Hadaa SendooHADAA SENDOO is a high powered  , acclaimed  and well celebrated poet , writer  ,publisher and organizer from Mongolia. The literary icon  has defied all hurdles and odds  and has  since ventured  into publishing  top notch  globally acclaimed poetry collections  that include  poets in Africa and others around the world . He is the founder of the WORLD POETRY ALMANAC  and  other literary ventures with an  international flavor .This  special blog features WORLD  POETRY ALMANAC  covers of the ongoing  global publication series by HADAA SENDOO .  WORLD POETRY ALMANAC is  celebrating  its 13th  anniversary  with thirteen golden poetry collections.

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WORLD POETRY ALMANAC(A short blurb / Hadaa Sendoo)

World Poetry Almanac 2006

The World Poetry Almanac is also an avant-garde international poetry anthology that focuses on contemporary poetry and poetics. Every golden Autumn is a harvest season. The farmers have harvested their rice, and the poets have harvested their poems, which was a great, pleasant surprise.English edition of the World Poetry Almanac always brings fine poetic works, crystal clear and honey sweet, to the world and our readers. Of course, some poems will also have melancholy – the earth we live in, and the living spaces shenganve have become more and more complicated; human behavior has almost returned to the barbaric era, and especially the means of greed have increasingly suffocated civilization.I’m sure, in our this time, our poetry will not close its eyes. The air and the lake were polluted, and the moon could not see its shadow in the water. Sometimes in a big city, you will also have regrets. You can see the lights of the tall buildings, the lights of the street lamps and the cars, but you can’t see the bright moon at night. Winter is coming, but it doesn’t bring snow. In this context, the poetry must be in cold colors.But let us have the patience to read these warming poems in the Almanac, and we will regain our confidence. Here, I sincerely thank you, visionary poets, translators and critics. The works of the almanac translated from the native language of the authors,either spoken or written, shows geographical features and cultural diversity.In my opinion, poetry writing that is most humanity and conscience writing.


The World Poetry Almanac (WPA) continues celebrating its 10th anniversary. Strong support A World Without Walls!  I would love to take this opportunity to thank the beloved poets, from Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, and the Arab world.They give World Poetry fresh vitality. This is why I would like to continue editing international annual poetry anthology at a high level.


World Poetry Almanac 2011-



World Poetry Almanac 2013

The Poetry Almanac directed by the Mongolian poet Hadaa Sendoo is the proof and the trace of the path towards the spiritual unity of all the poets of the Earth for the transformation of human life. Poetry gathered is the blood of light!


Fernando Rendon, Colombia

Poet, Founder of the Founding leader of World Poetry Movement(WPM)/ Founder and director of the International Poetry Festival of Medellin.



The remarkable project of Mongolian poet Handaа Sendo is a very timely and necessary attempt to capture the entire poetic universe of the 21st century. Today it is already clear that this attempt was a success. In front of us is an unfolded atlas of all world poetry. I do not know other attempts of this kind. A gigantic and very necessary work was done. To assemble and preserve are the two most important words in today’s disconnected and destructible world. Culture and poetry are always in danger, they need to be saved. And the poet saves, like a true poet, for 10 years. And Russian poets in this case are his accomplices and helpers.


Konstantin Kedrov, Russian

Poet, literary critic, winner of Pushkin Prize




On the map of World Poetry, let us walk along “the Northern river of the future,” entering the great grasslands of Mongolia. I send brotherly greetings and congratulate on the 10th anniversary of World Poetry Almanac!


Wang Jiaxin, China

Poet, critic, Professor of Literature at Renmin University, Beijing




Unfortunately, I am not a poet but as a writer and journalist. I enjoy reading Hadaa Sendoo’s edition of “World Poetry Almanac”. I would say it is noticeable important that the Almanac is founded by the noted poet of standing reputation. I’m happy to see the works of Georgian poets from different generations on the pages of almanac. Hadaa’s almanac is playing a significant role in expending the cultural links.


Maya Gogoladze, Georgia – Writer, journalist



***Thank you great poet Hadaa Sendoo ,the publisher of World Poetry Almanac for having confidence in my free verse . I didn’t know that the world take me and my work seriously. Thank you my poetry and creative friend Andreas Weiland for introducing me to Hadaa.

Let’s remain creative , hardworking ,positive and seeking the truth in our writings.


