Time of the Activist with Legendary Girl Child Rights Expert ,Akenia T Chifamba.

Our Special  Profile  Feature of the Week .The name  EKENIA T.CHIFAMBA  is a name that somewhat rattles the bone and marrow  of unrepentant , evil and dare-daring barbarians perpetuating sexual violence and emotional  abuse onto the lives of innocent and vulnerable  young women  and girls in both rural and urban settings.  In realizing the plight of the GIRLCHILD  in all sectors of life , political , social , moral and economical. The resilient Ekenia Chifamba established  SHAMWARI YEMWANASIKANA organization .True to it ,the  girlchild rights Maestro Chifamba is  blessing  and heartily friend of the GIRLCHILD in Zimbabwe , Africa and Abroad . For the past tiring  six years , she has relentlessly exposed  rape cases across the country, weeded out evil off our vulnerable communities .Chifamba embraced vulnerable/abused  young girls and rehabilitated their emotions and consciences into lives worth living .  A lot of  community interventions are being done in Zimbabwes various  settings of the country  to heal girls  from  emotional hate and  moral decadence perpetuated by crude cruel  killers of innocence .  Since the resumption of her organization ,  Chifamba has been received  with mixed feelings and contempt  by a society use  political and pseudo cultural vintage in covering up sin and vile for so many years . That did deter her to stop  effecting  her CALLING positively in touching the souls of weak  and the traumatized . Young women and girls’ deplorable plight was savagely neglected .Ekenia Chifamba became  the answer to  a lot of unanswered questions and has ridden on the impossible,  defying  all odds and  human obstacles to relieve  the girlchild from the bondage of retrogression and unchain them  from the yoke of sexual oppression , stigma, discrimination and emotional shattering .  SHAMWARI YEMWANASIKANA  promotes dialogue  among victims  , they promote education on girlchild rights  in rural villages  and down trodden settings, entrepreurship projects , arts and  other sustainable projects. Despite a myriad of  negative challenges , SHAMWARI YEMWANASIKANA has its own great success stories  .Currently ,they are  constructing a Girl Child Rehabilitation and Empowerment One Stop Centre . Alas ,the negating winds of the virulent , savaging , cantankerous COVID – 19 affected the completion of this great  habitat , sooner or later the Centre will be launched. To honor   her resilience , the immense contribution to vulnerable girls , victims of abuse and their communities , I have decided to  feature the profiles and activities  of SHAMWARI YEMWANASIKANA Organization and  its Founder /Executive Director Madame  Ekenia T.Chifamba. Chifamba is an Award winning girlchild rights activist ,Philanthropist,  Outstanding  global girlchild Projects leader  with a long , practical , active and reputable resume in  field of girlchild rights and other areas of human development. This  Feature Profile and Interview will be featured in AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN , WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS , TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC ,WORLDPULSE as a Special Journal .In my  closing of  this long but deserving blurb, I want to  heartily  say to  Madame Ekenia T.Chifamba thank you profoundly  for lighting the lanterns of peace ,for raising the flag of freedom and for speaking on behalf of the VULNERABLE and the VOICELESS.

Violeta Boncheva ,Your Satire is deep, yet soft  like mountain drizzle.

TIME  OF THE POET REPUBLIC is  fast  becoming  a hot -spring of global talents. A    sizzling pot  of brimming  literary arts  stews and a gourd filled  poetry beverages . The art of poesy becomes our  healing  therapy as the entire earth  is writhing  in the agony of loss , death  , grief and pain under the oppressive  yoke  of COVID-19 . Groaning under  bondage of severe  mass black funerals experienced  in most  of  places of our wretched earth. We chant  in defiance , #BLACKLIVESMATTER. ENOUGH !. Last night  I met legendary writer , a multi-award wining poet, iconic literary arts figure  and a very important wordsmith  , Bulgarian Arts Luminary ,VIOLETA BONCHEVA.  Her words blaze the soul  like a  refined morning breeze . Her poetry  chills down fever  clutched souls  and as well  cools down naivety gripped hearts .The lines  softly  thrash on reader  like the serene  mountain drizzle , remember the  relief rainfall. Poetry heals.  BONCHEVA writes  simple but rhythm -packed   verses, yet  turgid with hope , promise , demise and pondering . Paradox.  She captures nature and natural beings in her poetry  like  photo-camera  clucking ,clicking  and clocking fame fervent  lives into its  insatiable film belly .  The imagery in here is historic and it  is the watermark of her poesy. VIOLETA is one doyen  literary arts culture ICON  to be featured on this grand  Poetry Art and  Internet based thicket . Legendary Artist   VIOLETA BONCHEVA was born  and bred  in Eastern European country , Bulgaria . She  is  a widely published  Author , Acclaimed Thespian and an Accomplished Poet. We all know that the sun rises from the East .And the eastern horizons are both spiritual and biblical. Art cannot be separated from spiritual consciousness .  BONCHEVA writes in her Bulgarian mother tongue . Her submissions  in the grandiose profile article are  translated  into English by  our one of great literary arts associates  Poet , educationist and Artist  MIROSLAVA PANAYOTOVA. Thumbs up to you again great Panayotova for introducing to  us  Legendary VIOLETA BONCHEVA. Our principles  remain those of  Diversity , Exclusivity and Creativity . Today  ,we  once again celebrate  Dexterity , prowess and excellence . We are gratified  and profoundly sincere  as we feature Iconic playwright , international renowned Writer, Resilient  Theatre Arts Curator ,Distinguished Scholar and Acclaimed poet  VIOLETA BONCHEVA.Salutations -( Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA).

