BINA SARKAR ELLIAS is not only iconic. The prolific artist is versatile. A globally acclaimed Editor-designer-publisher, art curator and short fiction writer..  The poet writer organizer publisher don the illustrious badge of  international grade. Sarkar Ellias , a revered cultural Arts Diplomatie founded and publishes  International gallerie* www.gallerie.net)* . Iconic! . Her writings are extensively  featured, archived and published in her country, India and across borders. WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS  is  afforded this platinum opportunity  to curate BINA SARKAR ELLIAS Profiles and the International Gallerie    on WOMAWORDS, Special Profiles Column. A mesmerizing  Experience . ALUTA CONTINUA!

                                         *ICONIC PUBLICATION*

  International Gallerie, a Publication    ( A Journey of Ideas. 1997-2019)

Gallerie’s mission is to foster knowledge and understanding of diverse communities and their socio-political/cultural issues as interpreted through excellence in…

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