BRaVe Voices

Courtesy of Google Photos

#BRAVE VOICES POETRY JOURNAL is maturing every season like the proverbial wine in old wine sacks. We are over- joyed to profile excellence, to archive prowess and to speak revolution. Today, WOMAWORDS #Founding eDitor #Mbizo Chirasha sat for a Tate to Tate with #Iconic Poetry Tigress of Bangladesh#MUNIA KHAN. An Acclaimed Poet of unmatchable standards. Her myriad of writings is the graffiti swag donned by Airport lounges. Amazingly, her poems are taglines carved on illustrious plaques of business malls across nations. The heave of her poesy is a valuable ingredient of oxygen for digital thickets of our times. Her lyrical dexterity is a thirst -quenching refreshment to literary famished souls. Her pen is a blazing gun roasting unrepentant -pseudo revolutionary cockerels squandering earthly treasures in barricaded pizzerias and skyscraper official-doms without restraint. Her voice is a chant of defiance. Her poetic ink bathes cheap propaganda zealots…

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