Darcie Friesen Hossack’s Little Lamb story is a hot Traditional Clay- Pot sizzling with intriguing Suspense

CANADA is a country, a country carrying within its belly   a myriad of races, dialects, clans and love.  Where Laughter is abundant and stories of the land. A gem. Canada is an embrace of freedom, a ray of hope and a wink promise. It is country like any other country hated and loved. With its historical mistakes and its current successes. It is country gifted of writers and blessed of poets. I love Canada, the same way, I love all nations under this red, black, white, yellow, blue earth God created for us. I am overjoyed to meet a legendary storyteller from this great land of beauty and creativity. When at the same time our world is negatively thrashed to pulp by the menacing, ravaging and savaging virulent COVID 19. And as well shaken by the violent hand of Satan, Satan is racist, Satan is the stigma, Satan is Black phobia, Satan is White phobia, Satan is Indian phobia, Satan Chinese phobia, Satan is the devil.  We are one, God created with same image and similar standing and with all his love BLACKLIVESMATTER and so #ALLLIVES MATTER. Today for the first we feature a short story sizzling with mounting tension, intriguing  suspense . DARCIE FRIESEN HOSSACK is a professional Writer and a Prolific storyteller. UNIQUE.  Her stories portray sloppy   and rough terrains of Canadian traditions, family and historical moral trends.  Darcie boldly wields her pen to tell intriguing stories of her land.   HOSSACK is an award wining writer and the story teller in her has mastered technicality of mounting tension, conflict and intriguing suspense. TIME OF THE POETIC REPUBLIC is sincerely gratified to feature prowess and archive talent in the person of DARCIE FRIESEN HOSSACK, I welcome to the country code-named TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC, Aluta Continua- (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA)

Author Omwa Ombara reVolutionizes Protest Poetry.

Author OMWA OMBARA is a prolific African Voice in Diaspora. Her resilience hardened verses send a rebellious jab to the cantankerous, unrepentant COVID 19 pandemic. She sings a bitter hymn against chair warmers and lazy hands -on- keyboard scribes, who thrive on abusing and harvesting the sweat of resilient writers and voices from digital thicket, without any ounce of their own effort. Her rebuking lines in her hefty protest poem IN HONOR OF PRESS FREEDOM DAY 2020, a Satire glow with hard truth and snorts in the remorseless faces of double-chinned charlatans and double bellied pseudo media bosses burying the pseudo revolutionary imbecility in borrowed political berets. The Protest Poet is not holding her horses, back she throws sharp jibe into the belly of COVID 19 and her irritating twin imbeciles daughter Quarantine and Lockdown.

Turkish  Poet Mert Perk mastered the Economics of Words

MERT PERK   have mastered the art of economizing diction. SUPERB. while his verses are turgid with grandiose reason. Every line is a blowing gun, smashing down walls of falsehoods, mass consumerism and torn lampposts hypocrisy. The granite hard truth glued in the bone and marrow of his poetry smacks the hypocritical humanity, in his quest to retain sanity and true consciousness on this our wretched earth crumbled by oppression, killings, racism and stigma.  In another poem Perk plead with humanity to imitate God, here the Poet holds his sickle to remind the world of the vitality of dignity and integrity. After reading Perk, it dawned that surely the world has lost morality, morality is blown away by greediness, cheap conspiracy, violence and wantonly decadence. TIME OF THE POET compliment this insightful poetry by featuring the poet and his poesy in our publication. We always cherish to archive beauty, intellect, diverse ideas, promise and prowess. Poet MERT PERK is destined to the Poetry Promise land. Keep Writing, Aluta Continua- (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA)  

