Despite his tender age, TINOTENDA WILSON WAISON’s verses are mature and solid .His lines are head thumping and heart knocking. His pen vomits protest and the snort is truth. The poet chronicles heart rending experiences of his poverty shackled town of Chitungwiza, enduring the burden of disease and violence every single day God. The young poet  decided to wield pen his sword and poetry his shield to confront the unrepentant system. He slashes the system bluntly with razor sharp metaphors and triple edged satire without restraint. His literary machete prunes the system naked and he continues to heckle the system with his stinging irony and visual imagery, maybe until it succumb it’s knees or until FREEDOM is attained .TINOTENDA is a prolific wordsmith and a resolute literary activist .He has stood firm in support of the ZIMBABWE WE WANT POETRY CAMPAIGN. He is an all seasons contributor of the BRAVE VOICES POETRY JOURNAL in .WAISON attends poetry reading sessions, write his own blog ad performs poetry for his peers and a wider audience. ALUTA CONTINUA. For more information on Time of the Poet contact the Curator MBIZO CHIRASHA at .



From my toilet sit oozed off the ordure’s
Thick syrup like fluids trickling off from
The vent, pipe burst from the pressure of
Once was the precious liquid I ingested.
News flash, the hoods has been populated
“Us” to have exceeded the carrying cap…
Capacity of cause and not their negligence
Not their poorly delivered service detects.
As the effluent meanders off my doorway
It leaves it’s permanent tracks, denial turn
Be an integral part of the societies as the
Tar marks are corroding in flows of waste.
Swampy and stagnant are the depressions
Mosquito stings every night, and flies breed
Cholera transmitted from the dosage of dirt
Cabbage never been collected from pit wry.



Are we not the mercy killers ourselves
To have deprived brother a soul in the
Rampage… To have deprived families
And devoid too only left a tatty memo

Are we not the mercy killers ourselves
To have claim immunity after the deed
Beast upon beast, ramp upon ramp to
Manifest in the so called harmony city

Harare bred the playgrounds of abrupt
Perverse behaviour of the brother in blue
And his grey top revealing the untold
Suffering, born victim of circumstances

Harare where brothers in blues and grey
Open fire to citizens and the press turns
Be inarticulate and off relevance…Damn
We are muted yet we long to burst cries

Aren’t we mercy killers? If we screen the
Scenery of the drowned brother in Seke
Nyatsime river caused terror, Flooded ?
Ironic is not it ? Mercy killers, mongers

Aren’t we mercy killers? If we screen the
Scenery of the fatal accident along Seke
And fail to pay grief to the fallen brother
In the same Seke road our cameras rom.

For we been equipped fellow citizens of
Motherland, Africa she sang of, Poetic is
It justice? just ice frosting dreams, hopes
Parliament a breeding citadel of perverse
Codes that terms us laborers in our land.

Gazetted reforms that impairs our virtues
And moralistic principles of being, rejected
By those with all the mighty through veto,
How lame I voted him in for betterment
Of the kin, weary leaving in the cold street.

My ails heals from their white precipitates,
Inscribed by a solo individual, dual turns a
Taboo yet granny always had crushed roots
The ails would shy… Boots, books, and tie
Paper wetting from the drips of enslavement

Hunting modernized but the parliaments left
In great chaos, adaptation of the scripts left
Us this urge, The urge to revolt, yearning…
Codified practices that are never followed by
The sire, a new mutant foe in make, Change.

No wonder why I have this naked head
These weak claws, Neither have I ever
Wondered why I feed chiefly on carrion
Rotting carcass dressed by fellow humane
Ages past starving, preying, pitying shame.

Carrion bird been termed, so wary I envy
The keen and noble eagle whose social unit
Portray efficiency and tranquility in plays
How he is gifted in soaring up highs spred
He preys on fresh flesh, he hustles nothing.

Vultures we been cursed by mother nature
For we toil yet others birds emblems might
We long for the deprived freedoms, denied
And fed on their remains. Avarice being no
Shame for no honor is related to my name.

