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When reading SARA COMITO, you need to have alongside you, a jug of fresh spring water, her poetry is soul food as it feeds famished minds. Simplicity is the most dominating ingredient in this balanced poetic meal. Her deep reflections on nature and naturalness is mesmerizing and invites you to want to be part of the nature-world. As you graze through promise filled pastures of her versification’s, your gusto grinds to a sudden screech, and your famishing  is then replaced by contentment, you then belch metaphor and sneeze imagery as they make the protein and the vitamin of this soul food. A poetry balanced diet. We are healed from literary marasmus and creative pellagra. COMITO is a multi-award-winning poet, an accomplished writer and an excellent Editor. We are proud to feature creative prowess and literary excellence in the person of great poet, environmentalist, prolific writer and esteemed writings curator SARA COMITO- (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA)





Even indoors where sunlight is at my

whim morning glories open

and close to show me the season of day.


Even without water would locks

show me the tides of rivers and their

100 miles and be but barn doors

for sheep, and sheep tons of gravity

in their warmth of comfort.


Surrender is a charming rub

and in a decade of stillness

we build our houses

in the shelter of the volcano.

We keep our fires in those houses,

our poor magic burning under the stew.

And in the whisper moment

between the devastation of contraction

a woman hears the mountain moan

and, ripping, heaves forth blood and child.


Even without a face of moon

the tides know a jealous mother

and a borrowing planet’s tenuous ministry.


Even in its mating does a wolf

know the taste of a foal –

newly standing, newly felled.





Blue island of landing strip

the only night light acceptable

in Lutheran fields


patchworked by day

in soybeans and corn,

pious in their plaid utility.


Beveled earth is the

staid corduroy yoke of history,

waves of no water


while young men throw

down their Budweisers

to shatter in defiance of nothing

in parking lots, in pickups


chains across all the old doors.


Silos lean into a different wind

that sounds like leaving,

a motor hum growing silent

with each further hill.


Dust dances like a devil.

It always does.





The iris in its exigency strives only

to flower. These things are of a marshy sort

and a far way from any Africa.


How did I think I could serve? This soil

is bereft, with only mocking water

below, so catacombed in chalk.


There have been people lately diving to chart

the aquifer. The support staff shadows above ground,

beacon squealing as those below veer in and out of range,

bushwhacking through swales,

through supermarkets,

knocking on residences.


Would they know, from a slow contrary course,

of the intrepid demise and follow to the output

  • “all drains lead to the sea” – after losing one on the mic?


Here is only silt. Precambria stress testing the botany.



SARA COMITO is author of the poetry collection Bury Me in the Sky (Nixes Mate Books) and serves as Associate Poetry Editor for Bending Genres. Her poetry, hybrid prose, and fiction has appeared in places like Pithead Chapel, Drunk Monkeys, Thrush Poetry Journal, Defenestration, and A-Minor Magazine, and is forthcoming in Misfit Magazine, The Night Heron Barks, and the Bridging Divides Anthology by Pirene’s Fountain, which seeks to address racism, discrimination of any sort, divisiveness in politics and life, and positive actions to bring people and communities together.Originally from Massachusetts, Sara lives in Fort Myers, Florida, where she worked for several years as an editor covering topics such as environmental policy, criminal justice and other areas of law, arts and culture, horticulture, and cuisine. Prior to the release of her debut collection, Sara produced a commission of five poems to help Gulfshore Life Magazine celebrate fifty years of publishing in Southwest Florida. In 2018 she was named Best Urban Poet by Florida Weekly. She won first place in the Southwest Florida Poetry Contest in 2015. She received a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. Sara and her husband John raise chickens, bees, and flowers on their urban farm and work together in their stone masonry business. They have a grown son, Rhys, who is kind, curious, funny, and talented with computers, auto and marine mechanics, philosophy, and poetry.You may find out more about Sara at


                         MEET TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC EditorMBIZOC500

MBIZO CHIRASHA is a UNESCO -RILA Affiliate Artist( FREEDOM SPEECH Fellow at PEN- Zentrum Deutschland. Poet in Residence at the Fictional Café (International publishing and literary digital space). 2019 Sotambe Festival Live Literature Hub and Poetry Café Curator. 2019 African Fellow for the International Human Rights Art Festival( ) , Essays Contributor to Monk Art and Soul Magazine in United Kingdom .Arts Features Writer at the International Cultural Weekly .Featured Writer Poet Activist at The Poet A Day( Core Team Member and African Contributor to Bezine of Arts and Humanities( in USA. Flash/Short Fiction Writer for Squawk Back Publication( Writer( Africa) to IHRAF Publishes- Originator of the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign. Curator of MiomboPublishing Blog Journal( Founder and Chief Editor of WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS. Founder and Curator of the Brave Voices Poetry Journal. Co-Editor of Street Voices Poetry triluangal collection( English , African Languages and Germany) initiated by Andreas Weiland in Germany. Poetry Contributor to in Belgium. African Contributor to DemerPress International Poetry Book Series in Netherlands. African Contributor to the World Poetry Almanac Poetry Series in Mongolia. His latest 2019 collection of experimental poetry A LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT was released by Mwanaka Media and Publishing and is both in print, on and at is featured at African Books Collective. 2003 Young Literary Arts Delegate to the Goteborg International Book Fair Sweden (SIDA AFRICAN PAVILION) .2009 Poet in Residence of the International Conference of African Culture and Development (ICACD) in Ghana. 2009 Fellow to the inaugural UNESCO- Africa Photo- Novel Publishers and Writers Training in Tanzania. 2015 Artist in Residence of the Shunguna Mutitima International Film and Arts Festival in Livingstone, Zambia. A globally certified literary arts influencer, Writer in Residence and Recipient of the EU-Horn of Africa Defend Defenders Protection Fund Grant, Recipient of the Pen Deutschland Exiled Writer Grant. He is an Arts for Peace and Human Rights Catalyst, the Literary Arts Projects Curator, Poet, Writer, publicist is published in more 400 spaces in print and online.

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