TIME OF  THE  POET -Anna Maria Dall’Olio‘s writings are sweet and mature like old wine in old wine skin. I think we are free to use biblical allusions where they deserve. Maria is a sculptor of short imagery and that qualifies her as a word economist most of such are great poets andwe all know a poem short or long carries heavy bags of life , trials , tribulations ,revolutions ,consciousness and more . Anna Maria Dall’Olio’s poetry is a hot copper furnace of poetic beauty and metaphoric bitterness. Her verses are pregnant with emotion and meaning. Anna Maria is a seasoned Italian educator, instructor and literary enthusiast, widely published and her long years of literary service are decorated with awards, fellowships and recognition. She writes both in Italian and English. She is a symbol of creative prowess. It is g great to meet you woman of literary valour. Aluta Continua . Welcome to TIME OF THE POET PROFILES (miombopublishing.wordpress.com). Contact Curator Mbizo Chirasha at miombopublishing@gmail.com . ALUTA CONTINUA!!!


A bang in the door, a flash in the night,
cries of madness, claws of blood,
please, oh please, stop it soon.

Hands strike & strike the blow,
a blade on the lap, hands tightly tied,
clocks strike midnight, power poisons the pain,
such, such a shame is going to end.

I will bless my friends,
I will bless my judge,
at last by far the blackest night sets

in spite of you.


Months & years
rapes & stains
patient eyes, scratched cheeks,
broken noses, torn clothes.

Too many hands squeezed our blood
too many feet crushed us to death
our wrath surged like a wave
our anger makes us very relentless.

The best flowers stopped blooming so much.
Horror was deeply rooted in our hearts
sorrow took deep roots in our scars.
Doctor, heal people’s touch.

Covered with mud
buried with dung
we learnt to hug
we learnt to act.

We need to move in the clearest sunshine
we want to dance at night in the softest moonlight
we know we can sing only together:
our dance & love song will make us proud.





Never did you learn who I was
never did I learn who you were
now you live in me
I do belong to you.

Beyond life, love
(moving target of arrows)
the lightest thing:
your life belongs to mine.

See such hands folded exactly
glass & the color of sunshine.
Face, wrinkled like wrought wood,
fire, white like stars.

A single stroke, a single bump,
tells her years of very stubborn work
rolling around her only art
ribbons tied across her lonely heart.

her neck blows like her husband’s blowpipe
the pipe at the back of the room
where she spent so many long, long nights
watching him work by heart.

Your eyes wonder & wonder:
to her the ever most sparkling bubble belongs.
The man of her dreams came true:
she caressed that glass, the hottest mass.

Fire, white like stars,
Face, wrinkled like wrought wood.
See such hands folded exactly
glass & the colour of sunshine.



So suddenly it happened
dew down leaves rolled
such a sharp blade.

June is bloody now
nothing at late eventide
poppies burst at night.

Anna Maria Dall’Olio4

She has been teaching English in Italian high schools since 1987.
She devoted herself to fiction, poetry and playwriting.
In 2005 she was ranked second in “Hanojo – via Rendevuo”, a Vietnamese cultural competition for the millennial celebration of Hanoj (1010-2010). Moreover, she was ranked first/second/third in lots of literary competitions for her Italian poems (2006-2018).
She published a short novel, “Segreti” (“Secrets”, 2018). Besides, she published 5 collections of poems:”Sì shabby chic” (“So shabby chic”, 2018), “L’acqua opprime” (“Water oppresses”, 2016), “Fruttorto sperimentale” (“Experimental Food Forest”, 2016), “Latte & Limoni” (“Milk & Lemons”, 2014), “L’angoscia del pane” (“Bread is anguish”, 2010). Finally, She wrote “Tabelo” (“Table”, 2006), a play in Esperanto dealing with mobbing as a supreme artistic form.
Web site: http://www.annamariadallolio.it


MBIZO CHIRASHA is 2019 International Fellow (ihraf.org). Charge de’ Affaires (poetasdelmundo.com/Africa). Globally Certified Literary Arts and Cultural Influencer (http://directoriomundial.allimo.org/Mbizo-Chirasha/). Brave Voices Curator (miombopublishing.wordpress.com).





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