Mbizo Chirasha, Zimbabwe

Poet and the Founder /Creative Director of Girl Child Creativity Project. And the Poet in Residence of the United Nations Information Centre/Zimbabwe



The World Poetry Almanac founded/edited by the erudite Mongolian poet, Hadaa Sendoo and annually published for the last ten years is a wonderful initiative and a cornucopia of beautiful poetry from all over the wold. This anthology goes beyond poetry! It brings humanity together in a thoughtful way. In fact, Poet Hadaa Sendoo is a bridge-builder as the World Poetry Almanac annually connects poets from far flung continents – merging their voices in a wonderful melody for humanity. May this project continue to thrive! It was quite a pleasure for me to be part of the Almanac 2011. Thanks again Hadaa Sendoo for doing your bit to show that there is more that unites us than what separates us. You are a gatherer of people. The earth is blessed to have you!


Joyce AshuntantangCameroon

Poet, Educator, Professor of the University of Hartford, Doctor of Philosophy and Literature of the City University of New York



Dear Hadaa Sendoo, after I read the World Poetry Almanac, which you published 10 years, I highly appreciated your tremendous work as the Editor-in chief . With this edition You have made immeasurable input in the world poetry. And I was very much impressed of your poems, which I’ve read in the magazine of Poets and in an anthology “Writers of Contemporary Eurasia” (Moscow,2018). And in Sochi, hearing you reading your poetry at the Pushkin Library. I understood, that you are really a great poet. I’m proud to be your friend.

God bless you!


Victor KlykovMoscow – Vienna

Poet, translator. Member of the Union of Writers of Russia, the International PEN Club.

Winner of the Medal of Mayakovski





I am happy and proud that I am a close friend and brother of the great poet of modern times, the outstanding Poet of the 21st century, the editor-in-chief of the World Poetry Almanac Hadaa Sendoo (Mongolia)!
I wholeheartedly thank this sincere Man with a big and open mind for unifying the heads of all progressive poets from all over the world for the sake of our common cause – the salvation of peace and justice on Earth. Poetry will save the World. I’m more than sure!


Rahim Karim (Karimov) , Kyrgyzstan

Poet, writer, translator, Winner of Prize for them S. Yesenin




Over twelve years, Hadaa Sendoo has sustained a poetic tradition that offers the world words of hope, tolerance, freedom, generosity, and plurality. The consolidation of a rich and updated humanistic vision finds its most eloquent expression in The World Poetry Almanac, which continues to proliferate in volumes of magical poems signed by difference and voices orchestrated within vast and variegated cultural topographies. Sendoo does not only contribute to anthologising the rich and complex poetic present but also excels in redefining the poetic act as a principled exercise motivated and empowered by the possibility that we (as poets) share a craving for a world habitable, and as such less troubled by its current political, economic, and ideological discords. In each volume of The World Poetry Almanac, poetry wins and emerges as a condition of life.


Jamal Eddine Benhayoun, Morocco

Poet, Senior Professor of English literature and comparative cultural studies at Abdelmalek Essaadi University




Hadaa Sendoo, You are a leading world POET with positive messages for us all.

Bravo! I clap my hands for you & your excellent work for poets.


Bernice Lever, Canada

Poet, Professor of Seneca College, Toronto. Founder of WAVES, literary magazine

Winner of the Humanitarian Award




World Poetry Almanac –  A selection of my poems appeared in the most recent World Poetry Almanac, established and edited by Dr Hadaa Sendoo, a distinguished poet and professor of literature. 100 countries are represented ninth anthology, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and includes poets of the international stature of Australia’s Les Murray, Robin Blaser from Canada, Yves Bonnefoy, now one of the senior poets in France, the great Nigerian Wole Soyinka, Wislawa Szymborska from Poland and Romanian Nina Cassian, several Americans including John Ashbery, Gary Snyder and Anne Waldman, and others closer to home including Jackie Kay, and American-born Anne Stevenson, Ireland is represented by Gabriel Rosenstock, well own to Gaels, Eavan Boland, fine editor as well as poet, and a certain Seamus Heaney, who may be said to require no introduction.



Aonghas MacNeacail, Scotland, Poet, writer


Hadaa Sendoo’s World Poetry Almanac is beautifully designed. What is more important still: He made a choice of good poems by fine poets. I like the facts that he gives the necessary attention to poets from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The so-called “West” often privileges “Western” writers and is attached to Eurocentric views and criteria. This Almanac is not Eurocentric and that is good.

