Nigerian Poet Francis Otole is the Guest Editor of Brave Voices June Edition.

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The selected Guest Editor of the month is to select the final 15 poems and the poets to be published in the Edition and to write the Editorial Commentary for the Brave Voices Edition and also sending out promotional submission messages to poets, writers and activists. Our June Edition Country of Focus is Nigeria. For the selected 15 poems and Poets for this Edition, 5 must be from Nigerian Poets currently living in any of the Nigerian states.


All Submissions  re sent to   Writers must not   send  Attachment. Send your material as body mail messages and  include short profiles of the Writer.The Submission Deadline is the 18th of June 2020. The THEME for this EDITION is FAITH-We have suffered the brunt of the COVID 19 menace for the last 5 months, we are hoping for a miraculous end of this menacing pandemic. And remember Faith the protein of to the balanced and unbalanced diet. The entries must have a SUBJECT LINE written as Brave Voices 70 Submission, FAITH.


FRANCIS OTOLE ( Guest Editor of Brave Voices 70) is a Nigerian poet, from the middle belt region of Benue state. He is an avid reader and lover of books. A graduate, from the prestigious Benue State University. He is an educationalist, a researcher, an academician, a philanthropist, a scholar (Chaucerian) and a pro earth; lover of nature and humanity. A passionate poet with many poems to his credit, with literary contributions, commendations and awards; locally and internationally. Has featured in magazine, journals and anthologies; internationally and a recipient of many international awards,

All questions pertaining and submissions to be directed to  the eDitor at



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