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The poetic heave arouses our stream of consciousness.  The musical word play sends you onto the poetic dance floor. And that you dance along to the afro -fusion of spoken word vibe and page poetry. The verbal percussion traverses with you  back and forth into wonderland and then back into motherland. SPIRITUAL The rhythm intensifies and the reader speak in holy tongues. An African poetic incantation. The beat persists and dance throbs are drowned in satiric trances. Suddenly, the beautiful and spiritually  electrified fusion pod -cracks into an emotional but entertaining halt. STYLE. And then later the echo and the dance dust float into the COVID 19 laced oxygen thickets, While the reader, the dancer sits back in awe revisiting the poetic rattle playing in his satire vexed mental box. ENAS SULEIMAN writes poetry that throb heart caves and rave mental boxes. Her micro-poems are turgid with reason, pregnant with meaning as they dangle with afro-fusionist vibe. The poetry also sags with the burden of war beaten memories of loss and pain.   TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC is sincerely gratified to feature a Writer Poet from the great African land of Sudan.  ENAS SULEIMAN with her verses that carry the drumbeat vibe and the verve of African dancer. SALUTATIONS- (BLURB by MbizoCHIRASHA).




The smell of rain from my window
tried to prepare me for your death
It tried to tell me that rain clouds
have become too heavy to carry your name.
Had I turned down the TV,
perhaps read a book instead
I would have sensed the silence of birds
circling at dusk in mourning.
That following day
I dreamt of your smiling face
I’d like to think you met my father
and laughed at one of his silly jokes.

ENAS 67000



When time moves slower
you start to notice
that trees don’t want to let go of their leaves in autumn
and birds would rather hum on land than fly in the sky,
that long walks are for the broken hearted
and the sun will wake up with or without you.





Remember when our mother braided our hair into loops
beautified with white ribbons
and Amir audaciously untied yours with his muddy fingers?
When you spun in gold
in carefully embroidered dresses
he caught you in his arms
and my heart smiled for you.
40 years later
under God’s silver moon
you still giggle at the muddy ribbons
with your hand covering your mouth.





Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Enas Suleiman is a poet from Sudan. She is the author of Tidal Waves, a poetry collection published in 2019 by Austin Macauley Publishers in the UK. In her book, she shares memories of her late father in the form of short poems that carry one along the journey of loss, love and hope through the passage of nostalgia.Enas is one of six co-founders of Nas With Notepads, a non-profit poetry organisation in Sudan which is a safe platform for poets and spoken word artists to share their love for poetry. NWN has represented Sudan in100 Thousand Poets for Change (100TPC) for a number of years.Some of her poetry has been published digitally and in print including Woman Scream: International Poetry Anthology of Female Voices and The Blue Nib. Enas has performed her poetry in different platforms across Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. You can find her work on instagram: enas.sul1.



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MBIZO CHIRASHA is a UNESCO -RILA Affiliate Artist. FREEDOM SPEECH Fellow at PEN- Zentrum Deutschland. Poet in Residence at the Fictional Café (International publishing and literary digital space). 2019 Sotambe Festival Live Literature Hub and Poetry Café Curator. 2019 African Fellow for the International Human Rights Art Festival( ) , Essays Contributor to Monk Art and Soul Magazine in United Kingdom .Arts Features Writer at the International Cultural Weekly .Featured Writer Poet Activist at The Poet A Day( Core Team Member and African Contributor to Bezine of Arts and Humanities( in USA. Flash/Short Fiction Writer for Squawk Back Publication( Writer( Africa) to IHRAF Publishes- Originator of the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign

TIME  OF THE POET REPUBLIC-An Internet based Poetry Center. Archiving theme based anthologies and Profiling of Iconic Poets and Writers.

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