What an important task it is – to make readers of poetry and also poets more aware of the rich diversity of this art, and of the poetic voices of this world which we can hear when we read books like this almanac.


 Andreas Weiland, Germany – art critic


It was a great pleasure to get to know Hadaa Sendoo on the 2nd Tokyo Poetry Festival. He is a very warm person and reads his poems to the audience in a very impressive way as if he wishes that even the stars will hear his voice. But I was surprised to discover that he is also the editor of WPA which is an amazing anthology since it includes many of the most known contemporary poets from all over the globe. I feel very privileged to partake in his very prestigious anthology. 

Mordechai Geldman, Israel -Winner of the Amichai Prize


In the 21st century Hadaa Sendoo achieved something possible only for the people of strong will and of distinct loyalty to poetry. Rather than mechanically collect verses, he deliberately arranged meetings with poets from all around the world, especially the east and the west. The main charm of Hadaa Sendoo’s almanac is the intersection of the aesthetic and ethic energies. He created a proper context in which the poets faced not only each other but the poems themselves. It reminds me of Shamanism; here, every spring, when nature wakes up and it is felt more strongly than any other time of the year, Hadaa Sendoo finishes another ritual. Rather than just an almanac, the consequence of this ritual is the birth of another gigantic and energetic polyphonic poem of the universe.

Dato Barbakadze, Georgia- Poet, professor of logics and history of philosophy



The World Poetry Almanac links together the poets from all over the world, comparing the experiences of different cultures in different languages, summarized in English translation, and all my respect for the initiative of the Almanac.

Paolo Ruffilli, Italy – Poet, writer, winner of Montale Prize and National Literary Prize



In German, there’s a word for a meeting place, treffpunkt. World Poetry Almanac is such a treffpunkt for poets. You won’t be able to find such an amount of translated works in most of the other periodicals. The geographical range is also amazing – where else will you see poets from more than a hundred countries under one cover?


 Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Ireland – Poet, novelist and literary translator




The almanac is a work of art and it will always with me and congratulates for this great work of poetry. 
 Fernando Sabido Sanzhez , Spain- Painter-poet, Madrid



Occupy Poetry! The poetry is one of the last sanctuaries of civilization, check point of liberty, game. The poetry does not know any borders, keeping the mind open, the language sensible. Read the World Poetry Almanac edited by Hadaa Sendoo, there is a part of our strange world inside it!


Katica Kulavkova, Macedonia

Poet, professor of Literature, and Vice President of PEN International




The World Poetry Almanac is a collection of poems from all parts of the world. It is rich in observed intensities, the poems radiating out from the poets’ imaginations and sensibilities. Place and inwardness of place, human relationships, memory and travel are compelling themes. The poets’ energies are productively engaged with the experiences of the world in all its richness, while challenge and disruption are darker elements which some poets explore and master.


Patricia Prime, New Zealand– Poet, reviewer and editor




When today’s world desperately is in need of integrity, tolerance and sympathy much more than any other time in history, poet Haada’s venture of compiling the ALMANAC is a symbolic act seeking to bring poetry from different parts of the world voicing for love, peace and harmony.

Mamta Sagar, India – Poet, playwright and academic



What is poetry? This question is always so fresh. Life is cruel. You cannot trade places with me. I also can not do that. But poetry will open the new door to the next direction. Poetry encourages us to stare at what happens in our life. The World Poetry Almanac by Hadaa Sendoo brings us much pleasures of poetry.


Mimi Hachikai, Japan – poet, writer, professor of Waseda University



The World Poetry Almanac, a strong voice for what (still) makes poetry a vital force in the world.

Steven Ratiner, USA – critic, educator, freelance writer


As founding editor and guiding spirit behind the World Poetry Almanac, Hadaa Sendoo is known and highly respected internationally as the editor of a uniquely influential and ambitious literary project. By means of this groundbreaking annual publication, which he has edited since 2006, he has published and encouraged the writings of more than 3000 poets from no fewer than 100 countries. The Almanac reveals him as a dedicated universalist who believes that poetry not only brings people together, but is the key to promoting understanding and commonality among diverse cultures and languages. It is no exaggeration to claim that, in this capacity, he is one of the great international poetry editors of our time.


