It is  highly  inspiring that as much as Ihraf is an arts community , Its year packed activities and programs are soundly driven by has an efficient governance and a proactive leadership system , driving the Ihraf train to the intended destiny of prowess . Thus all artistic events, productions and publications are well coordinated and well organized. This is rare and unique on the part if ihram because Most artistic organizations are deficient of sound governance systems. Many of our arts and societal catalytic projects must pluck an exemplary leaf from International Human Rights Art Festival. Find underneath the Captains of the IHRAF TITANIC. And  for  more information  click to this link . You  can also  find  the activities on Facebook , International Human Rights Art Festival .



TOM BLOCK (President) is an acclaimed thespian, a published author, well-travelled visual artist, human rights catalyst and researcher,

Kathleen Ihraf

DR .KATHLEEN CAVANAUGH (Vice President) A seasoned educator of International Law. A reputable global human rights leader. An International acclaimed human rights consultant.

catherine ihraf
CATHERINE FILLOUX (Treasurer) a recipient of numerous human rights, peace and social justice accolades. International recognized arts specialist and award winning storyteller and dramatist.

Robina ihraf
ROBINA NIAZ (Board member) – accomplished speaker, artistic diplomat and global gender activism pioneer. A fighter for women and girl child rights.

Rabbi Ihraf

RABBI ABIE INGBER (Board member) – a great teacher, accomplished interfaith catalyst, a reputable thought leader and renowned advocate of peace and refugee rights.

Mashuq ihraf
MASHUQ MUSHTAQ DEEN (Board member) – World performance artist, international theatre producer, human rights activist and accomplished thespian.


Laura ihraf
LAURA BARBIERI (Board member) a development specialist, organizational strategist and an international citizen oriented projects organizer

ihraf 1

DR. LAYLA ZAMI (Secretary) A distinguished gender studies and international affairs scholar, festival producer and Researcher.


Blog Curator  isMBIZO
Mbizo Chirasha is 2019 International Fellow ( Charge de’ Affaires ( Globally Certified Literary Arts and Cultural Influencer ( Brave Voices Curator (


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