The poet exudes prominence ,literary consciousness and poetic authority . I drank his literary refreshment with a contented heart and I caressed the wisdom cup with zeal .His verses are decorated with love and the ambiance of natural endowments . The poetic refreshment in here is a wonder concotion of uniqueness of language , emotion and love.Love and nature are cousins of peace .Great Poet TRANDAFIR SÎMPETRU of ROMÂNIA. Thank you for the amazing literary brew .Welcome to the TIME OF POET PROFILES .


I’m going to climb your ship, baby,
With the astral smell of puddle, shells and herbs,
Discoloured, in the largs let’s go, look at me
How I run through lightning and lightning through the shores
Anched in your eyes, we will be free, baby, will
Uplifting the winding waves in our wake, we will leave
Away the shade of the chestnut trees and the deserted heights
Of the wounded amurgite, i will call you as an temptation,
In silence, to love you in the morning barefoot, to
Look at your eyes and breasts like a foreign shore,
Be hungry for you, by the fortress of your body, to my
I descend my mouth on the nipples with snow and flames,
to snow unceasingly in the cold of the cricket,
In the dampings of forgetting, to lose each moment,
to heal myself from loneliness and comforter sunsets,
to worship, beyond
Going to squander like a teardrop
In the jar where the roses get undressed.
You were a dreamer

When I kissed your unemptied breast,
Cry of waterfall in which i rerang
And burning, the lucepheres danced above
The deer and the cytes,
And we through the cruel grass we roll
By blue silence, we were in a jam
With the storm of love, you were holding one in each other’s arms,
biting my chest and tearing my
Lust, was in us winter and blizzard,
Comfort your white thighs and your cheeks
of flames, we descend into the dream in the depths of
Ocean, you call me whispering and you rise
With the wave, above, where the wind howls and you
You feared, that you would lose me by the light
The island of life where the
Lightning-scraped by the grain of sand, boiling in remembrance
of the unborn you were the dreamer
When I kissed your unemptied breast,
the waterfall cry in which I rang and burned.



My beloved green eyes,
She’s giving you a rainbow,
In late hours when it overturns
Gentle moment, suspended to other
Swallow with mysterious delts, lost
In your icon where the star lights up
Early and illusion of love, you kissed me
Cheeks and you snuck into the maze
My heart, unleafed by the shade that
contained, which quarched with burnt lips
To the light flashed by the morning wind.
You wait for me every time
Through the bowels of so many steps or
The ashes of the clay over which the butterflies fly
and mix me with the dew drops you
Fill your eyes like some kind of tear, you were
Eaten by the pain and the kid’s way
That leads to me, was an endless go come,
Where life and death were met, or perhaps away from you,
I sat in your loneliness and waited for the soul’s rock to break
from the knees of the blink as an elastic shadow
We lose without anyone seeing us.



TRANDAFIR SÎMPETRU – ROMÂNIA, was born on 19 April 1962 in the commune of Jirlău, Brăila County.He is president of the World Union of Poets in Romania.
President of the World poets Association.Director of Lyrical Publishing Graph Romania.It has over 50 international awards.Has so far published 34 volumes of poetry.It is proposed for the Nobel Prize 2019 of World Poets Association Magazine.
He is the first writer in the world to stage a global festival of poetry.



MBIZO3MBIZO CHIRASHA is ( 2019 International Fellow of the International Human Rights Arts Festival New York. Essays contributor for the MONK art and soul Magazine in United Kingdom. Co-Editor of the STREET VOICE a German Africa Poetry collection, in Germany, Co-Editor of Silent Voices, ( a tribute to Chinua Achebe) Contributor Atunis Galatika,, Belgium.Contributor to Diogen Plus Magazine in Turkey, of the WomaWords Literary Press, Curator of the Brave Voices Poetry Journal,, Resident Curator of 100 Thousand Poets for Peace-Zimbabwe , and the Originator of Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Movement. Founder of GirlChildCreativity Project (Amplifying girl child voices through literary Arts.) Featured in the POIESISI Slovenia International literature Press,, Slovenia. International poetry site, Better than Starbucks in Untied States - The GAPA Blog in United States, Nation Press in Kenya ,


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