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Literary Guru AGRON SHELE  has a great profile . He writes across all genres and publishes other literalists on his illustrious global online publishing platforn Atunis  Galaktika  Poetike . Atunis publishes individual poets profiles ,projects and book collections . The all inclusive poetry exhibition gallery has exposed dynamic talents of up and coming African Literary creatives  among them is Mbizo Chirasha( Zimbabwe) and Nnane Ntube(Cameroon) . Agron Shele continues to grease the global readership with his literary acclaim and creative prowess.


AGRONA  global  literary  voices Collective(ATUNIS GALAXY ANTHOLOGY ) – 2019 comes as a prelude to sensations of contemporary art and embodies the values and individual literary work of poets. Such a magic universe of word styles attracts all of us towards the ridges and valleys of muses and fantasies, it leads you towards western horizons, it succumbs you in the deepest quarters of pleasure, it gives, brings a renaissance towards the sunrise with morning dew, takes you towards skies of flying birds, the skies which are radiant in the shining lights of fiery stars and always embraces and impresses all of us without even noticing it within the gravity of sentiments, eloquence and greatness of artistic thoughts. Literature as a component of cultural description of all times, has emerged through a myriad number of shapes and forms and all this surge has only one objective, that of reflecting thoughts of essence throughout all times, as well as unraveling metaphysical subjects for more development, for more prosperity and social emancipation. In this context and within a variety of genres that have been shaped, here comes today the sculpture of our ideas, in order to discuss and serve as a mirror image of literary summaries which have been published here, lights and shadows of concepts, although it may always come against us- Agron Shele – The Editor in Chief.



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As a Deputy Editor, I am proud to be a part of this special edition of ATUNIS (Adonis); chief editor and compiler is Agron Shele, Brussels. Below, you will find beautiful reflections on poetry, doubly worthy of reading. With craftsmanship and knowledge these pieces are written and illustrate the meaning of poetry, in all its glory, presence, possibilities.
Poets live in a time capsule. Through the imagination, language possibilities, reflections they are perfectly capable evoking and mixing with words various times, meanings, explanations, burps and spells, something that doesn’t immediately clearly exist in that form, but has -somehow- a link with reality, the depth of the soul and the oceans.
Poets can make the invisible visible. It’s better not to wonder what the meaning is of poetry. It suffices that the poem exists in its unique form and can be shared with others. It does not have to be much more- HANNIE ROUWELER – Atunis Deputy Editor.




When action follows emotion, and art is that primary gift as a participant in the evolution of human being, many times developed and others simply contemplated, and when that action becomes reality from unexpected horizons with the same inner tone that so much needs this Humanity, we can say that art sublimates every form of existence, every creed, every language and that is when the inner tone of the soul becomes universal and fulfills its work in the same intense pulse that allows the great Contemporary Literature of the World gathered in This Great Anthology of Atunis Galaktika 2019 , is understood that knowledge and understanding through that world sensitivity born where all the truth and beauty fit, the words are transformed into eternal and valuable messages.
To be a universal poet is to understand life in all its dimensions, because the poet lives committed to the foundation of his existence in a constant state of wakefulness; has the pretension to move, teach, instruct, illuminate, make visible the invisible, inquire about life, its reality, its problems, relationships, and everything that brings together life: solidarity, friendship, human equality.
In every poet there is an art of living in alternation and renunciation, that gift of seeing and contemplating. Within the world culture there is a common denominator and it is the ethical and aesthetic, moral and at the same time the one that transmits human values.
Here gathered poets from different places on the planet to share the exchange of other idiosyncrasies towards human growth with respect and equality. It is an indispensable work to reflect in every cardinal point, reaffirming the wise ideal that embraces the totality of education for the care and development of human life.




