimbabwean Young literary Delegate to the Goteborg International Book Fair Sweden ( presented at Nordic Africa institute, Swedish Writers union , SIDA Diplomatic luncheon , Radio Dialogue , Swedish International library Association , Sweden National Education Summit).2009 Poet in residence of ICACD ,international Conference of Africa Culture and Development courtesy of African Culture Development Institute .Founder of the GIRLCHILDCREATIVITY PROJECT. Curator of MIOMBOPUBLISHING, and PERSONALITIES OF INSPIRATION,

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