MIOMBO REVIEW   – DANCE OF DAWN, a scintillating collection of poetry by a Nigerian Abuja born, rising African poetry princes STAR OKPEH is an African story is packed in a sardined style , the maturity of the metaphor is stunning and it ripples the readers blood like a rushed gust of wind .Okpeh’s diction is economized and mind sloshing . Her lexicography is God’s craft. While the meaning is a double arrowed sword cutting from all angles. Reading OKPEH’s lyrical, patriotic and paradoxical verses is like kissing a jolt of lightening and swallow the current. Her lines are sparks of firecrackers. She baptizes readers in shimmering zones of truth through her confessional poetry. She remains a princess of the soil and a patriotic sister to descendants of African history, sons of the soil. She traverses with us in a journey of African political and survival climates: hope, dreams, poverty and people. OKPEH’s Dance of Dawn is an irony of the African story ,if it’s not a paradox of mother Africa and people of the African earth .Young Okpeh is a poetry revolutionary , her tree of literary revolution should be watered for growth , diversity and the Africanization of the African literary voices . ALUTA!For  Submissions , information and other creative vibes  contact  the  Curator/Reviewer ,MBIZO CHIRASHA at





So, our mothers cursed the grave
To the River in their rage.
Amidst the tunnels of our souls
Thirst was a hunger in those days.
A child would cry till mountains fall
Upon our frightened heads
Whimpering in hopelessness
When war is in the air.

We hid in those autistic nights
Breaking fasts with cries.
Our fingers itched to touch our God
If he was still alive.

The brooks did travel out of town
Our world was mourning wild.
The streets were slaughtered in the dark
Our wines were full of blood.


Far off into the sea
I see life paddling death to sleep
But, not for me.
The fisherman throws his bait in
To void bottomless deep.
It’s not for me.
My eyes defile such luxury.

I know no feet of escape route
No voo doo rings; enchanted boats.
It’s not for me.
Locked. Lost.
For me there is no cemetery.

I am far gone.



Across an Ocean I hear
Laughter like bells
Tickling peace to my heart..
Singing dreams to my smiles.

Across an Ocean I see
I plead,
There is
A tune imprinted to my sleep
I wake to see
In dreams
The praises of your lips.
Crowning of your acts.
Across an Ocean I am
Again born
A child.
Cuddled. Held in royalty
I do not know.
If at this point, Life is a dream.

Black boy
Like waters upon waters
I have found your words
Full of stars that soar with emotions
The boiling point of feelings.
Risen in Torrents I fear.

Black boy
The moon dropped tears
When she heard your voice.
A serenade splitting mortality
Redeeming humanity
What flow of the River you hold!

My voice you hear
In the silent bells that breaks the dawn of night.
I am your muse
The course you flow
The rhythms of your heart.
I am the lust that rocks your being
Like hills around your loins
That blazes passion hot as coals
The vapour of your strength.
I am that bird with chirps of dreams
Memorials of today.
A mortal watch
And mystic guide
The sight of all you see.
I am the sun
The moon and stars
I am the celestial night



book dance
THE DANCE OF  DAWN is a captivating tale of echoes that leaves in the hearts of its readers an unforgettable chant of songs. Songs that resound from the spirit, treading deep to the soul and jumping out in an outburst of consciousness to the body. The Dance Of Dawn reveals to all an irreplaceable gem of wild exploit moving in African Poetry. In this collection of poems, The Dance dances you… Leading your feet down into the Spirit, Soul and Body of another.






organic Star,
STAR OKPEH is a passionate African writer and Poet from Nigeria whose works have appeared on, award winning anthologies, magazines, Journals and was formerly a Judge at the Poetry Planet, Philippines. Star is the Head Of Writers at the Portal Network International, Publisher at StarWrite Productions, Member of Writers Space Africa and Author Of The Dance Of Dawn. She is also an editor and devotes time in Coaching young Poets on the essence of Poetry.



ABOUT THE CURATOR/EDITOR- MBIZO CHIRASHA ,Recipient of PEN Deutschland Exiled Writer Grant (2017) Literary Arts Projects Curator, Writer in Residence, Blogs Publisher, Arts for Human Rights/Peace Activism Catalyst, Social Media Publicist and Internationally Anthologized Writer, 2017 African Partner of the International Human Rights Arts Festival Exiled in Africa Program in New York.2017 Grantee of the EU- Horn of Africa Defend Human Rights Defenders Protection Fund. Resident Curator of 100 Thousand Poets for Peace-Zimbabwe, Originator of Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Movement. African Contributor to the Table of Words Demer Press International Poetry anthology edited by Hannie Rouweler in Netherlands. Solidarity Member of Global Alliance for Politics and Arts. African Participant to the 2014-2020 World Poetry Almanac Anthologies series in Mongolia edited by Hadaa Sendoo. Co-Editor of German Africa Bilingual Collection with German International Translator Andreas Weiland in 2016 ( Zimbabwean Young literary Delegate to the Goteborg International Book Fair Sweden ( presented at Nordic Africa institute, Swedish Writers union , SIDA Diplomatic luncheon , Radio Dialogue , Swedish International library Association , Sweden National Education Summit).2009 Poet in residence of ICACD ,international Conference of Africa Culture and Development courtesy of African Culture Development Institute .Founder of the GIRLCHILDCREATIVITY PROJECT. Curator of MIOMBOPUBLISHING, and PERSONALITIES OF INSPIRATION,

Mbizo Chirasha. Miombo Publishing Header Image. a publishing platform for young and EXPERIENCED fiction writers



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