Poetry was born long before writing as well as music with which it created a bond before having an independent life with the advent of the press. A long time followed when just a few had access to poems usually destined to an elite of learned people and later on to crowds of students called more often to a linguistic rather than a critical analysis.
Today the web has opened its doors to poetry and here and there groups of poetry have been created thus giving the chance to poets far away in space to meet and exchange experiences, thoughts and emotions on a daily basis. Poets are endowed with a special sight, know how to grasp what is usually hidden to the common eye, have the capacity to observe in nature even the tiniest details and also know how to penetrate the meanders of the human soul, carefully read their needs and aspirations. This is what we knew about poets from any era. What is new, today, is the chance to cross our local borders and reach distant cultures so breaking barriers and prejudices for long thought durable and irremovable. These changes produced a real modern miracle: a new feeling of closeness to different cultures and peoples that we often felt as foreigners if not our enemies. The exchange between poets has offered the awareness of a common denominator, of having more things that unite us than those that divide.
The web has produced a silent revolution in so many fields, not excluded the cultural one.
And it is in this context that I applaud the idea of Agron Shele who wanted to put together, in this amazing anthology of contemporary world poetry, poets from distant countries, speaking different languages and professing different religions. It’s a reason for my personal pride to know many of them, for whom I can’t but nourish great esteem because people of great human value even before than renowned poets.
I am sure readers will appreciate the poetic production of these contemporary world poets and that this anthology will be for time to come a milestone in the literature of our time.




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AGRON  SHELE  was born in October 7th, 1972, in the Village of Leskaj, city of Permet, Albania. He is the author of the following
literary works: “The Steps of Clara” (novel), “Beyond a grey curtain” (novel), “Wrong Image” (novel), “Innocent Passage”
(Poetry) and “Ese-I”. Agron Shele is also the coordinator of international Anthologies: “Open Lane-1”, “Pegasiada, Open
Lane-2, ATUNIS magazine (Nr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 )” and Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2018.
He is winner of some international literary prizes.
He is a member of the Albanian Association of Writers, member of the World Writers Association, in Ohio, United States, Poetas del
Mundo, WPS, Unione world Poetry and the President of the International Poetical Galaxy “Atunis”.He is published in many newspapers, national and international magazines, as well as published in many global anthologies:
Almanac 2008, World Poetry Yearbook 2009, 2013, 2015, The Second Genesis-2013, Kibatek 2015-Italy, Keleno-Greece, etc.
Currently he resides in Belgium and continues to dedicate his time and efforts in publishing literary works with universal
values.”White Stones”, Demer Press, 2018
English poems by Agron Shele

The versatile use of language is striking in his poetry. He has a broad spectrum to give expression to various forms of meanings, in which almost all known literary techniques are applied, consciously or unconsciously, the imagery (allegory), syntax, symbolism, pleonasm, semi-rhyme or inner rhyme, whereby the poetry lines automatically sing.Shele is a gifted poet. He will succeed to touch many a reader with his poems, their unique way of transfer to readers. Surprising is also the particularly concise eloquence. Much can be read between the lines, behind the lines, and behind the white – that leaves traces in the snow( reviewed by Hannie Rouweler).






MBIZO CHIRASHA is ( 2019 International Fellow of the International Human Rights Arts Festival New York. 2018Recipient of Global Literary Influencer Certificate of Merit by Directorio Mundial de Escritores through Academia Mundial de Literatura, Historia, Arte y Cultura Vice President of POETS OF THE WORLD in Africa 2017 Recipient of PEN Deutschland Exiled Writer Grant.2017 Recipient of the EU-Horn of Africa Defend Human Rights Defenders Protection Fund. Curator of the Brave Voices Poetry Journal,, Editor of the WomaWords Literary Press,, Resident Curator of 100 Thousand Poets for Peace-Zimbabwe , and the Originator of Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Movement. of the STREET VOICE a German Africa Poetry collection, in Germany . Contributor Atunis Galatika,, Belgium. African Contributor of Demer press poetry series since 2018 , Netherlands, of the International Gallerie 2019 in India, contributor for the MONK art and soul Magazine 2019,, United Kingdom.African Contributor of the World Poetry Almanac series, in Mongolia.Featured in the POIESISI Slovenia International literature Press ,, Slovenia.



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