Fiona Khan, your lyrical Pansula drove us into poetic trances

The scintillating, rat -tat rhythm and the drumbeat vibe of her well coined verses bombarded my lyric thrashed mental box. Poetry that roast and cracks popcorn in my bloodstream, real poetry. The lyrical dexterity is magical like the glow of rays at morning time and the grace of the silver moon above Table Mountains cleaning the dark of shadows off the human wonderland. Intensity of messages coupled with belly pit rumbling imagery mesmerizes the readers mental eye. The touch of Africaness as   lines precede one after another blow by blow. Here  is  poetry band Symbolism  plays drums , while imagery dances like breakdance, kwaito or pansula , rhythm here is a leading vocalist at the spoken word impromptu .Again after the frenzied dances , the beat  ,the echo  and the metaphoric trances .Symbolism is left on stage to perform  his natural intercourse with the audience’s heart caves. The poem I’m BEAUTIFUL is trailblazing, the poem is human, this poem is earthly and beautiful. Can I say it is a poem turned human or human turned into a poem.  FIONA KHAN diligently fuses spoken word poesy and  page poetry to feed her audience  with a poetic balanced diet . PROLIFIC.KHAN is the founder of several literary arts, literacy projects and child care projects. She is the Founder of The Fiona Khan Academy of Learning, a child-oriented project. KHAN is spearheading The Global Forum 4 Literacy, a UNESCO recognized organisation. LEGIT. We are sincerely gratified and humbled feature this great Writer, Literacy Projects Curator, Acclaimed Educator and accomplished Poet FIONA KHAN.

Christain Writer Chandahwa Chiswiti pens Marriage Dynamics.

Today TIME OF THE POET features a usually rare topic in our conventional writing trends. We feature a Zimbabwean Christian Writer, MELODY NYENGETERAI CHANDAHWA CHISWITI. Her reflections are biblical and her presentation is faithful. Chandahwa Chiswiti is a firm believer of God and that is affirmed by her new Christian book Marriage Dynamics, where she doubles her work as matrimonial issues counselor and teacher of humanity. RABBI. Her Profile feature coincides with our global resistance to the COVID19 menace and mass killings of black lives   in USA. We need the firm hand of God and brave prayers warriors at the tumultuous time. Surely, we need redemption and healing. Thank you, Mother, Evangelist, Gospel Teacher and Writer, MELODY NYENGETERAI CHANDAHWA CHISWITI for your gospel writings. Let all remember, Biblical Psalms, Proverbs   and Revelations are original poetry.  We continue to pray for the hand of the Almighty #BLACKLIVESMATTER #COVID19MUSTFALL. We are proud to feature your Wisdom here at the TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC. Together We Rise (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA”)

INSIDE #RevolutionPoetryStudio with Literary Tigress Munia Khan

BRaVe Voices

Courtesy of Google Photos

#BRAVE VOICES POETRY JOURNAL is maturing every season like the proverbial wine in old wine sacks. We are over- joyed to profile excellence, to archive prowess and to speak revolution. Today, WOMAWORDS #Founding eDitor #Mbizo Chirasha sat for a Tate to Tate with #Iconic Poetry Tigress of Bangladesh#MUNIA KHAN. An Acclaimed Poet of unmatchable standards. Her myriad of writings is the graffiti swag donned by Airport lounges. Amazingly, her poems are taglines carved on illustrious plaques of business malls across nations. The heave of her poesy is a valuable ingredient of oxygen for digital thickets of our times. Her lyrical dexterity is a thirst -quenching refreshment to literary famished souls. Her pen is a blazing gun roasting unrepentant -pseudo revolutionary cockerels squandering earthly treasures in barricaded pizzerias and skyscraper official-doms without restraint. Her voice is a chant of defiance. Her poetic ink bathes cheap propaganda zealots…

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INSIDE # Poetry Cafeteria with Literary Genius ,Tracy Yvonne Breazile.

BRaVe Voices

Courtesy of Five Senses Coffee

Talking to TRACY YVONNE BREAZILE is one great voice worthy listening to.  The Brave Voices Poetry family and the Zimbabwean We Want Poetry Campaign has tapped a lot of literary coconut milk of wisdom and skills from the illustrious writings and her poetry mentorship drills since 2018. Creative Abundance. Breazile boasts of a very beautiful but thought-provoking writing niche.  Creative writing mentor par excellence. Her poetry is revolutionary and the vibe is nerve rattling and deep. She writes and sing Africa as if is an African princess born and bred in the length and breadth of Savanna miombo and Africa South of Sahara. Her subject matters are beautifully presented for the reader to enjoy the brew with a ravenous poetic appetite. Brave Voices Editor met with the Tracy Yvonne Breazile over a literary breakfast, Tracy brought mentorship ginger biscuits and Mbizo brought a poetic brew…

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Walking Along the Art Path with Iconic Bina Sarkar Ellias,


BINA SARKAR ELLIAS is not only iconic. The prolific artist is versatile. A globally acclaimed Editor-designer-publisher, art curator and short fiction writer..  The poet writer organizer publisher don the illustrious badge of  international grade. Sarkar Ellias , a revered cultural Arts Diplomatie founded and publishes  International gallerie* www.gallerie.net)* . Iconic! . Her writings are extensively  featured, archived and published in her country, India and across borders. WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS  is  afforded this platinum opportunity  to curate BINA SARKAR ELLIAS Profiles and the International Gallerie    on WOMAWORDS, Special Profiles Column. A mesmerizing  Experience . ALUTA CONTINUA!

                                         *ICONIC PUBLICATION*

  International Gallerie, a Publication    ( A Journey of Ideas. 1997-2019)

Gallerie’s mission is to foster knowledge and understanding of diverse communities and their socio-political/cultural issues as interpreted through excellence in…

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