“The economic malaise has kept most of the works in the doldrums. I am happy though that there are lots of people that have been doing well behind the scenes for the growth of poetry. the story is about people like you. There is Dzonze. I make mention too of academic and Poet  Dr. Tanaka Chidora. There is of course the indefatigable Tendai Rinos Mwanaka, Zimbolicious volumes continue to flow. It is also exciting to see young poets polishing their works and charting new paths or widening roads travelled by the Mungoshis- David and Charles, Chireres, Virginia Phiri, Philani Nyoni and of course Marechera who will never die”-              Uncle JB is an internationally published poet, distinguished legal practitioner and a rebel in a suit. His two poetry collections published by our own Mwanaka Media and Publishing. The collections include, RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION and UNDER THE YOKE OF STEEL. Uncle JB’s poetry exudes dexterity and literary prowess. The writer poet roasts politicians and their zealots in pans of truth .His metaphors burn corruption bedbugs to death. His satire strangle dictators until they slide into a comma. The frenzy of his lyrics push the reader into a literary trance.



There are exciting voices i want to just bring to the fore. i interact with poets on a platform on social media called poetry intercourse. hear this

“portrait of a policeman’s gumboot connecting with shrivelled buttocksthe boot that carries the rage
of the system
descends on vulnerable
bones that are already creaking under the assault of
austere daysTanaka Chidora, Arts Critic and Rabbi at the University of Zimbabwe
“blood inscriptions

this evolution
is a counter culture to our
desired civilisation
gunshots coming to
serenade the crippled nation
dirty hands serving vile to
the famished denizens
we pray for the resurrection
of african serenity”Edward Dzonze , a internationally published Zimbabwe poet  Poet   and a trendsetting performance poet .

it is my sweet brother
who has disemboweled me
to feed his cubs
that’s why
i blood bath
and groan
my last
on this
snowy day”Osman Mbindi, recently published Zimbabwean Poet



It is evident that most of the writing is organic. Poets are deep in thoughts about the social/political ills bedevilling this nation-Zimbabwe. Brave voices in the face of adversity. These are the mirrors that are not shattered. warts, pimples and all exposed.




the demonised drum
speaks to my soul
soothing my african soul
sweetly caressing it

invoking those spirits
the restless spirits of my people
hot iron branded pagan
those that dangled at noose ends

reverberations of the drum
spelling out my happiness
at times messages of strife
the demonised drum





when you sing the sweet melodies
mine will be the discordant voice
hold you by the scruff of the neck
repeatedly shaking the conscience
the conscience you now trample
under the jackboot of your gullibility
drenched by the water cannons of fear

see the rising storms of poverty
desperation walking along the streets
hunger thunder rumbling in the beliies
the mountains of hopelessness rising
lives decimated by scythes of diseases
hoping that the sun will shine once more
that there will be reverberations of laughter




the poem of my protest
is in a smudge of blood
on a graffiti laden wall
it is in sweat no longer trickling
down an anger creased forehead

the poem of my protest
is in a brick that will not be hurled
by my immobilised arm
it is in the echo of footsteps
no longer thudding the streets

the poem of my protest
is in smouldering tear gas canisters
it is defiantly there
in the truncheon inflicted raw wounds
it is there in the bullet torn flesh
now it must touch humanity
for justice and peace to prevail
short profile


“But question is : was apartheid a just shistem. so i am a justice poet. this is what gives rise to my collections like Voice of Conscience, Under The Steel Yoke and Righteous Indignation. So yes i use words as bullets like Marechera or the same way Tosh used his music to champion the cause of the downtrodden. my story is long. it can never be short!”



JABULANI MZINYATHI  is my name. I have been a teacher, Magistrate and now a Lawyer in private practice. Iam a hyper- active individual. I have played soccer at the low levels of the game. I also strum a few chords on the acoustic guitar. I love reggae music. It soothes my soul. I am a devout peter tosh fan. He is my role model indeed. I love reading and writing. i do not mind being called a protest poet. i am not sure if it is protest. My works are driven by an immense sense of justice. This has nothing to do with my legal mind. as marcus garvey says ‘ justice is greater than the law.’ yes that is true. apartheid was by legislation in South Africa.





MBIZO CHIRASHA is (ihraf.org) 2019 International Fellow of the International Human Rights Arts Festival New York. Author of A Letter to the President, http://www.africanbookscollective.com/books/a-letter-to-the-president ( a collection of experimental poetry)in Zimbabwe . Essays contributor for the MONK art and soul Magazinehttp://monk.gallery/category/essays/ in United Kingdom. Co-Editor of the STREET VOICE a German Africa Poetry collection, http://www.street-voice.de/SV7/SVissue7.html in Germany, Co-Editor of Silent Voices, https://www.obooko.com/free-poetry-collections/silent-voices-adedoyin ( a tribute to Chinua Achebe) Contributor Atunis Galatika, African Contributor to Atunis Poetry Anthologies in Belgium published and edited by Agron Shele ,https://atunispoetry.com/2019/07/28/mbizo-chirasha-zimbabwe-2/.African Contributor to Demer Press International Poetry Collection Series (Table of Words , The Bridge , Flowers of the Present and Flowers from Seven Seas) Edited by Hannie Rouweler Netherlands, http://www.hannierouweler.eu/category/demer-press/. Author at ACE WORLD , an online Magazine in Nigeria, https://www.aceworld.com.ng/2019/08/poetry-two-poems-by-mbizo-chiraza.html . Chief Editor of WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS, https://womawordsliterarypress.home.blog/2019/08/07/liberatedpen-liberated-voices-journal/. Curator of the BRAVE VOICES POETRY JOURNAL,https://miombopublishing.wordpress.com/2019/07/05/africa-is-a-poetry-republic-brave-voices-poetry-journal-65/

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