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Today TIME OF THE POET features a usually rare topic in our conventional writing trends. We feature a Zimbabwean Christian Writer, MELODY NYENGETERAI CHANDAHWA CHISWITI. Her reflections are biblical and her presentation is faithful. Chandahwa Chiswiti is a firm believer of God and that is affirmed by her new Christian book Marriage Dynamics, where she doubles her work as matrimonial issues counselor and teacher of humanity. RABBI. Her Profile feature coincides with our global resistance to the COVID19 menace and mass killings of black lives   in USA. We need the firm hand of God and brave prayers warriors at the tumultuous time. Surely, we need redemption and healing. Thank you, Mother, Evangelist, Gospel Teacher and Writer, MELODY NYENGETERAI CHANDAHWA CHISWITI for your gospel writings. Let all remember, Biblical Psalms, Proverbs   and Revelations are original poetry.  We continue to pray for the hand of the Almighty #BLACKLIVESMATTER #COVID19MUSTFALL. We are proud to feature your Wisdom here at the TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC. Together We Rise (Blurb by Mbizo CHIRASHA”)







         YOU PREPARE A TABLE BEFORE ME-, in the presence of my enemies Psalms 23 vs 5a.Surprisingly we all have enemies. Probably the ones known to us are fewer than they really are. David had enemies too. Some were as individuals and some were as nations. That however did not change his view of the great shepherd. He even saw how the shepherd prepared a table for him in the presence of his enemies. When David was anointed by Samuel, his own brothers and father who never thought or even liked for him to be king were present. It seems God wanted to do it not in the bush where he looked after sheep but where everyone including enemies were present. Do you have enemies? Don’t stress. Hannah had enemies too but that did not stop God from opening her womb. Both spiritual and physical wombs God can open. Have you been betrayed or wounded by those you thought were yours? Joseph was betrayed by his own brothers who tore his coat of many colors, threw him in a pit and later sold him to strangers but the good shepherd one day decided to prepare a table for him in their presence. They could not stop God from blessing Joseph. They even bowed before him. Dear friend, God is preparing a table for you. Your child is going to wed, your womb is going to open, your business is going to flourish, your marriage is going to go to a higher level while your enemies are watching. Whatever the situation is like in your life, the shepherd is going to show up for you while your enemies watch. The devil is not going to stop the shepherd from preparing a table for you. Yes, He is going to set your feet on high. Are you ready for the feast? Praise God hallelujah.







I am a Zimbabwean Christian author, counselor, teacher of the Bible and a farmer. Am married to pastor Tatenda Chiswiti and blessed with three girls. I have experience in marriage, youth and pregnancy crisis counseling. I write articles for The Telegraph which is a Mashonaland West weekly newspaper. I have written articles on love, sanctity of life, psalms 23 and the beatitudes among other articles. I teach different organizations and ministries at their youth camps and conferences, women’s gatherings, couples’ seminars and church meetings. My teachings are filled with hope and love. As a farmer, I passionately teach poor communities on how to do subsistence farming effectively so as to eradicate poverty in their homes.My 19 years’ experience in marriage and in pastoral ministry has motivated me to write a book for couples entitled Marriage Dynamics where I presented teachings on 26 couples of the Bible. My vision and desire are to see millions of lives being transformed and families reconciled through my writings, counseling and teachings





Mbizo CHIRASHA the Founder and Author of the Time of the Poet. UNESCO-RILA Affiliate Artist.  Featured Poetry Artist at WorldBeyondWar.Org. Freedom of Speech Fellow to PEN- Zentrum Deutschland, Germany. Alumni of the International Human Rights Arts Festival in New-York, USA. Literary Arts Activism Diplomatie.  Globally Certified Arts Mediums Curator and Influencer. Internationally Published Page and Spoken Word Poet. Writer in Residence.  Arts for Human Rights Catalyst.  Core Team Member of the Bezine Arts and Humanities Project. His illustrious poetry, hybrid writings, political commentary, short fiction, book reviews and Arts Features are published in more than 400 spaces notably the Monk Arts and Soul in Magazine in United Kingdom. Atunis in Belgium. Demer press poetry series in Netherlands. World Poetry Almanac in Mongolia.Poesia journal inSlovenia. Bezine Arts and Humanities Webzine in USA. The Poet a Day in Brooklyn ,USA. Lit net Writers Journal in South Africa. African Crayons in Nigeria. Poetry Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. Pulp-pit USA. The Fictional Cafe International Journal, Texas USA.


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