Richard Berengarten, the UK poet, Professor


This is a massive undertaking, one that Hadaa has been orchestrating and publishing for twelve years, since 2006, having produced till now eleven volumes, including the present one. One hundred and twenty-six poets from One hundred countries (2013), One hundred poets from seventy countries (2014), a hundred and sixteen poets from seventy-seven countries (2015-2016), where else, in a single volume, can you get a taste, a feel, a sense of the poetry being written around the world, or meet so many poetic personalities face-to-face? From well-known poets with established international reputations, such as Derek Walcott (Saint Lucia), Tomas Transtomer (Sweden), Seamus Heaney (Ireland), Wislawa Szymborska (Poland), Andrei Voznesensky (Russia), Robert Bly (USA), Octavio Paz (Mexico), Juan Gelman (Argentina), Yves Bonnefoy (France), Ko Un (Korea), Ana Blandiana (Romania), Richard Berengarten (UK); to poets who are read and appreciated in their own countries and languages, but have not yet transcended them; to lesser-known and infrequently-published figures whose work deserves our attention—the Almanac brings them all together in a sweeping, exhilarating mix.

The task is certainly a daunting one. The adjective “extensive” would be inadequate to describe Hadaa’s network of connections. The sheer volume of correspondence required for the assemblage of this more-or-less annual publication must be gargantuan. And in this sense, Hadaa functions as a kind of central node for the collection, ordering and dissemination of a whole world of poetry. Who would’ve thought that Mongolia would turn out to be an international clearing-house for verse?

Colombian poet Fernando Rendon calls the World Poetry Almanac “the proof and the trace of the path towards the spiritual unity of all the poets of the Earth for the transformation of human life.” These are very big words indeed. But words, when rightly used, are the heartbeat of hope. And the right use of words, in whatever tongue, is poetry. Through Hadaa Sendoo’s labor, and care, and love, the world resoundingly speaks itself as what it can and should be.

Paul Scott Derrick, A poet, and an American literary critic. He teaches American literature at the University of Valencia in Spa


Hadaa Sendoo

Sendoo Hadaa (born.1961) is recognized as a great poet of the 21th century. a world-renowned poet who lives in the Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. A member of the Union of Mongolian Writers. Since 1989, he has published 19 books of poetry. Sendoo’s recent collections of poems include “Sweet Smell of Grass” (in Persian 2016), “Aurora” (in Kurdish 2017), “Mongolian Long Song” (in Georgian 2017), “Wenn ich sterbe, werde ich träumen” (in Mongolian- German bilingual 2017)”Mongolian Blue Spots” (in Dutch,2017), ” A Corner of the Earth”(in Norwegian 2018), ” Peace, Broken Heart” (in Russian 2018), and “Sich zuhause fühlen” (in German 2018). His poetry works have been translated in many languages, including Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Macedonian, Turkish, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Albanian, Romanian, Kazakh, Tajik, Uzbek, Georgian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and more in other languages. Hadaa Sendoo has won many awards including the Mongolian Writers’ Union Prize. In 2006, he founded landmark World Poetry Almanac which he continues to edit.


World Poetry Almanac 2014 -



MBIZO CHIRASHA is (ihraf.org) 2019 International Fellow of the International Human Rights Arts Festival New York (2018).Recipient of Global Literary Influencer Certificate of Merit by Directorio Mundial de Escritores through Academia Mundial de Literatura, Historia, Arte y Cultura (http://directoriomundial.allimo.org/Mbizo-Chirasha/).   Vice President   of  POETS OF THE WORLD in Africa, (poetasdelmundo.com). Recipient of PEN Deutschland Exiled Writer Grant (2017) .Mbizo Chirasha is a Literary Arts Projects Curator, Writer- in-Residence, Blogs Publisher, and Arts for Human Rights/Peace ActivismCatalyst, Social Media Publicist and an Internationally Anthologized Poet Writer. Recipient of the EU-Horn of Africa Defend Human Rights Defenders Protection Fund (2017). Resident Curator of 100 Thousand Poets for Peace-Zimbabwe. Originator of Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Movement. Curator and Editor of Brave Voices Poetry Journal, miombopublishing.wordpress.com.  Chief Editor of WomaWords Literary Press,https://womawordsliterarypress.home.blog/




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