Black birds whom seize by violence, preys
Like us, feeds greedily stood forth our Sire.
Corrupt ravens whom disperse parliaments
Owls on the watch, waiting to grace thier
Chance too, damned birds of disgust, cursed.
Mama Afrika we mourn of today’s tragedies
Brothers by the bridge, in darks awaiting for
Her innocence to devour and rob in revulsion
Perversely done with a knife to her neck too.
Brutal touches on her solf skin, bloody scars…

Mama Afrika we mourn of today’s tragedies
Fathers in deems, mothers strangled in visage
So savagely done and she spat upon portals is
The bloody saliva from her cavities stains all
And impetuous we suck from her bitter breast

Mama Afrika we mourn of today’s tragedies
Mutilated with blunt blades, victims of systems
Rinsed circumcisions, blood gushing to wash…
Away our liberties and us to dance even, this
Discordantly stroked drums, cultural heritage

Mama Afrika we mourn of today’s tragedies
The absurdity crafted yet inherited repressive
Ethics from roots. Ma Are we not humane?
Emancipation is our quest, empowerment too
From these social evils Ma… Amandla power

tynoe wilson

WILSON WAISON TINOTENDA, an aspiring poet, human rights activists, page poet, flash fictionist as well as an editor of the ( Deem literature organization ). Born on the seventh of January 1998 at a local clinic in Chitungwiza of great svikiro, Tsuro Chaminuka. A Zimbabwean by birth and originates from Malawian tribe. The son of one Godwell Waison and Angeline Mandimika, being the first in a family of two, Annah Waison, little sister .Popularly known as the Lowlifediarist, has archived to compile and publicize two great ebooks entitled, THE STREET WHISPERS and the other one PAGES OF THE DIARY. He contributed to many journals online, The Kofi Annan tribute, African boy child campaign, The Ghetto Symphony Orchestra, and has been published in several episodes of the Zimbabwe we want campaign. He is also a brave voice under Miombopublishers. An active and ardent follower of the Harare Literature Festival founded by Chirikure Chirikure and other Poets in Zimbabwe .


MBIZO CHIRASHA is the 2019 International Fellow (literary activism) of the International Human Rights Arts
Festival ,New York (IHRAF2019). Recipient of Global Literary Influencer Certificate of Merit by
Directorio Mundial de Escritores through Academia Mundial de
Literatura, Historia, Arte y Cultura (2018). Recipient of PEN Deutschland
Exiled Writer Grant (2017) Literary Arts Projects Curator, Writer in
Residence, Blogs Publisher, Arts for Human Rights/Peace Activism
Catalyst, Social Media Publicist and Internationally Anthologized
Writer. Recipient of the EU-
Horn of Africa Defend Human Rights Defenders Protection Fund (2017). Resident
Curator of 100 Thousand Poets for Peace-Zimbabwe. Originator of
Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Movement. Curator of the MiomboPublishing and Brave Voices Poetry Journal( .Contributor to Zimbolicious Poetry publications in Zimbabwe edited by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka. African Contributor to the Table of
Words Demer Press International Poetry anthology edited by Hannie
Rouweler in Netherlands (2018-2019). Solidarity Member of Global Alliance for
Politics and Arts (2017). African Participant to the 2014-2020 World Poetry
Almanac Anthologies series in Mongolia edited by Hadaa Sendoo( 2015-2020).
Co-Editor of German Africa Bilingual Collection ( with German
International Translator Andreas Weiland (2016)
Young Zimbabwean Literary Delegate to the Goteborg International Book Fair Sweden (2003
presented at Nordic Africa institute, Swedish Writers union, SIDA
Diplomatic luncheon , Radio Dialogue , Swedish International library
Association , Sweden National Education Summit).Jury Member of the International Images Film Festival (2013-2014). Artist in Residence of the Shungunamutitima International Film Festival (2015).
Poet in residence
of ICACD International Conference of Africa Culture and Development
courtesy of African Culture Development Institute (2009) . Participant of UNESCO Photo Novel Intensive Training( Tanzania and France 2009).Founder of the
GirlchildCreativity Project ( 2010) The African Drums Poetry Festival ( 2007).The Young Writers Caravan( 2004) Curator of MIOMBOPUBLISHING, and PERSONALITIES OF

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