He is full of creative ambition and glows with artistic passion. My first ever encounter with the Filming Arts Lion King was in August 2015. I was invited by Zambia’s prominent artistic lioness, Creative Lion Queen Musola Catherine Kaseketi an Originator, Creator, Writer, Director and Cultural Intellectual. I was the Official Artist in Residence of the SHUNGUNAMUTITIMA INTERNATIONAL FILM AND ARTS FESTIVAL hosted in the beautiful city of Livingstone, the touristic hub of Zambia. I met Albert Muteba, a powerful storyteller and high rising African filmmaker in at  a  festival  in  Zambia. Albert Muteba produced several award winning films in his home city of Lusaka and other countries .He has and is contributing immensely to the tourism, cultural, artistic and creative fraternity of Zambia and Africa. Muteba is an exuberant creativity gem polished from rough raw artistic diamonds of red streets of Zambia.


The film cadre is the producer of the news sizzling and hot trending PIYO .A Zambian movie set out in Zambia characterized by a star studded coterie of actors from Nollywood( Naijaland) and Zollywood( Zambia). PIYO is a trailblazing story of PIYO’s quest of self-discovery into the new world of possibilities. He ventures into a new world filled with romance, love, music and successes. His aspirations and endeavors are derailed by devil’s cousins, hate, greed and corruption. PIYO is an African story , the story of the people of Africa based on African paradoxes , realities ,possibilities and tribulations that weave our todays societal fibre.


PIYOs cast include Jim Jyke , Catherine Soko , Malumba Malumba , CQ and Dr Jose . The cast reflects the Africaness of the story , diversity and inclusivity .The story was written by Nicholas Lamya , directed by Jones Nasilele , Produced by Albert Muteba and the Executive Producer is Kelvin Banda . Eden University in Zambia, Nigerian High Commissioner in Zambia, Ethiopian Airlines, Ambassador Winery and Best Western Hotel are sponsoring the production and the post production of the movie .The movies premiere is on the 29th of March 2019 in Lusaka Zambia. Thumbs up to Tiyajane Zambia. Aluta Continua.

Mbizo Chirasha is 2019 International Fellow (ihraf.org). Charge de’ Affaires (poetasdelmundo.com/Africa). Globally Certified Literary Arts and Cultural Influencer (http://directoriomundial.allimo.org/Mbizo-Chirasha/). Brave Voices Curator (miombopublishing.wordpress.com).



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